5 things you must pack in your essentials bag when moving

Whenever you leave your home, you always carry the items that you will need while outside, right? Well, the same concept should be applied to the relocation process. Namely, the relocation process will, most likely, be stressful. However, how much stress you feel will depend solely on how you approach and prepare for the process. From the planning process, all the way to the unpacking process, there is so much that you need to pay attention to. Moreover, one of the main things most people forget to do when moving is packing their essentials or the first night bag. Luckily, today we share 5 things you must pack in your essentials bag when you are preparing for the move. Even though State to State Movers can help you relocate much smoother, packing an essentials bag is something that you will have to do. So, do not forget this part.

The 5 main things you must pack in your essentials bag when moving

It does not matter if you are moving across the city or across half of the US, the essentials bag is something that is a must for the duration of the relocation process. Namely, because all of your items will practically be unavailable until you unpack them, the essentials bag is your everything. This bag is something that you will have to rely on until you complete the entire process of moving, or arrive at the destination if moving on longer distances. To help you understand it better, here are the most important things that this bag should contain:

  1. Important documentation
  2. Basic toiletries and medication
  3. Snacks and water
  4. Spare clothes
  5. Miscellaneous tools that you might need

Unlike the rest of the process, you should not worry about overpacking your essentials bag. In fact, the more items you pack in there, the better it will be.

1. Important documentation

Logically, if you are moving into a new area, you will need to have all of the documents with you. So, things like passports, ID cards, home-purchase agreements, insurance policies, etc. will have to be by your side. Of course, as it depends on where you are moving to, you will need to research what documents you will need.

a couple signing a home purchasing deal with a realtor
From the documentation that regards your newly purchased home to personal documentation; make sure everything is by your side

In addition, if you are moving with children, they will need to have their medical records with them, as well as yours. Furthermore, if you are moving with a pet, you will need to visit the vet and do a checkup, while also taking all the medical records of the pet with you. Birth certificates, car registration numbers, social security cards, and other important documents should ALWAYS be by your side and not in the back of the best cross country movers Texas truck.

2. Basic toiletries and medication

The next thing you will have to pack will include some toiletries that you use on a regular basis. From toothbrushes and toothpaste to wet tissues; regular tissues, toilet paper, and other things you use regularly; take everything that you will need. In fact, all of the things you must pack in your essentials bag are, essentially, the items you would use in everyday situations. Just because you are driving by car, does not mean you do not need to brush your teeth or wash your face.

basic toiletries on a shelf to represent things you must pack in your essentials bag
From the hygiene products to all the needed medication; Ensure everything is there

Additionally, if you are using the services of long distance movers Dallas that would mean that your relocation will take, at least, a couple of hours. If you, or any family member, take medications or need them just in case, make sure that you pack them. More importantly, make sure that you pack them somewhere where they are easily accessible.

3. Snacks and water are things you must pack in your essentials bag

Honestly, was this really something you need to be remembered? Anyway, if you are moving into a new home that will require you to be on the road, you need to bring enough food and water with you. Hydration is very important, especially if you are moving during hot weather. Furthermore, aside from the food, you can bring snacks to have from time to time.

various beverages and snacks on the table
Although on the road, you will have to ensure that you maintain your regular dietary habits

More importantly, if you arrive at your new home during the same day, you will need strength to finish the process you started. Hence, you will need to eat properly during the entire course of the day. Houston long distance moving companies cannot relocate food; So make sure you empty the fridge before moving and pack enough food for the road.

4. Spare clothes

Having spare clothes by your side at any given time while on the road is crucial. Especially if you have children, or are moving with a pet. Children are very prone to staining their clothes. More importantly, you can either put on more clothes if they are cold or change them if they are hot. Traveling with kids is not an easy task, so make sure you prepare for it. Moreover, you can easily stain your shirt or get dirty while on the road. Whether you are eating while driving and something drops, or you are checking something in the hood of the car; you can easily get dirty. Hence, having spare clothes by your side is very useful.

5. Miscellaneous tools that you might need

Load the trunk with all of the tools you might need in case something goes wrong with your car along the way. More importantly, load tools like screwdrivers, pliers, hammers, etc. in your car, if you need to do some handy work upon arriving at your new home. Because you will most likely not be able to unpack your entire household in a day, these tools are essential. The main reason these tools are things you must pack in your essentials bag is that you never know what can break or stop working while you are in the midst of moving. By doing so, you will ensure that you can quickly fix something up in case of an emergency.

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