Moving back home from college: how to do it right

Are you moving back home from college and don’t know how to do it right? College is a stepping stone for our future. A place where we mature both as people and workers in the field of our choosing. So after spending years there studying and meeting new people, the time comes to go back home. For some, this is a bitter-sweet feeling. Saying bye to our young self and hi to our mature and grown self. If you are moving back home from college here are some things you need to do, to do it right.

Moving back home from college

There is no place like home. Whether it’s the family house you grew up in or the town you used to run around and play in as a child. The feeling of having a place to return to no matter how much time passed is one of the best feelings ever. Especially if you were far away from home and are for example moving from Texas to Virginia. After spending so much time away is moving back home from college that easy? Your new and independent self that matured on years of schooling both in college and life can’t completely go back to how things were. We are here to give you some tips on how to do it right.

  • Boundaries and independence
  • Routine
  • Support and friends
  • Work
  • Escape plans
  • Goals
A girl taking a picture with her college diploma
After getting our college diploma it’s time to go back home and step into the world of working adults.

Boundaries and independence

There are many types of families and parents out there. Some are more easy-going and friend-oriented towards their children, while others have a more strict dynamic. While living with your parents can be of help after moving back home sometimes it’s a double-edged sword. On the bright side, you can relax for a while and have time to process the change. But on the bad side, your parents can go right back to their parenting behavior from before college. If you are someone that studied far from home and are moving from Texas to New York and didn’t have much time to return for holidays they don’t know the mature you. To them, you are still the child so sometimes they can overlook the new version of you and mistake you for the kid you were when you left.


A routine will be a great way to ease back into the old and at the same time new environment. After spending so much time away moving back home is a big change. You are going from the days filled with classes, exams, studying, and seeing friends into days with a lot less to do. So finding new hobbies and making a routine will greatly help you get used to moving back from college without losing time.

Friends catching up after moving back home from college
After moving back home from college it’s time to catch up with some of our old friends. And make sure to keep some contact with your college friends as well.

Support and friends

Coming home and moving from state to state can be stressful. Not only because after moving back home from college you are out of touch with your environment but because you are once again at a new start. People often say that at college we meet our friends for life, partners and experience the best years of our life. So moving away and being far away from people we are accustomed to can be hard. So don’t be shy or embarrassed to turn to someone for support. There are many young people who are moving back home and feel lost so you can always reach out and share your troubles.


Everyone has their goals and ideals in life. But not all the time can we reach those goals so easily. You may have planned to try out for your ideal job right after you move back home from college, but that may not always work. So while you are researching and contacting long distance movers Texas has to help with your move, try and research other jobs as well. Until you get the one you wished for we encourage you to try and work other jobs in order to have some income and independence. Especially if you wish to live alone and not with your parents after you return home.

Working another job does not mean giving up your dreams. They can be even more of an encouragement and only a stepping stone. Losing time and not doing anything waiting for your dream job can strip you of so much working experience you could have earned.

Empty classroom
After leaving the college classroom we enter our new work offices and new habits.

Escape plans

Having a goal lying in front of you can be a big motivation after relocating back home from college. There is a danger of relaxing under the influence of your parents doing the same things for you as before college. So many people fall back on their lazy way of living. Having a goal for example a moving-out date can be a huge help to keep you motivated. Say that you decide that in a year you will find a secure job and move out to live alone. So even though you are living with your parents you still have something to look toward and work hard for without mindlessly losing time.


Remember that moving home after college is a new opportunity for you. After the college door got closed the new doors of adulthood are in front of you. Living with your parents is a nice way to save up money, and actually, sit and decide what your goals in life are. And don’t worry, even if you can’t decide right away you still have time. Start from small and work up to the bigger goals in life. You can take some time and relax, get to know the mature you, and make a plan for what is to come.

Many people feel lost after moving back home from college and struggle to find a way in the new amount of free time and their place in society. But you are not alone. There are many people with the same problem as you. Just relax and take one step at a time, and great things are sure to follow.


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