A list of 10 states you should retire in after living in Texas

Texas is one of the fastest-growing states in the whole nation. This means that the population is growing rapidly, primarily because of people moving here. This is because of the low cost of living and many job opportunities. Also, people choose interstate moving companies Texas to relocate their stuff to rural areas because Texas offers better rural life than any other state! You can start a family here and not worry about it taking a toll on your financial situation. Of course, this doesn’t mean Texas has only good sides. After living here for some time, you will start to wonder whether retiring in Texas is the right option for you. Maybe you want to change your surroundings or lifestyle. Or maybe you just want a fresh start in your golden years. Whatever the reason is, here are the top 10 states you should retire in!

After living in Texas you should retire in… Texas?

You might have not expected Texas to be amongst the list of 10 states you should retire in after living in Texas, but it is! We have already mentioned some of the benefits of retiring in Texas such as low living costs and good rural life. Retiring in a village can feel like an entirely different life from living in the city. You can enjoy yourself and nature more as well as not have to worry about noise and pollution. This can be a whole new chapter for you! If you decide to live in a house in a rural area just remember that taking care of a house takes a lot of work!

Texas Building
You might not even have to move from Texas!

Another benefit of retiring in Texas is its mild winters. The climate in Texas can be extreme, and summers can get pretty hot, but winters are quite mild which is always a plus. One con that can be a big turn-off for some people is the crime rate in Texas. Especially for the elderly, as they are the most targeted group when it comes to smaller crimes such as stealing. The crime rate in Texas is amongst the highest in the country. Of course, you can protect yourself, but do keep that in mind!

More southern states you should retire in Florida!

One of the most popular destinations for people to retire in is Florida. There is even a stereotype that only old people live in Florida! You can most often see this in movies. Although it’s not true, it’s not completely false either. There is a reason why so many older people choose this location as their new home for the best years of their life! After moving from Texas to Florida the first thing you ought to do is go to the beach! You can leisure all day in the sun and have a completely chill long vacation. There are even a lot of fun activities you can do such as mini-golf, bingo, or guided walks. The change of pace is what attracts many people to Florida!

One bigger con there is to living in Florida is the weather. Besides the hot and a bit humid weather everyone enjoys, you can get a lot of hurricanes and sometimes even tsunamis. Additionally, sinkholes can occur from time to time. Natural disasters are the flaws of living in Florida.

palms in florida
Florida seems like a pretty basic choice, but there is some truth to the stereotype! Living your retirement life in Florida is the dream for some people!

Going a bit north: Georgia

Something that attracts people to Georgia is the overall cost of living which is pretty low. The property taxes are generally pretty low and utilities are awesome on the lower side. Additionally, the price of housing is low making the overall life in Georgia low-cost. Georgia has a lot of activities, such as differently themed festivals, and the climate is overall pretty decent. Some things you will however not escape from by moving from Texas to Georgia are the high crime rate and humid hot climate. This can make you feel like you haven’t moved, whether that is a good or a bad thing.

Moving to the west side: Arizona

Arizona is another great state to retire in if you decide to move from Texas. Arizona and Texas are similar in some aspects: low living costs, sunny weather and climate, fewer tax burdens, and similar scenery. Life in Arizona can bring you a dose of change, but not that drastic. You will still get the anxiety and butterflies of moving to a completely different state, but still, feel like you are home.

Arizona is famous for golf which is a nice leisure activity you can do to relax. This can be your perfect retirement hobby, especially when choosing to live in the valley of the sun. Premier golf courses, you haven’t seen anywhere, are featured all across the state. You can try your skills in different types of gold fields. One flaw Arizona has is a higher crime rate than the national average. Which, as we previously mentioned, is not the best for older people. If Arizona sounds good to you contact one of the state to state moving companies and book your move! 

wildlife in atizona
Discovering Arizona can be pretty exciting and a great adventure!

Returning to the east side: Tennessee

Is Tennessee the only ten you see? Tennessee is among the 10 states you should retire in for some very good reasons. The number one reason for retiring in Tennessee is the low cost of living. This is something that is present in all of the states we have mentioned (and will mention) but that is because we think this is an important factor to look at when choosing where to move. Moving from Texas to Tennessee can be a life-changing experience if you enjoy music and delicious food.

 Tennessee is famous for its delicious food and amazing music, with Nashville being known as the Music City. Tennessee’s music scene exists all over the state, and you can also visit different historic museums to learn more about its music scene. This can make you feel a bit nostalgic and you can relive your early years! One big flaw that Tennessee has are the frequent tornadoes. So, be careful!

Two similar but different states you should retire in: South and North Carolina

North and South Carolina were once a part of the same state. You can still see some similarities from this in different aspects of their life, especially their social norms and culture. However, they are still a bit different. Nonetheless, both of these states are amazing states you should retire in, and here is why!

South Carolina

The cost of living is pretty low in South Carolina, not as low as in some other states, but still on the lower side. The way taxes are organized in South Carolina makes paying them more like a hobby rather than an obligation. There are a lot of senior discounts. However, house prices in South Carolina are pretty high! Moving from Texas to South Carolina will grant you access to amazing healthcare.

South Carolina is home to some of the best, world-class hospitals, which is something very crucial to look at when you are growing older! The outdoors in South Carolina are also amazing! A big problem for South Carolina is wildfires which usually occur during the summer.

South Carolina is one of the states you should retire in
How different is South Carolina from North Carolina and how much can that affect your choice?

North Carolina

Similarly to South Carolina, North Carolina has a low cost of living. However, North Carolina has higher tax rates than the average in the U.S. They do offer tax breaks for seniors though! The weather in North Carolina is not as extreme and hot as it is in other states! One thing North Carolina suffers from weather-wise is occasional hurricanes. Health care is amazing in North Carolina and North Carolina has top-notch hospitals. But, the main reason for moving from Texas to North Carolina is the stunning scenery! The scenery in North Carolina will leave you in awe! You can enjoy your free time by taking walks and enjoying nature and maybe try easier climbing!

After looking at these ‘sister states’ you can see there is not much of a difference when it comes to everyday life and struggles. What mostly makes a difference between these two states is the climate. So, if you are more of a fan of cold weather, we recommend going north!

Going to northern states you should retire in Virginia

Virginia is completely different than the states we have already mentioned and moving from Texas to Virginia will show you just how different these 2 states are. If you are looking for a completely new type of lifestyle, you will find it in Virginia. For starters, the crime rate in Virginia is amongst the lowest in the U.S! This makes this state very safe to live in, especially for older people! Another great thing about moving to Virginia is the amazing weather: you get 4 seasons and no extremities!

You can enjoy both winters (which can get extremely cold) and summers, as well as spring and autumn! Medical facilities in Virginia are also something to be envious of! Some cons do include higher taxes, complex laws, and a lot of rain. Virginia differs from Texas in its political views, so, if that is crucial to your everyday life, Virginia might not be for you! Overall the political climate in Virginia is pretty evenly balanced, but some policies are very different than the ones in Texas.

abraham lincoln statue in virginia
Virginia is one of the states you should retire in!

Moving west again: Colorado

Colorado is another state among the top states to retire in. Colorado is known for its lower taxes in retirement. However, the overall cost of living in Colorado is pretty high, especially for such a smaller state. Colorado grants you access to high-quality medical care and different retirement communities.

If that is an option you are considering, we recommend you check out retirement homes in Colorado! The best activity to do in Colorado is to explore the beautiful scenery and nature! Crime isn’t as present as it is in other states, but, the one hazard there is, is the dangerous wildlife. Colorado has a plethora of forests and mountains which naturally come with wild animals. They are not necessarily dangerous unless you provoke them, but it’s still something to look out for!

Going completely north for the end: Ohio

Ohio is a fun state to live in, mostly because of the different types of sports and hobbies you can do here. One of the most popular peaceful hobbies for the elderly to do here is bird watching! This is a great way to spend your free time and learn something new. Fishing and shooting are also popular in Ohio. Ohio doesn’t have an extreme climate, because it does not border a sea. Moving from Texas to Ohio will grant you access to many adult communities and some of the best homes for the elderly. What you will never be in Ohio is bored.

The property in Ohio is higher than the national average. The overall cost of living is still on the lower side. Ohio’s economy is pretty stable and you can see gradual growth. Something Ohio invests in is the medic field. Some of the most popular universities here are related to the medical field. When it comes to health, you will be in good hands!

elderly couple jogging on a beach and thinking about the states you should retire in
Your retirement years can be some of the best years of your life!

Final thoughts on the best states you should retire in

After carefully consulting with our professionals, these are the states we have chosen. When it comes to what states you should retire in, the final decision is yours. You should always look at yourself: your needs and expectations. We recommend you enjoy yourself in this period, the hardest part should be the move (and even that won’t be hard if you choose the right movers). It’s time to enjoy your life after retirement as much as you can!

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