How to adjust to life in Raleigh NC

One of the common concerns people have when moving is how will they adjust to the change and the new environment. Moving can be very stressful, and when you add adjusting to your new home, neighborhood, or job – it can feel overwhelming. But If you have at least basic knowledge of the place you are moving to, you won’t have any trouble regardless of the circumstances. You can do simple research on Raleigh NC so you can know what to expect. Also, this informative and fun guide will help you to adjust to life in Raleigh NC.  Change is always good and it will bring you a lot of new opportunities.

Are you ready to relocate or are you still planning?

No matter at which relocation stage you are, one thing is certain. Your adjustment period begins the moment you hit the road. But in case you are still organizing the whole moving project, you should know a few things. Firstly, you must inspect all areas of your home to figure out how hard your move is. Also, this way you’ll know the size of your cargo and how many packing materials you must obtain. Then, you can begin calculating your moving costs and assembling a moving checklist that will cover everything you must complete before the moving day. And last step and the most important one is to contact interstate movers Raleigh NC on time. You should call your movers at least two weeks in advance to keep up with both parties’ busy schedules.

person on pc thinking about how to adjust to life in Raleigh NC
Moving to Raleigh NC will be one of the best decisions you made!

DIY move or professional movers?

Moreover, you might think that your friends can help when moving from state to state, Sure, if they possess a moving van, proper tools, and required equipment, and if you manage to find at least 3 of them available at the same time. All we mentioned is something that a reliable and professional moving company brings with them. Moving expertise and experience to secure a successful moving day for you, their valued customer. Therefore, contact your movers on time, communicate the details, and rest assured that your moving project is taken care of. Professional movers can help you with every aspect of your relocation.

The first step – do your research to adjust to life in Raleigh NC

Learning more about Raleigh NC is important so you can adjust with ease to your new surroundings. A fun fact about Raleigh is that 70+ people are moving to Raleigh daily in 2022. It is no wonder that this beautiful place is ranked the #1 place to live in North Carolina. A lot of people are moving from Texas to North Carolina, and they choose Raleigh as their home for many reasons.

Raleigh is also known as the “City of Oaks”. It has a lot of beautiful oaks that line the streets in the city center. The population is around 500,000. Raleigh is also known for its Research Triangle Park (RTP). It is named for its tri-city region of Raleigh, Chapel Hill, and Durham. It has that feel of a small town, but at the same time, it is becoming a metropolis. So, don’t worry – it will be easy to adjust to life in Raleigh NC. 

Life is affordable and you will adjust to life in Raleigh NC in no time!

If you are looking for an affordable place, then this is the right choice for you! North Carolina has low statewide property taxes, and the cost of living in Raleigh NC is 7% lower than the national average. It is no wonder that cross country movers Texas are always busy since a lot of people choose to move to Raleigh due to the affordability. The median household income is around $62,000, and the average housing expenses are 30% lower than the national average. The median rent in Raleigh NC is around $800, while the median price home is around $242,000. And when you add the unemployment rate which is around 3,3% – it is no wonder that people are moving to Raleigh NC.

view of Raleigh NC
Raleigh NC is one of the popular places people are moving to. Affordable, friendly, and full of different opportunities!

The job market in Raleigh NC is great!

As we mentioned, with the low unemployment rate and growing job market people are moving to Raleigh hoping to find their dream job. Raleigh is one of the best places in the US for jobs due to Research Triangle Park (RTP). RTP employs almost 55,000 people in more than 300 companies. The top industries in Raleigh are education, trade, manufacturing, and technology. Adjusting to life in Raleigh NC will be easy when you know that you can easily find your dream job. A lot of tech companies like Apple, and Google are moving their offices to RTP. Whatever your area of expertise is – you will be able to find your dream job in no time! Therefore, get in touch with household movers TX and start preparing for your move!

The weather in Raleigh NC is great

We can freely say that weather in Raleigh NC is great. It has all four seasons, so it will be easy to adjust to life in Raleigh NC. Summers are hot, with an average temperature of 78 degrees and the warmest month is July. Winters are pleasant and the average temperature is around 48 degrees with January as one of the coldest months. And the best part is that if you love to ski or snowboard – the mountains are just a couple of hours from Raleigh. So, you will truly enjoy the weather in Raleigh NC! You can rent a storage unit TX in order to keep your skiing equipment once you arrive to Raleigh. This way you will not clutter up your space with it.

Locals will help you adjust to life in Raleigh NC

People in Raleigh are amazing and they will help you to adjust to life in Raleigh NC if you find new friends as soon as you land there. It is extremely easy because people in Raleigh are friendly beyond measure. It must have something to do with the fact that Raleigh is the second most comfortable city to live in, in the whole world. This city, despite its size, gives the vibe of a small community where everyone knows everyone. It might be strange at first, but in a matter of days, you’ll get used to all the smiles and greetings coming your way.

a woman smiling and thinking how to adjust to life in Raleigh NC
Everyone is smiling all the time which will help you adjust to life in Raleigh NC easily!

And you might ask yourself – why is everyone annoyingly happy all the time? It is because Raleigh is growing tremendously fast in all fields of work, education, housing opportunities, comfort, availability, etc. Therefore, people are happy for a reason. And once you figure this out and realize how awesome it is, you will wish to become a part of it. And if you haven’t decided yet, this is a perfect moment to start organizing and getting moving. Contact your long distance movers Raleigh NC and in a matter of days, you’ll be safely and affordably relocated to heaven on earth. Raleigh awaits!

What are the best Raleigh NC neighborhoods?

Although Raleigh NC is welcoming, and you will fit right in – you need to know which neighborhood to choose as your new home. Knowing what to expect will make your choice much easier and adjusting to life in Raleigh NC will be much easier as well.

  • Oakwood is a thriving neighborhood. It is a historic district that has a lot of restored homes and grand Victorians. It is close to downtown Raleigh. It is very popular among young couples and first-time homebuyers. You can see a lot of Austin interstate movers unloading moving boxes and helping people move in. It really is a great choice if you are looking to upsize!
  • Brier Creek was built in the 1990s and it’s one of the most newly developed neighborhoods in the whole area. Here you will find a lot of single-family homes, shops, restaurants, and offices. It is located in Wake County which has some of the area’s best schools. It is popular among young families.
  • Five Points is located north of downtown Raleigh, and it includes a couple of small neighborhoods, parks, bars, and restaurants. It gets its name from the confusing intersection where newcomers often make a mistake the first time, they drive through it.
  • Apex is one of the most historic places. It was named the best small town in North Carolina. Apex offers reasonable commutes and easy access to parks and recreational facilities.
  • North Hills is a suburban oasis. It is known as the fastest-growing area that has great schools, parks, and restaurants. If you are looking for an apartment to rent – this is the spot for you.

If you are looking for higher education, it will be easy to adjust to life in Raleigh NC

One of the reasons why a lot of people choose to move to Raleigh NC is the fact that here you will find great universities. Colleges like Duke University, North Carolina State University (NCSU), University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill, and Wake Forest University attract a lot of young people every year. NCSU is the largest university in North Carolina with more than 35,00 students. If you are interested in science, math, engineering, or technology – this is the place for you. UNC-Chapel Hill is known as one of the best universities in the world and it has a very diverse student body.

person with books thinking how to adjust to life in Raleigh NC
If you are looking for higher education – Raleigh NC is the best place for you

Duke University is located in Durham, and it is a private research university. It is ranked as one of the best places to work. Wake Forest University is a private university that has more than 8,000 students from 46 countries and 48 states. It offers 42 majors! Even if you are working – don’t worry. At William Peace University you can find programs that are made for working adults! It is no wonder that with so many great opportunities people are coming to Raleigh NC! San Antonio out of state movers always have a lot of work during the summer and fall, so make sure to book your moving date on time. If you book it in advance – you can get a great discount!

Amazing restaurants are all over the place

There is not enough paper in the world to write down all the amazing places you can eat in this wonderful city. But to be serious for a moment because there are more than 1000 restaurants in the Raleigh area. You should visit downtown straight away and find one of the local places. You should check Bida Minda, The Fiction Kitchen, Any Ashley Christensen Restaurant, Crawford and Son, or 42nd Street Oyster Bar. And the list goes on and on.

Also, there are other incredible places outside of downtown. Visit Second Empire Restaurant and Tavern, Saint Jacques French Cuisine, Angus Barn, or Tazza Kitchen. It is important to know where you can have a nice meal and meet other people at the same time. It will help immensely when it comes to adapting and getting used to the new environment. Oh yes, and have we mentioned that Raleigh is the home of the biggest beer garden in the world? But we just can’t recommend any breweries because they are all amazing. Here you’ll find one of the best craft beers in the world.

Sliced pizza and a pint of beer
Amazing food and even better beer. What else do you need?

Unique Carolina barbecue will help you adjust to life in Raleigh NC

The two most popular barbecue styles in Raleigh are Eastern and Lexington. Eastern-style barbecue involves cooking a whole pig over wood coals using vinegar and pepper sauce. On the other side, Lexington-style barbecue uses only pork shoulders with ketchup, vinegar, and brown sugar. If you never tried it – make sure that you try both of them. There are numerous restaurants in Raleigh where you can really find great barbecues. Some of them are City Barbecue, Ole Time Barbecue, The Pit, and Big Al’s BBQ. Of course, we highly advise you to try all of them if you like barbecue! If this sounds good start planning your move to Raleigh. You can add packing services TX in order to speed up your packing and moving process. This way you will be ready to move to Raleigh in no time!

Check the breweries in Raleigh NC

One of the amazing things in Raleigh NC is the brewery scene! You will be able to enjoy a massive selection of draft beer. You can start exploring with the Peach Party hard cider in the Raleigh Beer Garden. If you are looking for something unique – try Mango Hop Drop ‘N Roll IPA, Vanilla Porter at Burial Beer Co in Transfer Co. Food Hall. In downtown make sure to visit Trophy Brewing and try Libertine Wild IPA or Epic Big Bad Baptist 2013. Or you can visit Lonerider and enjoy fresh air in the beer garden while trying IPA for Outlaws.

What to do in Raleigh NC?

First of all, nature and outdoor recreation are important in Raleigh. So, if you love to spend your time outside, adjusting to life in Raleigh NC will be easy for you! There are a lot of things that you can do in Raleigh NC. You can relax on Lake Howell. You can go horseback riding, fishing, or simply go to a picnic at William B. Umstead State Park. You can visit Ann and Jim Goodnight Museum Park and view the sculptures. Or you can simply take a day trip and visit one of the best beaches nearby – Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach, or the Outer Banks. A lot of different outdoor activities means that you will be active, and you will be able to meet a lot of new people in Raleigh NC which will help you to adjust with ease.

people in a park picnicking
You will enjoy numerous parks and you will get to do numerous outdoor activities in Raleigh NC

North Carolina State Fair is a must!

North Carolina State Fair in Raleigh is a must if you want to really adjust to life in Raleigh. More than a million people visit this 11-day event. You can ride roller coasters, compete in horse shows, listen to live music, and much more. Trying different and tasty food like Sparkling Churros, and Pumpkin Spice Mini Pancakes will really help you feel right at home in Raleigh NC.

If you are a history fan – adjusting to life in Raleigh NC will be a breeze for you!

Raleigh NS is also known as the “Smithsonian of the South” since it has a lot of historic attractions, educational institutions, and free museums. One of the places that you should visit first is the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. It is one of the largest natural history museums in the southeast. It offers four floors of exhibits, live animals, and 3d displays. You can even watch scientists in investigative labs! The next stop is the North Carolina Museum of History. More than 14,000 years of North Carolina history will leave you speechless. It is a great way to learn more about Raleigh!

And last, you should visit the North Carolina Museum of Art. You will be able to see special exhibitions, sculptures, performances, and an outdoor Museum Park. No matter if you are looking for a fun thing to do with your family or a date night idea – this is one of the best places that you can visit!

Fun times in Raleigh!

If you are struggling to adjust to life in Raleigh NC, maybe it is time to go out and have some fun. Especially if you love music, you won’t have a problem finding fun in Raleigh city. You’ll find several concerts at least weekly, and a bunch of gigs all over the place. Raleigh is famous for its tremendous music and live performances, especially downtown which is the center of all nightlife. Now combine top-notch food, craft beer, and live music, and you’ll experience the best time of your life. Visit Fayetteville District, Moore Square, and Glenwood South, which have been revamped in the last decade.

Live music with crowd cheering
If you are into music, this is a place to be. Every day and every night of the week!

Sports in Raleigh

The only professional team in Raleigh is the Carolina Hurricanes. But it is important to note that college sports are important in Raleigh NC. So, it will be easy to adjust to life in Raleigh NC. You should get familiar with the rivalry between The Duke Blue Devils and The University of North Carolina Tar Heels. Also, it is important to note that college basketball is very important in Raleigh. No wonder that out of state movers Houston have a lot of work when it comes to young people moving to college. And if you love college sports then this is a really great place for you! Also, if you love golf – this is the place for you!

Only one hour away is Pinehurst, North Carolina a city known as the “Home of Golf in the U.S.” Golf is a big part of North Carolina history and it is no wonder it is very popular among people in Raleigh. People from all over the world come to visit these amazing golf courses!

If you love shopping, you will adjust to life in Raleigh in no time!

If you love shopping, but you are worried about moving to Raleigh – don’t be! Here you will find three major shopping malls and numerous stores and boutiques. They offer everything from locally made things to high-end designer clothes. So, no matter what you like – you will find what you are looking for in Raleigh NC. Make sure to check Triangle Town Center, City Market, and Crabtree Valley Mall. Here you will find more than 220 stores, and you will quickly realize that Raleigh NC really has it all!

people in the store looking at clothes
If you love shopping then Raleigh NC is the right place for you!

The environment

What can we say? A beach or a mountain, whatever you prefer the most. Only 2 hours away from the sand or the snow. And we must say that the weather is something you should consider. It is almost perfect due to the steady changes in all four seasons. So, for sunny days and a splash, you should check out Carolina Beach, The Outer Banks, or Wrightsville Beach as the most popular ones. And for the skiing and snowballing you should visit Snowshoe Mountain resort or a Winterplace.

As you can see – you will adjust to Raleigh NC in no time!

As you can see, Raleigh is a great place to move to. It has everything that you might need, and on top of that, it is very affordable! No matter if you are looking for a home to buy or an apartment to rent – you will find it for a reasonable price in Raleigh NC. You will be able to enjoy great outdoor adventures and activities, as well as great food and craft beers. The weather is great, and no matter if you like to swim or go skiing – it will take you only two hours to reach your destination. People are warm and welcoming!

Now you are ready to move and with this info, you’ll surely adjust to life in Raleigh NC. Make sure that your relocation is well-organized and stress-free. Use free moving estimates to find movers that fit your budget. Everything else will fall into place because there is no city like this on earth!


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