Austin Relocation 101

One of the cities that has been rapidly gaining popularity recently is Austin, TX. The long list of benefits it offers to its residents in comparison to other places seems to be driving people to it. What’s more, you too may be considering an Austin relocation of your own. However, decisions like this are of great significance for the rest of your and your family’s life. And as such, should be carefully deliberated. There is more to it than just choosing among long-distance moving companies. Luckily, we’re here to walk you through the most important steps, so, keep reading.

A view onto a lake and trees at sunset representing the summers after one's Austin relocation
Over 220 sunny days, a year make Austin a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts

The weather in Austin, TX

We can say that the heat is basically an implication, as Austin lies in the heart of Texas. It’s actually not as hot as other cities in the state due to its hilly landscape. Still, once you’ve found Austin interstate movers, and relocated, know that you’ll live in a very hot and humid area. Summer temperatures can often rise over 100, but in turn, the winters are pretty mild. You’ll learn that an AC is a must while having a swimming pool is recommendable, to fight the heat. So, if you happen to be moving from a place where temperatures are not particularly high, Austin will take some adjusting.

Austin relocation and the cost of living

Depending on what you’re comparing it to, Austin can look like a cheaper or more costly option. As the capital of Texas, you can expect it to be more expensive than some other cities in the same state. Nevertheless, if you are moving from a city like New York, or Los Angeles, an Austin relocation will be more than a good value for money. Austin is actually 3% below the national average when it comes to living costs. So, with good household movers, you can end up saving a lot. Furthermore, the job market is thriving, as well. A number of big tech companies have moved there lately, joining the great industries like educational, healthcare, government, and business services already present. The average annual income is on the higher side, while unemployment rates are pretty low. It seems great all-around!

Austin neighborhoods

In connection to what you are looking for, neighborhoods in Austin might seem more or less suitable. Before your get your free estimate, let’s go through some of them to help you decide:

  • Downtown (if you are a fan of a lively atmosphere, going out, and events your Austin relocation should bring you here!)
  • East Austin (for lovers of culture and history, with a myriad of bars, coffee shops, studios, and galleries. East Austin is known for its diversity and vibrancy)
  • West Austin (if you are looking to escape the tumultuousness of the city, and settle in the countryside, come here. You’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful nature, lakes, and spine-tingling views from Austin’s hills)
  • North and South Austin (a gray area between the suburbs and the city’s downtown, the new and the old. Not as lively, but still close to all happenings and entertainment)
A view onto a city with visible buildings and trees
Choose your neighborhood wisely ahead of your Austin relocation

Austin, as you can see, has a lot to offer. From a booming job market, through lovely neighborhoods, amazing nature for outdoors lovers, and plenty of entertainment and events. If you read on some moving tips, in addition, you’ll be more than ready for your Austin relocation! It’s your call!

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