The best NYC neighborhoods for pet owners

Moving to “The Big Apple” with your furry friend soon? Searching for a pet-friendly neighborhood can be a struggle. However, in New York City you won’t have much of a problem with that. We’ll be happy to share with you some of the best NYC neighborhoods for pet owners. You will have quite the choice to make. Surrounding areas to your apartment are extremely important for pet owners. After all, you wouldn’t want to have laid down an amazing pet-friendly apartment only to find out that the nearest park is a 30-minute walk away that doesn’t even have an off-leash zone. We’re sure that you and your four-legged buddy will fit in quickly with the New York lifestyle. In case that you haven’t found your movers yet, we’d highly recommend our Long Distance Movers NYC and you and your pet will become NYC locals in no time.

A dog on a leash tied to a bicycle waiting for his pet-owner in front of a store NYC.
Both you and your pet will have a lot of opportunities in “The Empire State”.

Which are the best NYC neighborhoods for pet owners?

It’s no secret that New York has a soft side for pets. It also isn’t a secret that a lot of apartments in New York are quite constrained in the square-footage area, not to forget the lack of amenities like back gardens. Despite all that, New Yorkers are not afraid to share their modern residences with their canine mates. Lovely, isn’t it? If you are a true pet lover, New York will sweep you off your feet in every way. Did you know that more than 300,000 dogs actually reside in Manhattan, with at least twice that figure in the Brooklyn and Queens boroughs? Even though almost all neighborhoods in New York City have their huge fair and share of pet owners of all sorts, some just make keeping pets a lot easier, more relaxed, and more enjoyable. We will now share with you our crème de la crème picks.

1. Upper East Side

Upper East Side. The most prestigious borough and arguably the most dog-friendly neighborhood in NYC. It still holds a top spot, thanks to many different services and parks, but we’ve got to be honest and say that our beloved Upper East Side is getting some serious competition from other areas. This borough has a 10% share of pet-friendly buildings. No other city can say that it has a park with 23 huge green areas where dogs can run off-leash. Of course, we are talking about Central Park. There are also many pet-related businesses. You’ll find everything, from vets to groomers to daycare and general pet supplies. Some of the best Uptown pet-friendly parks are:

  • Central Park
  • Carl Shurz Park
  • Andrew Haswell Green Park
Four dogs on a walk in Central Park
Central Park is an old-fashioned favorite spot for many pet owners.

2. Upper West Side

Not far behind than East is the Upper West Side. It would be enough just to say that it also has easy access to Central Park. But there is also Riverside Park, which is just as good. There are about 32 pet-related businesses on the west side. Some of which are niche, serving bird owners. This is the neighborhood that hosts the most dog runs. You and your dog can make a lot of fast friends in Riverside park. And there is nothing like a morning run with your furry best friend in Morningside Park.

3. Lower Manhattan

Next on the list on the pet-friendliness scale is of course another expensive part of NYC. Lower Manhattan is home to many relatively new construction-heavy neighborhoods. Naturally, developers are trying to cater to wealthy buyers. Many of which are huge animal lovers. Most of these new condos and luxury rentals are pet-friendly. In recent years, downtown in Tribeca, the number of pet-friendly buildings quickly went from 8 to 28. If you choose this borough, your pet is certainly one of the lucky ones. Cat owners outnumber dog owners in this neighborhood. If you are too moving with a cat, check out this article on how to cope.

Notable mentions

If you would rather choose the rich ethnic culture of Brooklyn than the elegance of the Uptown, you needn’t worry either. You will discover that many of Brooklyn’s friendliest and most gorgeous residents are descendants of wolves. There’s also a lot of kitties everywhere as well. If you are looking to move on the other side of the bridge, feel free to look up our Long Distance Movers Brooklyn NY that are at your service 24/7 and know the neighborhood really well. Other boroughs also have a few very friendly neighborhoods in which you can enjoy the best of the NYC lifestyle with other pet lovers. If you are a loving pet person, here are our top more affordable picks for you:

1. Park Slope

This Brooklyn neighborhood has one of the biggest attractions for pet lovers in the area. It is, of course, the indescribably beautiful Prospect Park, which includes the only Dog Beach in New York City, as well as various dog runs and the off-leash hours. Brooklyn’s stunning, brownstone-and tree-lined side roads will make your non-park strolls in Park Slope a sheer delight.

2. Brooklyn Heights

This neighborhood is home to the newly constructed, wonderfully crafted Brooklyn Bridge Park. This pet-friendly park, decorated with flower beds is a true heaven for picnic lovers.  Residents of this neighborhood are also able to enjoy breathtaking views of the Brooklyn Bridge and the skyline of downtown Manhattan.

A girl sitting on a bench with her puppy inBrooklyn Bridge Park
Brooklyn Heights is amongst the best neighborhoods in NYC for pet owners for a reason.

3. Long Island City, Queens

The most up-and-coming neighborhood in the area. Long Island City has the most dog parks in Queens. There are LIC Dog Park, Murray Playground Dog Run, Dog Park Of Gantry Plaza, and Hunter’s Point Dog Run. On top of that, Queensbridge Park along the north side of the neighborhood, not only has its own dog run but also provides amazing waterfront views. If you like to switch things up often, this is the neighborhood for you. All of these parks are within a walking distance from each other.

We are sure that New York will sweep you off your feet in many ways alongside their residents and furry pals. We hope that this will be a helpful insight into the whereabouts of the best NYC neighborhoods for pet owners. If you have any further worries about moving and choosing the best neighborhood for you, we at State To State Move are more than happy to answer all your questions.

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