How to disassemble furniture when preparing for a move?

Moving will require you to think about many things – as well as learn many new skills. There is a lot of planning and logistics to deal with, but you will also need to pack up your items. This is often a tough thing, and can take months! Experts at State to State Move always recommend you disassemble the bigger pieces to make the whole transport easier on you! However, there lies the issue – not many people know how to disassemble furniture when preparing for a move! In this article, we take a look at exactly this. Find out how to take apart your items like a pro!

Get the right tools to disassemble furniture when preparing for a move

In order to disassemble your items, you will need the right tools for the job. You should not attempt this process without them! Not only can you damage your items, but you can also injure yourself! That’s why you will first want to sit down and create a list of items you want to disassemble. Then, think about the ways in which you will want to disassemble your items. Create the list of tools you will use as well. Then, you are ready to gather them up.

A set of wrenches will always be a highly useful thing to have near you!

Usually, you will need a flat head or Philips head screwdriver. Make sure that it is the appropriate size for the screws in your items. But that’s not all you will need! In order to make the whole thing easier, having a small hex wrench is also a useful idea! What’s more, if you can, get a set of small wrenches for all acres and bolts, and you will be ready to start the process!

How to figure out which items to disassemble

Interstate movers San Antonio show that the top three items people are looking to disassemble are desks, entertainment centers, and sofas. You will probably have these on your list. However, that’s not all! A lot of people are also disassembling bigger installations. Things like beds, armored, and dressers are often the ones to go as well. Carefully consider the size of doors as well as items. This will be the biggest tell what furniture you will want to disassemble when preparing for a move. Make sure you do not make a mistake like many – consider the doors in your new home as well! You can do this by looking at the home’s layout.

Look at the layouts of your new home and the old one when considering which furniture to disassemble.

You will also want to measure your furniture for clearance. You will want to be sure that you can get them into the truck. Then, look at your environment. The doors are not the only obstacles in your way! You might have other furniture items blocking you, or the hallways might be too thin. Carefully consider every possibility, and plan how you will take your items to the truck. If you realize that there will be some difficulties with an item, then disassembling it should be a good option!

Do an inspection before you disassemble furniture when preparing for a move

As we mentioned before, disassembling furniture can often lead to damages and even injury. You might start unscrewing things that you should not. If you do, the item can collapse or break apart. What’s more, if you use more force than you need to, you can also damage screws and stop the disassembly process completely. This is why so many people call cross country movers Charlotte NC. They usually have full packing services that can help you disassemble furniture when preparing for a move – or do it for you completely.

If you insist on doing it yourself, then you will need to inspect it well before you start disassembling it. Make sure you locate disassembling points that you will “attack.” If an item has legs, then you can easily see where they meet the rest of the item. Usually, this will be what you will want to address.

Similarly thinking and examining the rest of your items, you will locate the places that you will need to unscrew or detach. For example, upholstery can cover some disassembly points. These items can be harder to disassemble because these places are harder to access. Carefully consider what you will do about them and how you will disassemble these items.

Start disassembling your furniture

Finally, now that you have prepared the tools and the items, you will want to start disassembling the items slowly. If you need help, then do not be afraid to ask your friends. They can help you keep the items stable while you disassemble them. However, keep in mind that some might not feel comfortable offering you help. They might not be able to lift heavy items or might not want to put your items at risk. Try to understand these concerns and accept them.

Then, start slowly disassembling your furniture. Make sure to keep the hardware attached to all the pieces. There will be a lot of screws and bolts in there, and you can lose them with ease in all the chaos! So, when disassembling, grab a Ziploc bag for each item. Put the smaller pieces into the bag and tape it to the item. This way, you will keep them close, and you will be able to assemble the items after the move.

tools for disassembling
There can be a lot of little pieces when you disassemble furniture when preparing for a move!

And once more, if you are uncomfortable about the whole process, then make sure to give us a call. We offer full packing services that are just for you! With them, we will plan the logistics of the move, and pack up your items with ease! All you will need to do is to point us to what you need us to do, and we will disassemble furniture when preparing for a move!

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