Moving to NYC from California: what to expect

If you are going to be moving to NYC from California, there will be plenty to adjust to, that’s for sure. You will want to arrive with as little stress as possible, so you can have an easier time of it. Consider hiring one of interstate moving companies NYC for your relocation, as that will make the whole experience much easier. But before that, you will need to properly prepare for your new life. This article is going to go over all the necessary things, from adjustments and downsizing to finding an apartment and a job.

What to expect when moving to NYC from California?

Here is the overview of what you might expect to be doing shortly:

  • You will have to adjust to the cold, prices, and “New York attitude”!
  • Be ready to downsize!
  • Hunt for apartment well in advance when moving to NYC from California
  • Search for a good job before you move
  • You will need some time to “get around the city” after moving to NYC from California – Don’t panic!
  • Ready to move? Hire a professional mover!
Hire professionals to assist you with the relocation.

You will have to adjust to the cold, prices, and “New York attitude”!

First things first, NYC is a lot colder than you might think. Make sure that you have plenty of layered clothing as you will definitely need it. You might catch a cold in the first week or two, so prepare accordingly. As for the prices, you need to realize that NYC is the most expensive city in the entire US to live in. The cost of living in New York can be staggering if you are not prepared for it. Furthermore, there is the “New York attitude” that you will need to adjust to.

Life in the big city such as New York molds people to be more direct and forward. If you are not used to this, it can be quite a shock for the first couple of times. There is not much “beating around the bush” in NYC, and this is something that might offend a lot of people that are not used to this kind of behavior.

Be ready to downsize!

With high prices comes the need to downsize. The fact of the matter is that regardless of where you are coming from (almost), you will not be able to afford the same space as you had previously. You will have to downsize quite a bit. And this can be a challenge on its own. Your long distance movers can bring all of your stuff, but you may not have space for it all. That is why you need to find an apartment well before you arrive in NYC. Don’t think that staying a couple of nights in a hotel while you search for an apartment is a good idea. It is not. What you need to be doing is:

Hunt for apartment well in advance when moving to NYC from California

Finding a good apartment in NYC is an art of its own. There are many agencies that specialize in this kind of job and that can help you. However, if you want to devote some time to find a perfect place, you will have a lot of work ahead of you. You may even need to consider hiring packing services if you want to free up more time. NYC being what it is, you will need to be very careful when comparing apartment prices. There will be promotions, hidden costs, free months and you will need to navigate through it all to find what the actual price will be.

woman working on laptop
Find a place to live before you move.

Never take anything at a face value and always give yourself time to think and consider. That is the best advice we can give you.

Search for a good job before you move

It is really important to have a good job in NYC before you move there. Having a steady income will make you relaxed, something that you will need when adjusting to the new city. Make sure to at least have several positions lined up and ready to go before you relocate. Of course, the best thing is to land a job and sign everything before you even contact your movers.

You will need some time to “get around the city” after moving to NYC from California – Don’t panic!

The fact of the matter is that you will not know where to find everything that you need. Every new beginning is hard. But that is normal. You will be experiencing an “information overload” in the first couple of days, perhaps weeks. The most important thing is not to start panicking there. While you may not be able to avoid the initial strike of panic, you can have it under control by knowing that everything is going to settle down. And it will. All that information will slowly set itself in stone and you will be more and more comfortable with your new place.

female panicking
The most important thing – Do NOT panic!

Adjusting takes time. Getting good at anything takes time when you think about it. The same goes for adjusting to NYC. Slowly, you will begin to think and feel more and more like you always lived here. That is how we humans adapt to any situation. Slowly but surely. You may not even have that initial panic strike whatsoever! But if you do, don’t worry about it as I can assure you that it is all going to settle down and be just fine. After all, it is not rocket science, is it?

Ready to move? Hire a professional mover!

Once everything is in place, you will want to find a reliable moving company to move your belongings to your new NYC home. If you have any questions or concerns, you can always contact us and find out everything that you want. We will be happy to hear from you and assist you in your relocation. Best of luck with your NYC move!

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