5 things to know before moving to Long Island

Let’s be honest, who among us hasn’t dreamed of moving to New York at some point? If your dream is about to come true and you’re seriously considering Long Island for your new home, then you should do your research about this area of NYC. Some important things to know before moving to Long Island might sway you if you’re still on the fence. As with everywhere else in the world, Long Island has its pros and cons. So before you hire movers Florida recommends for interstate relocations, make sure you’re making the right decision for you.

5 things to know before moving to Long Island that might make you change your mind

While Long Island is certainly a popular destination with people who hire long distance movers Florida, it is not without its flaws. It’s important to know about the downsides of living on Long Island before you decide to move there. Some of them might be manageable for you. Others, however, might make you rethink your choice.

Person counting money.
Make sure you can afford Long Island before you decide to move. That is one of the things to know before moving to Long Island.

Taxes are among the highest in the country

One of the main reasons New Yorkers hire long distance movers Long Island to move away from the area are taxes. Property taxes in particular can be exceptionally high in Long Island. This will add to the already high housing prices and cost of living, making some neighborhoods of Long Island very expensive to live in. So make sure that you can afford your new home in the long run before you decide to move into it.

The climate goes to the extremes with scorching hot summers and freezing winters

You may not think of a New York borough as a place to have extreme weather. But it can definitely feel like it does. Wind and heavy snowstorms make winter pretty brutal. In the summer, the humidity will make even average temperatures feel too high. And that’s not all: there’s also a risk of hurricanes.

The traffic is brutal

While NYC in general is famously not a place you really need a car between high walkability scores and well developed public transport, Long Island is an exception. Almost everyone here owns and drives a car. This can (and frequently does) result in horrible traffic congestion. It is particularly bad during rush hour when highways can feel more like parking lots.

Some communities have issues with noise

If noise bothers you, some Long Island neighborhoods will definitely not be for you. Between lively schoolyards, inviting parks, and restaurants and bars that stay open well into the night, certain areas won’t let you relax in silence no matter the time of day. So try to visit the area of your potential home both during the day and late in the night to check if the noise levels are acceptable to you.

People in a bar.
The bars, cafes, and restaurants are great but they can make for some seriously noisy neighbors.

It can be hard to become part of the local community

There are many wonderfully friendly people and exceptionally welcoming communities in Long Island. But there is also a strong sense of pride in being a resident and a specific bond between the people who were born and raised here. Sometimes, this can make it hard not to feel like an outsider, especially if you come from one of the rival places like Brooklyn or New Jersey.

5 things to know before moving to Long Island that will get you even more excited for the move

For all its flaws, Long Island can be an excellent place to live. Many household relocations end in this destination every year and for good reasons. So if your choice is already made, let’s talk about what you have to look forward to!

Regularly cited one of the best places to live in America

Located close enough to Manhattan not to make for a big commute yet not nearly as pricey as NYC’s most expensive borough, Long Island is perfect for people who want to live and work in New York without going bankrupt. Tons of green areas and good schools make it very family-friendly. But the social scene ensures adults will enjoy it too. It is no wonder, then, that Long Island often ends up on the top lists of places to live in America.

Lots of activities year-round

Like the rest of New York, Long Island is a very culturally diverse and socially lively place. Therefore, one of the positive things to know before moving to Long Island is that it’s never boring. You’ll enjoy all sorts of activities year-round. The city organizes many events. But so do local organizations and interest groups. Whatever your interests, you’ll find something you enjoy here.

Excellent schools that offer a lot of good choices

Will it make you feel better to know that all those taxes you’re about to be paying will go to a good cause? Long Island has some of the best public schools in the country. And there are a lot of them so you’ll have plenty to choose from. If you’re moving with children, this will certainly be a factor.

Boy running through a school hall as a result of parents who thought about things to know before moving to Long Island.
Your children will get an excellent education.

A dream location for all food and wine lovers

Your taste buds are going to love Long Island! There are restaurants and cafes serving different kinds of ethnic cuisines all over the place. You can pair your food with some excellent local wines since there are more than 50 different wineries on the island. So if you are enthusiastic about food and wine, Long Island is a great place for you.

Beautiful beaches to enjoy in the summer

Tropical paradise Long Island is not. Largely urban and densely populated, it isn’t the first destination that comes up when you think about a summer holiday. But one of the things to know before moving to Long Island is that it has some absolutely beautiful beaches to take advantage of in the summer. Just imagine it: taking a day off, driving to the nearest beach with your family, and enjoying a day in the sun sunbathing and swimming in beautiful clear water. Doesn’t that make you excited about the move?

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