Food storage tips for your Florida move

Organizing a move to Florida is no easy task. You have to think about your work, pack everything on time, change the address, notify the cable/internet providers, etc. On this never-ending list of tasks, it is easy to forget about the food. Usually, the moment you remember you didn’t figure out what to do with all the food in your house, it’s already too late. State to State Move will be there to help you with anything you need regarding your relocation. But food is tricky to move. To minimalize food waste, we are here to share useful food storage tips you can implement for your upcoming move.

different kinds of food is why you need good food storage tips for your Florida move
Learn our most valuable food storage tips for your Florida move.

The best food storage tips for your Florida move

Deciding what to do with your food for a move sounds pretty simple but it actually isn’t. People tend to get carried away and continue shopping for groceries while they have other food they could use up before the move. Also, it is worth noting that most long-distance movers Florida has don’t move perishable foods such as meat, eggs, dairy, etc. That is why you should come up with a plan on how to tackle your food reserves before the move. For example:

  • come up with a plan well ahead of time
  • stop buying groceries that are not absolutely essential
  • learn food storage tips for your unperishable food items
  • donate unperishable foods if you don’t want to move them with you
  • think of new ways to use up all the ingredients you have
  • make snacks for moving day

Start thinking about what to do with food for your move ahead of time

To avoid wasting a lot of food unnecessarily, plan what you want to do with it up to a month before the move with Orlando long-distance movers. That way, you will have plenty of time to use all or most of the food in your fridge, freezer, and pantry. You can make a detailed checklist of all the food you have in your home. Check each item as you eat it or pack it. That way, you’ll always know what you need to buy, or what you have enough of, and avoid wasting food and money.

Don’t buy as many groceries in the weeks leading up to the move

When you make an inventory of all the food you have, it’s time to cut down on shopping for groceries. Try to use the food you already have in your household and think of creative ways to prepare it. Check your freezer for any frozen fruits, veggies, or meats, as those are perishable and you cannot move them to another state. State to state movers Orlando will confirm that most states have strict regulations regarding what is being carried across state borders. That is the main reason, besides safety, that moving companies refuse to move perishable foods for their clients.

pesto pasta dish
Cherry tomatoes are something you cannot move to another state, so make sure to use them up before moving day!

Pack the non-perishable food items properly or donate them

When it comes to non-perishable foods, you can take these with you if you want. You can safely pack all the canned goods, dry foods such as cereals, pasta, or grains, as well as spices. If you have open boxes of cereals or spices, make sure to pack them in plastic zip-lock bags to prevent spillage. As for the glass bottles of oil, vinegar, or similar ingredients, you want to make sure these are well wrapped in bubble wrap and packing paper. Keep in mind that the heaviest items go on the bottom of the box and the lighter ones closer to the top. Don’t overstuff your boxes with canned goods, though. Cardboard boxes can only take so much load before they break and everything falls out.

If you don’t want to take the canned foods with you, donate them. Food is always needed and welcome in food banks nationwide. Move for Hunger is an organization that will gladly pick up any non-perishable foods you wish to donate.

Explore new cuisines and try new dishes with the perishable items you have

If you are not quite sure what to make with the ingredients you have in your household, try looking up some fun, new recipes. You can make it a fun event for the entire family! Let everyone find a different meal with the ingredients you have at your disposal. Then make a different meal each day (or two). This is the perfect opportunity to try exploring new cuisines and preparing dishes you’ve always wanted to try but seemed just a tad too exotic.

Make snacks for moving day

If there are any perishable foods left on moving day, fix up some quick snacks for the family. You can make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, or cook the eggs you have left. If you have cheese, deli meats, and some veggies, that’s a sandwich right there calling your name. Don’t forget to check the dates on all the foods you intend to eat before the move!

boiled eggs
Boiled eggs are a great, nutritious snack for move day.

Try these food storage tips! We’ll be there to do all the hard work regarding your Florida move

Deciding what to do with food last minute is exhausting, which is why we recommend starting on time and implementing our food storage tips. Your movers will safely pack all the non-perishable foods you decide to move. Those you don’t want are best donated to a food bank. Your perishables are what can’t be taken on a long-distance move with most moving companies. That is why you’ll have to use your imagination and think of ways to eat the food before moving day. You can prepare chilies, stews, or casseroles since the ingredients for these dishes are versatile and you can throw in different meats, vegetables, and spices. The more the merrier! Use leftover perishable food to make snacks for moving day. Good luck with your move!

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