Get ready for your TX move in a month

The moving process is often long and complicated. Some experts even suggest that you need to set aside at least two months for packing alone! This is because a lot can go wrong if you don’t give yourself ample time. You won’t be able to pack well, you won’t be able to fight the right moving companies state to state, and there is just a hundred of smaller details that you can miss! But worry not, with some experience, you will be able to get ready for your TX move in a month with ease! And in this article, you will learn how to do exactly that!

Minimize your move

In order to be able to handle your move with care, you should try to make your items easier for interstate movers Texas to handle. How can you do this? By reducing their numbers! Minimalistic moves have been quite popular in recent years. People go as fast as to pack only one essentials bag and call it a day! Of course, not everyone can be relaxed about their items – most of us do not like parting with our stuff. However, you can still try to cut some of it.

a chair
Think minimalistic.

For example, if you want to get ready for your TX move in a month, then you will want to get rid of all the junk you have. And moving in such a short time span allows you to be as ruthless and as merciless as possible! You will want to get rid of a lot of things – and moving fast makes you prioritize them quickly. With no time to think, you won’t get the time for sentimental attachment.

A thing that can help you with this is also the famous “six months rule.” When you don’t know whether or not you will use an item, just think back to the last time you needed it. If it was more than six months ago, then get rid of it! Conversely, if you have been using it in recent months, then you will want to keep it.

Then, you will want to make three piles of your items. The first one is the stuff that you are keeping. The second will be things that you don’t want to keep, but that someone might use. You will either donate or sell these things – depending on your time and budget. Finally, the third pile if for recycling or tossing away.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help to get ready for your TX move in a month

Always keep in mind that it is okay to ask for help. We are social animals, after all! People help each other on a daily basis, even with smaller things! This is why asking for help for your Texas move should be a no brainer too!

The first people you can call are your friends. However, be careful about this. As you have heard a hundred times by now – moving is not easy. And so, your friends or family might not be rushing to help you with this. There is a lot that can go wrong during the move – especially when lifting items. Some might fear to damage your stuff or injuring themselves in the process.

Be accepting of their concerns and feelings, and understand them. Make sure you check with them if they are willing and able to help. Make sure they know that they do not need to lift heavy objects if they can’t – they can instead help you pack, for example.

angry friends
Your friends can easily help you move – but sometimes the consequences can be dire!

You will get the second type of help when you contact us. We are professional movers who can offer a huge variety of help for the entire process. From storage and packing services to speciality services (like military moves), we can help move either your home or your office with no hassle!

Finally, you can also contact local charities that can help you as well. Contact them for your unwanted stuff, and you can organize a pickup together. Sometimes, you will not have the time to venture out to the charity and leave things. When you need to get ready for your TX move in a month, a charity coming to your door to collect will be a lifesaver!

Start packing as soon as possible

As we mentioned before, the packing process can take quite a while. Hopefully, with these tips, you were able to push through and sort your items easily. However, we still feel the need to stress just how creative you will also need to be with the packing.

First, there are the packing supplies. You need high-quality supplies in order to get the best moving experience. Only with these will your items be completely safe. However, when you want to get ready for your TX move in a month, you might not have the time to shop for moving boxes. This is when you will want to use our full packing services! We have the experience and the materials you need! This way, you will save a lot of time. While we pack up your home, you can deal with other moving tasks and chores!

a box with items
You will need to get creative when packing for your move in a month.

Otherwise, you will want to learn how to pack like a pro! You will need to figure out some alternative ways to pack up your items. For example, you might use a dresser’s drawers as storage spaces. All you need to do is place items inside and secure the drawers tightly. Also, a lot of people are using clothes and towels like padding materials. Thinking outside the box will help – but sometimes, you will just not have the time to do it!

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