Guide to moving from Tampa to Durham NC

Relocating to a new town is definitely one of the most interesting and exciting things that you can do in your lifetime. However, we have to point out that it’s also one of the most important decisions a person can make; especially in their adult life, when they have a family to think about as well. But if you’re wondering whether moving from Tampa to Durham NC is a good idea, we can save you the trouble; it most definitely is! Still, before making your move, it’s worth to learn everything you can about this town – as well as some of the necessary preparations before the relocation! With that in mind, explore our guide below. 

Is moving from Tampa to Durham NC a good idea?

Before finding the best Tampa long distance movers and embarking on your relocation, there’s something else to think about as well. Namely – is moving from Tampa to Durham NC actually a good idea? We’re going to deal with that dilemma right away; this sort of relocation is definitely one of the best decisions you’ll ever make, for a variety of reasons. For starters, Durham NC is an incredibly great town for you to live in. This is not our subjective feeling either; official statistics support this claim. Did you know that Durham is ranked among the top cities according to US livability metrics?

A meadow near mountains in North Carolina.
North Carolina is simply beautiful all year round!

And Durham’s excellent score in this regard is only set to improve, as the locals are constantly determined to attract more people by making their city even better. There’s always some infrastructure improvement in the works, and job growth is pretty consistent even during recessions. Plus, one of the best things about this North Carolina town is how affordable it is. Apart from Tampa, a lot of people move here from Chicago or California as well.

The locals are quite welcoming

Naturally, when you choose where you’ll live – it’s not all about the real estate or the local job market. At the end of the day, some places and areas are more welcoming towards new people than others. There’s a fine line that you want to find with your new home; a community that’s close-knit but still allows friendly newcomers to fit in perfectly. That’s just one of the reasons why people keep hiring long distance moving companies Durham NC has to relocate them here. And have no fear, a friendly community is exactly what you get after moving from Tampa to Durham NC! As you meet people around this city, you’ll find that they’re perfectly welcoming to any well-meaning individual. This place has a population of a little above 250,000 people, meaning that it’s not a small town – but it’s no cold metropolis either!

Duke University is the heart of the town

Even though this isn’t one of the biggest towns in the United States, you will find that it does have some excellent educational opportunities. For instance, the excellent Duke University ranks as one of the premier colleges around the entire country! The students that come here to study and the University staff bring a new level of wholesomeness and intellectual poise to the entire town. Trust us, this University is worth seeing even if you’re not looking for education yourself.

A suburban house with a driveway.
Apart from housing wonderful suburbs, Durham is also home to prestigious educational institutions.

Excellent local neighborhoods

If you’re looking for nice suburban areas, you’ll find that moving from Tampa to Durham NC will provide you with plenty of those! There’s plenty of nature around, meaning that you and your family will be able to breathe the cleanest possible air. Plus, most of the local suburbs are well-connected with nearby Raleigh as well. Indeed, this is one of the best things about Durham; it gives you all of the privacy and the comfort of a small town; while simultaneously being close to Raleigh so that you can do all of your downtown chores easily.

The local economy is thriving

Naturally, while you’re looking for a place to live, it’s not all about how much you like an area that you’re thinking about. There are also plenty of practicalities that you have to consider as well. And among these, not the least of which is whether you’ll be able to sustain a living in Durham NC. After all, the local economy of any area is crucial if you’re considering living there. You want a place that’s simultaneously affordable and productive; a thin line to walk, but it is possible if you make your selection carefully.

A top-down view of people working in an office.
You can find plenty of jobs in medicine or tech around Durham!

With all of that in mind – know that Durham is more than capable of providing you with a decent livelihood. The local service industry is absolutely thriving, which is important for people looking for those kinds of jobs. And more specifically, know that Durham is part of the famous North Carolina “Research Triangle”; a promising fact for all the intellectuals looking for work out there. Also, the local educational facilities and hospitals represent the backbone of upper-middle-class work you can find in Durham. Regardless of whether you want to work in medicine or in technology; know that Durham can give you all of the job opportunities you want. There are offices from major companies like Google and Amazon nearby. 


So, considering all of this – is moving from Tampa to Durham NC a good idea? After all, Tampa is definitely a decent place to live as well. However, if you’re looking for a more continental kind of climate, and more job opportunities in specific industry sectors; going to Durham is simply an excellent decision. We guarantee that you won’t regret giving this chance to North Carolina!


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