How to handle disputes with movers

Even though you have spent a lot of time looking for a reliable and professional moving company, you should be aware of one thing- accidents can always happen. There are times when a misunderstanding or a mistake happens. However, it also happens that the moving company itself is to blame. On an occasion like this, you should know how to handle disputes with movers. Yes, it can be somewhat complicated and complex, but it is certainly worth it. Just read the article and you will know what to do and how to do it.

You should know your rights and mover’s responsibilities

Before you even start the whole process, this is the first thing you have to bear in mind. First of all, your mover must provide you with estimates in writing. Do not take seriously anything that is not on paper. However, if they provide you with a non-binding estimate, you should be careful. The actual charges may exceed the estimate.

Check what your rights are – this is something that will be of great help when you handle disputes with movers

In addition to this, you should pay attention to whether a document you should sign is complete. This especially goes for the moving contract. Also, you should be present every time your shipment is weighed. If it seems to you like the weight they wrote on a document is larger, you have the right to ask for a re-weight.

Check all of the items before you handle disputes with movers

Before you make the first step, check each and every item of yours. Go through your packing checklist and see whether everything is there. If you have noticed that one item is damaged, it is possible that there are more. When you detect damage, you should take a picture of it from several angles. By doing this, you will have proof and no one will be able to deny it. In addition to this, you should not try to fix the damaged items, even if you already have taken pictures of them. It is possible that a moving company will send their representative to check those items. So, just put them aside and do not come near them until a man from the company comes.

Before you start the whole process, notify them

Once you have gotten all the pieces of evidence, it is time to act. The first thing you should do is to notify your moving company that you are going to file a claim. In case they are professionals, they are going to offer themselves to solve the problem. Their representative is going to come and you will find a solution together.

If your moving company is a professional one, you are going to find a solution very quickly

However, if it happens that they believe they are not to be blamed or if they are unprofessional, you will have to do it the hard way. It is a good thing to have good moving insurance in a situation like this. If this is a case with you, you will have a chance to file a moving insurance claim. Getting this kind of insurance is good when you have valuables that your movers should transport.

How to handle disputes with movers if they refuse to cooperate

If it happens that your moving company is not willing to cooperate, you should file a claim and ask for help. There are several organizations that can solve this problem. The first one is the American Moving and Storage Association. Feel free to contact them and explain your situation. Also, you can count on the Better Business Bureau to help you. They are going to notify the company within 48 hours and the response is expected to arrive during the next 14 days. All in all, the whole process should end within 30 days. You should get in touch with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Organization in case your move is interstate one. On the other hand, if your relocation is a local one, you should contact your state regulatory agency.

Be patient and everything will come to its place

When you handle disputes with movers, it is necessary to be patient. This is a process that can last for a long time and you will get nothing if you lose your nerves over it. The relocation itself is stressful enough, do not add more stress to yourself. Try to be positive and optimistic about the results of the dispute. Believe that everything will end well and keep being euphoric about your new home.

Avoid stressing yourself additionally- do something that makes you happy

Occupy yourself with organizing your new home and when the dispute ends, you will have more reasons to celebrate. Put the damaged items in your basement, garage or store them. In this way, they are not going to be near you and they will not suffer greater damage.

There are many things you should bear in mind when you handle disputes with movers. First of all, you should know your rights as well as your mover’s responsibilities. Also, you should inform yourself about how you should file a claim. In case this does not go well, all you should do is to ask for help. We have given you a list of organizations that are going to solve the problem if your company is unable to do it. Of course, do not forget to be calm and patient throughout this whole process. Yes, it can be tiring and overwhelming, but it will be worth it. So, follow all the steps and you will have nothing to worry about!

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