Interstate moving pitfalls to avoid

There are many mistakes, or pitfalls, that you can have while performing an interstate relocation. Interstate moving pitfalls include not hiring a reliable, or honest, moving company, lack of insurance, and so on. You should really make sure that you are choosing among the best interstate moving companies North Carolina and that you are not performing a DIY interstate move, as well. We are going to go over the most important pitfalls that you need to avoid and provide some recommendations, as well.

What are interstate moving pitfalls you should avoid?

Here are the main things that you need to take care of:

  • Research the moving company thoroughly before hiring
  • One of the interstate moving pitfalls to avoid – Not getting the right insurance
  • Give yourself enough time to pack
  • Another interstate moving pitfall to avoid – DIY move!
  • Declutter
Research every moving company and read their reviews before hiring.

Research the moving company thoroughly before hiring

First things first, your moving company needs to be “on the up and up”. If you want to cut down on expenses, you may be tempted to hire one of the less reputable companies because they offer a lower price. But this is actually one big, and deep, pitfall. You see, all of the “proper” long distance moving companies Durham NC will have similar pricing. It is just how much these relocations cost, to tell you the truth. If you notice that your offer is way lower than what you get from the rest, it is an immediate red flag. That is why you need to do your research, and be thorough about it, before you sign anything.

Nowadays, the best venue for research is the internet. You can simply find everything about everything on the net. However, you do need to know how to filter information, as there is simply too much of it. Start by finding out all about companies that are operating in your area. Then search for some reviews on external sites, as well. Finally, you may also want to see if your circle of family, friends, acquaintances, and colleagues knows something about any of those companies. While you’re at it, ask all of them if they have any recommendations. Even if this technological age, personal recommendations are still king.

One of the interstate moving pitfalls to avoid – Not getting the right insurance

Even if you find a good and reliable moving company, you will want to get proper insurance for your items. You may already have some sort of insurance going on but it is most likely not sufficient, especially for an interstate relocation. The dangers of the interstate move are real and some damage may happen to your items, despite the best efforts. That is why you need to figure out if your insurance covers enough of your shipment for you to be comfortable with.

First, check what kind of insurance you do have. Then figure out if that is sufficient. Consider the worst-case scenario and see how much you would get. If you are fine with that, then you don’t really need to do anything. However, for the most part, your original insurance will not be sufficient to cover even half the loss. That is why you want to have insurance that will actually be an insurance against the worst. Regardless of what happens, you want to know that you will be properly compensated. That is simply the smart thing to do. Buy the proper insurance and not worry about anything. Simple as that.

home safety
Get additional moving insurance in advance.

Give yourself enough time to pack

If you have plenty of items and are not hiring any packing services from your movers, you need to know that packing them all is a significant time investment. You may delay packing your items until the end but that is the worst thing to do. If you find yourself in a situation that you did not pack everything on time, you may incur considerable extra charges. And those are never fun. That is why you need to organize your packing efforts. Make sure to allocate specific days for this task. Leave yourself plenty of time for it, too. Packing is a deceptive process, it can go really fast or it can go really slow. One item can take hours to pack properly!

That is why you need to leave plenty of time aside for this task. You don’t need to finish everything in a couple of days, even in a couple of weeks. As soon as you know that you will be doing an interstate relocation, you can start packing one item at a time. Simply pack the things that you are not using first and move on to the ones that you are using daily, last.

Another interstate moving pitfall to avoid – DIY move!

You don’t really want to perform a DIY move if this is your first interstate relocation. One of the more prominent interstate relocation dangers is that people think that it is easy and that they can do it. Don’t get me wrong, if you devote enough time, energy, and effort to figure it all out, you can definitely accomplish it, but for the most part, it is really risky. Not to mention how exhaustive and stressful it is.

So, unless you are really confident in your ability to perform an interstate DIY move, stay clear of it. There are good reasons for hiring professional movers for interstate relocations. This is also why interstate moves are in the domain of professional movers.

If you can, avoid DIY move and hire professional mover instead.


While not exactly one of the interstate moving pitfalls, if you want to reduce the weight (and thus the price) of your shipment, you need to declutter before you pack. Decluttering simply means either donating, throwing away, or selling the items that you may not use anymore. This will reduce the weight and might even make you a tidy profit if you choose to sell them. Do note that the decluttering process can take some time to accomplish, so try to have it organized as soon as possible. Also, make sure that you involve every member of your household in this process.

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