Moving during heavy rainfall – tips and tricks

Moving is tough as it is. It requires a lot of planning and exudes a lot of stress as the byproduct of its complexity. It is actually considered to be one of the most stressful events in your life, even though it is a pretty common occurrence in an average American. The cause of that stress is unpredictability. So what happens when the circumstances of the move are not quite ideal. When the moving is even tougher? When the day of the move is taking place just when the clouds decided to pour rain on the streets of the city you are busy leaving? Well, there are remedies for moving during heavy rainfall. We are going to help you get them right there! Let’s talk about all that you need to know!

Prepare the right clothing for the job

If you are going to be moving during heavy rainfall with the help of long distance movers Miami, we should first cover the obvious. You need to prepare the clothing for the job. Now, your reasoning might lead you to the conclusion that you don’t need that much protection since you won’t be spending that much time outside. If you are part of the loading and unloading of your possessions, that will be the only time you will be spending in the rain. That is right? Not quite.

moving during heavy rainfall - a man with a hoodie
Be sure to dress properly!

You want to dress all the way, even if you are going to be exposed to the elements for only a short while. This is because relocations are unpredictable and because you will be much more efficient for the part of the work that is outside if you are ready for the pour. And don’t think too fancy. Get something that you can get dirty in. There might be a lot of mud outside, and you better have a hood that goes a long way to, at least a little, protect your eyes. There are few things as irritating as droplets flying directly into your eyes while you are also handling that bulky sofa you have.

Protect your possession while moving during heavy rainfall

You should do what you can for the items your long distance movers will be moving. If you just found that the rain is going to hit tomorrow, you should do some quick fixes. Those include getting plastic coverings for electronics, furniture, leather, and paper items. We will talk about them more later. All in all, cardboard boxes will do most work. However, paper boxes are not good enough. You should also make sure that there are no holes through which the water can pass and that you do not keep items in or near water before, during, and after the move.

Be as efficient as possible

You need to be fast when you are moving during rainfall. Not only do you need good international movers, but you also need to be something of a professional yourself, at least in spirit.

An umbrella
You want to be done as quickly as possible

There is a number of things you can do in order to be as quick as possible for the moving day. Here are some of the most important ones.

  • Planning on time – Weather is predictable. You should know that you are moving during heavy rainfall at least 3 to 4 days before the relocation. Therefore, make preparation. Get waterproof packing material, ask for help, prepare clothes etc.
  • Having good movers – Having good movers is a must. Movers that take care of safety first, and are efficient, are very much necessary.
  • All the help you can get – Ask for friends! Many hands make work easy!

Safe relocation

Don’t forget to state safe with your household movers. Driving on rain stricken roads can be dangerous, and a lot of accidents during the move actually happen during rainfall. Movers a prone to hurting up, since they almost always have moved after yours tightly scheduled. However, you should implore that everyone stays safe and drives slowly and with great care. Getting somewhere is more important than getting somewhere on time.

Unpacking must be done with care

If you have found out by listening or reading to the weather forecast that you will be moving during heavy rainfall, you would prepare for fast unpacking. The whole unloading and unpacking phase should be done quickly. Presuming that the truck has no leaks, for which you should check, your items will only be exposed to rain briefly. However, all in all, you will not, meaning that the movers and you will be wet and on your shoes, you will have mud.

carboard boxe
Quickly and efficiently

Since we presume you would rather not muddy up your new home, you should try and put all the things you are moving into the house in the first room you have. Making a human chain is also a good idea. That way you can not only put items in quickly but also separate those who are dirty and wet from those who can move around the house with ease.

Also, presuming that the items did get wet, you should unpack them with care, but with haste. You don’t want wet boxes to sit there for long. Things like electronic appliances and leather and wooden furniture, as well as documents, books, and paintings, are extremely susceptible to moisture and are prone to damage. You should be quick to get them out of their boxes to at least a temporary spot.

In summary

This has been all that we want you to know about moving during heavy rainfall. As you see, sure, it is a bit complicated. Nobody likes to be wet when doing hard work. It is messy. However, it is very much doable. You can be done with the relocation in no time as long as you plan things out a little. We no longer live in times where sages predict the weather by whispering to Gods. We can pretty much know if the rain is going to fall tomorrow. Freak occurrences are just very rare. So be sure to check the weather forecast before the move. Best of luck!

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