Moving from Bellaire to a big city

Sometimes moving from a small city to a big one can cause many culture shocks, as well as unexpected situations. Moving from Bellaire to a big city is no different! So we decided to help you a little and let you know what you can expect. Of course, this is something that interstate movers Bellaire TX residents recommend, can help you with. As movers are well aware of the risks as well as benefits of moving.

Welcome to Bellaire

The county of Harris in TX is home to a very beautiful small city. That city is, of course, Bellaire. Home to around 18733 citizens this beautiful city offers a rural and warm feel. As well as a tight-knit community that welcomes new residents. Although there were no specific dates when people moved into this city in larger numbers, it has still seen some growth. To be more precise, a steady number of people have been moving here over long periods of time. And although that won’t show immediate effects, it will still show some in the future. There is even more to Bellaire than that. Beautiful nature around the city is just one of its appeals. When living here you will experience warm people, nice parks, entertaining bars, tasty restaurants, and so much more! But still, some people decide to contact the best cross country movers Texas has to offer. And with their help moving from Bellaire to a big city becomes easy!

A small city street with people waling on it
Small cities have their own unique charm and a close bond between residents.

Look into the living costs

There are some things we need to take into account before the move. One of the most important ones is living costs. Many people living in small cities like Bellaire, will look at big cities and only see the jobs, and paychecks they offer. But what they fail to see is that there are also different living costs to go with those things. Living costs represent the amount of money you will need in order to afford the basic things people need in order to live in a certain place. Of course, this changes depending on the area you live in. So when you decide that moving is something you are interested in, you need to compare the living costs of your current and desired locations.

People living in Bellaire are used to costs of living that are 10% lower than the national average, as well as housing prices that are 16% lower. In order to live here a single person must earn approximately $51.478 before and $40.513 after taxes. And living costs here are mostly affected by the step housing prices. The usual home price here is around 943k, making it quite expensive to own a home. On the other hand, the average monthly rent is $1,152 making it a lot cheaper. This is quite the opposite of some big cities, for example, NYC where the average monthly rent is $2,500 and higher! Moving from state to state is not easy without checking all the details beforehand.

A woman holding money
Living expenses is something we need to afford after moving in order to have basic living requirements met.

The local transportation

One of the biggest differences you will notice after moving from Bellaire to a big city is transportation. In a small city like Bellarie, there is no big problem with transportation. As everything is close, and there are not too many residents. Here people walk or drive their own cars as the primary method of transportation. But after moving into a big city you will notice that things are not as easy! Some big cities are a nightmare for vehicle owners. You see in places such as LA, NYC, Chicago, and so on the number of residents is astonishing! So you can imagine what it looks like when all of them wake up and start going to work! In places like this traffic jams are quite long and frequent.

But as an answer to that, big cities have invested a lot of money and time into transportation systems. And that has made it a lot easier for people to go around the city avoiding long traffic jams. Even Houston long distance movers have found themselves trapped in long lines of cars waiting to move. So a good idea is to look into the local transport and learn about the options you will have at your disposal. It is also recommended that you find a home located near the stations, or stops in order to make commuting, going to work or school, and so on, a lot easier. And selling your car might also be a good idea!

A train ariving to its destination
Knowing about transportation options is something that will help you greatly.

Local people

Looking into what people living there say and think about the city is a big plus before moving. This way you will see what residents recommend and how they live. Sometimes looking at a new city we fail to realize the bad sides and only see the pros. But every place has to have cons, as the perfect city doesn’t exist. And the best way to do this is to find local influences on social media. They will be full of recommendations and comments, about the city, places worth seeing, everyday life, and so on. At the same time, you can look for normal people as well by using blogs and forums to ask them questions and request some advice. Of course, you should also take their thoughts and opinions with a grain of salt, as all of us have different needs and experiences. But even if you don’t do this before the move, you can always meet new people when you arrive there.

Living with someone is always an option

We already mentioned that some big cities can be quite expensive to live in. So it is not uncommon for people to decide living alone is not affordable. There are many cases where Houston out of state movers help different people move into the same home. People living in big cities are quite used to having roommates! And sometimes this is advised as the best way to go! Especially for young adults that are just starting off their college or work life. This way you can split the bills and afford to live in better accommodation or in better locations. For example, in NYC the price of one appearance them month can go over $3000 easily, with some being double that or even more depending on the location. So having someone to share your burden makes it a lot easier. In smaller cities like Bellaire having a roommate is not common and not needed as the rent is affordable.

After moving from Bellaire to a big city it is a lot easier to live with roommates
Living with roommates will lower your monthly expenses significantly, after moving from Bellaire to a big city

Make a saving strategy

Moving from Bellaire to a bigger city carries a lot of risks, for people that are unprepared. One of the biggest risks is money! Nothing is guaranteed in life, and that also means you can’t place all of your trust in the job that was promised. Sometimes unexpected things happen, and people that are not prepared are bound to suffer. So, making a savings strategy will be a lot of help. Also, make sure you already have enough money before moving! It is best to have at least 2-3 months of living expenses prepared beforehand just so you won’t have to worry before you settle in. Also having a savings plan for the future would make sure you are ready to tackle any mishap or unexpected event that may occur.

Find new ways to spend quality time

People from smaller cities or towns have different ideas and perspectives about quality time. For example, people living in Bellair are used to lower costs of living, less traffic, easy access to the outdoors, a slower pace of life, and so on. By moving into a big city, you give up those privileges. Big cities are more expensive, have a lot of people and cars everywhere, don’t have easy access to the nature around them, and usually have a fast and loud lifestyle. So finding ways to incorporate some quality time in some other ways will be a healthy and beneficial thing.

Two roommates spending quality time
Finding ways to spend quality time in a big city is not impossible!

Keep track of time

For people that are moving from Bellaire to a big city, adjusting to the fast-paced lifestyle may be challenging at first. Bellare has a calm and slow atmosphere. Here time passes slowly and people enjoy the time they have. There is no need to rush anywhere as everything is close and there are no traffic jams and other things you need to take into consideration. On the other hand, big cities are quite different and can be tiring for people that are not ready. It will take you longer to go to work, you need to be mindful of transportation time as well as other things in order to be there on time. So make sure you are ready!

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