Moving from Dallas to Maryland

Moving from one city to another one can be quite scary. However, moving from state to state can be even scarier. If you opted on moving from Dallas to Maryland, you are making a big step! Therefore, we offer you a moving guide. Our tips will help facilitate the move from Dallas to Maryland!

Do some research before moving from Dallas to Maryland

Moving from Dallas to Maryland is a big change. Before moving from Texas to Maryland, you should compare these two places. Dallas is a beautiful city in Texas. It’s also the third most populous city in this Texas, with circa 1 300 000 residents. The city of Dallas is located in North Texas, meaning that it’s a continental city. The demography of Dallas is very diverse. The vast majority of citizens are White. The percentage of Black (25%) and Hispanic residents (circa 40 %) is also very high.

The city of Dallas
Learning about the differences between the two states can be helpful.

As for higher education, Dallas is home to 41 different colleges. Dallas connects to other cities via highways, airports, and transit systems. Dallas is also known for its humid subtropical climate. That means that summers are long and hot, and winters are mild to cold. Regarding the economy, unemployment is also low, with about 4,5 % of unemployed citizens. Also, many famous companies have their HQ in Dallas. For example:

  • 7-Eleven
  • Chuck E. Cheese’s
  • Fossil, Inc

The state of Maryland

Before hiring long distance movers Texas has to offer and moving to Maryland, you should get to know this state. Maryland is a state in the Mid-Atlantic region with circa 1 520 000 residents. The capital of Maryland is Baltimore, with circa 500 000 residents. Other bigger cities are Columbia, Germantown, and Waldorf. More than 60% of Maryland are White Americans. The largest industries are tourism, agriculture, biotechnology, and fishing.  The rate of unemployment is about 5 %, which is a bit more than in Dallas. The HQs of the National Security Agency and United States Cyber Command are in this state.

The state of Maryland has about 27 private and public colleges. Johns Hopkins University is the 9th best ranked among National Universities. Transportation in Maryland is also developed, with airports, roads, and rail systems. Regarding climate, it varies in different parts of the state. Due to Maryland being in the Mid Atlantic region, parts of this state are prone to tropical cyclones. The climate goes from a humid subtropical climate to a humid continental climate.

Research legal differences before you move from Dallas to Maryland

Hiring cross country movers Dallas is one of the priorities, but so should be law researching. For example, it is illegal for husbands to give massages to their wives in Dallas. In Maryland, this law does not exist. However, it is not allowed to swear on the highway in Maryland. Its also highly illegal to sell chicks, chickens, and ducks to a minor within a week of easter. Even if they seem funny, laws are still laws. It’s best to be informed before moving to Maryland.

A city of Baltimore, in Maryland
Moving from Dallas to Maryland requires a lot of preparation.

In conclusion, moving from Dallas to Maryland is a big step. However, it shouldn’t scare you. By looking into silly laws in Maryland, you are preparing for the move from Dallas to Maryland. Also, you are making your move less unpredictable and more comforting. Good luck and we welcome you to the state of Maryland! 





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