5 facts about living in Ohio you will love

Let’s face it- Ohio is not one of the most popular states in the USA. However, people grow to like it more often than you think. There are some facts about living in Ohio you will love and they are unexpectedly beautiful. Ohio is indeed a misunderstood state and some would even go that far and call it an underdog of a state. That is why it is an even greater pleasure when you learn to like it. Especially if you are moving from Texas, State to State movers will help you accommodate. You will soon find out that Ohio’s courteousness and politeness are not only a myth.

Let’s now list the most popular facts about living in Ohio you will love

As we mentioned, Ohio is not so popular. It does not grow as fast as Arizona and it is not as popular and tech-savvy as California. Still, the Buckeye State has its beauty and that is why a lot of people are moving from Texas to Ohio. Both have a similar rugged charm. A lot of them actually decide to spend their entire lives here. Here are some specific reasons why:

  • you can experience all four seasons
  • Lake Erie Islands
  • Low cost of living
  • the largest number of Amish people
  • sports
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One of the greatest facts about living in Ohio you will love is that everyone is super friendly!

Experiencing all four seasons is definitely one of the most amazing facts about living in Ohio you will love

Some would call you crazy for this. It is mostly due to the fact that Ohio winters can really be harsh. However, the fact that you survived makes you even more joyful in spring. Basically, due to global warming, most of the countries lost their 4 seasons, but Ohio is not one of them. In Ohio, it rains in the spring, summers are crazy hor, leaves are falling in the fall and winters are extremely cold. So, if you are tired of Texas short winters and you miss the snow, make sure to let out of state movers Austin take care of your relocation process.

Lake Erie Islands

When you think of waterfront vacation sharks and hurricanes first come to your mind, right? However, if you have always wanted a dreamy waterfront vacation, your dreams can come true if you come to check out the Lake Erie Islands. You will experience a lively nightlife scene in addition to water sports and charming wineries. Make sure to do some exploration about the place and choose it as your next vacation destination.

Low cost of living

The main reason why people move to Ohio is actually that it has the benefits of a big state at small state prices. Interstate moving companies Texas will help you get here in no time and you will be ready to settle down. Ohio is smaller than Texas, but there are more jobs and it is only slightly more expensive. Therefore, the quality of life is amazing here.  It is the 7th most populous state in the country and it ranks 9th on a livability scale, so it is kind of perfect. Housing and healthcare are awesome.

Amish people
Ohio has one of the greatest Amish communities

The largest number of Amish people

When you are thinking about what to contemplate when moving from Texas to Ohio, it had probably never occurred to you that the Amish could be your next-door neighbors.  It may surprise you that precisely Ohio, alongside Pennsylvania, has the largest Amish population compared to all the states. It is around 70,000. Their contribution to Ohio’s tapestry of cultures and the state’s economy is huge. 


Ohio has teams everywhere – the NFL, MLB, NBA, or NHL, you name it. Also, let’s not forget Lebron James. Besides great schools and quality of life, the main reasons why people move to Ohio and the entire Midwest are thanks to great sports scholarships.

Ohio cities are on all top lists of the best U.S. cities to live in. Actually, one of the greatest facts about living in Ohio you will love is that almost every city is on some list of the best city for some category. For example, Columbus is very popular with millennials and students. Forbes is favoriting Cleveland, and many more.

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