Moving from Schertz TX to Boston

It is never easy to decide to move. Leaving the comfort zone is not something that people love doing – uprooting their whole life and just leaving. Moving is exactly this, leaving everything you know behind ad starting fresh in a new place. Even moving down the street will cause a shock, now imagine a long-distance relocation. You might find yourself in another city, or a whole different state with different people to meet and places to see. But luckily, reputable state to state moving companies cover most states of the USA, so they can take you to where you need to go. But before you dive into the process that moving, make sure that you know what to expect. Moving from Schertz TX to Boston is a big deal, so prepare for it accordingly!

Our guide will give you everything you need to know about moving from Schertz TX to Boston

If you are looking for a guide that will cover the most important parts of moving from Shertz TX to Boston – you are in the right place! We know just how difficult moving can be, so we are here to help you. You won’t be able to get the reel feel of Boston until you get there, but you will get a general idea about it. This has many benefits, like diminishing anxiety and making it easier to settle in once our interstate movers Schertz TX leave. We will cover the major facts about Boston, and some of the biggest differences that you can expect after this move. To make settling in easier, we also included some tips to help you with that.

Picture of a couple moving from Schertz TX to Boston
Settling in will be easier if you know what to expect

First, what are some differences between Texas and Massachusetts?

Texas and Massachusetts are two states in the USA that are quite far apart, but many people still decide to move from one to the other. Distance is rarely an obstacle nowadays, so what are some things you should keep in mind before embarking on this journey?

  1. Housing costs are higher in Massachusetts than in Texas – housing costs make up 30% of the monthly budget, so it is a big consideration. Finding affordable housing options is a must nowadays, so you have to consider it before moving. Remember that housing costs can vary greatly between places in the same state, but these are some general statistics to remember. The state that you are leaving is on the more affordable side, with a home value of around $290,000. Bigger cities like Austin will be more expensive, but smaller, less populated places like El Paso will be more affordable. The same goes for Massachusetts, but here you are looking at the median home value of $545,000. You can certainly find cheaper properties, but this median value shows that Bay State is less affordable than what you are used to.
  2. You will be moving from a red to a blue state – if you are someone who has strong political opinions, brace for changes when our interstate movers in San Antonio drop you off. Texans have valued the same values for generations, and they are quite conservative. Massachusetts on the other hand is home to many liberals. There will be differences in values, morals, and cultures, alongside politics – but nothing extreme.
  3. Massachusetts is safer than Texas – safety is a major concern all the time, and moving is one of those times. Then you will be relieved to hear that Massachusetts has a lower crime rate than the Lone Star State. Texas ranked as the 17th most violent state, while Massachusetts is the 26th.

General information about Boston

Boston is the biggest city and the capital of Massachusetts. With a population of 670,000, it is also the most populous city in the state. This is largely thanks to the positive population trend that it has, growing at 0.84% annually a 2.58% increase since the last census. With a population density of close to 14,000 people per square mile, it is easy to guess that it offers an urban feel. Boston is located in Suffolk Count. If you are planning on moving from Texas to Boston, you will be part of the best city in the area, and the 6th best city in the USA for your professionals. Whatever place you plan on leaving in Texas, you will have to pass 2,000 miles on average, so it might as well be a well-informed choice.

Moving from Schertz TX to Boston brings many good sides

Boston has a positive population trend, which means that more and more people have decided to make it their home. This happens because of the good sides that people see in Boston, and let us tell you, the list is long. Even though long-distance moves might be charged more, in this case, it will be well worth it. Below we will discuss some of the biggest benefits of living in Beantown.

Picture of open cardboard boxes
The benefits of moving to Boston are numerous

Boston has a great location

Moving to a certain place is not only about the place itself but also about its connections to surrounding cities. Boston is an entertainment hub on its own, but its location makes the fun even more accessible. Even though you might have just arrived in town with the help of one of the best cross-country movers Texas, you will get bored of it at some point. Luckily, popular days trip spots like Salem and Cape Cod are just a short drive away. You will also have easy access to Philadelphia and NYC, which are 4 hours away.

Educational opportunities are unmatched in Boston

Even though people know Boston best for the higher education options, the public school system is also great. You don’t have to have college kids to enjoy moving from Schertz TX to Boston to the fullest. Boston Latin School and Newton North High School are two of the best public schools in the area, which enroll around 4,500 students. They both have a great teacher-to-student ratio, where students have good math and reading proficiencies.

Boston has 3 very pleasant seasons

Winter in Boston might be harsh, but the other three seasons are worth it – worth even having to get to know all the interstate moving rules and regulations. You will have to endure 3-4 months of cold, to get some of the best weather in the USA. We don’t have to say a lot about spring and fall – the seasons and mild and enjoyable just about anywhere. Summer is when things get hot, but not in Boston. Temperatures rarely go as high as 90 degrees Fahrenheit, making summer the most tolerable in Boston.

Picture of purple flowers
Spring is the most beautiful season in Boston

Green places are all around the city

Not many people enjoy living in concrete jungles, and Boston has every predisposition to be one. But luckily, Beantown went the other way and used a lot of its area for making green public spaces them. And everyone is thankful for that! They will for sure help you settle after moving from Texas to another state! Boston has 217 city parks, of which Boston Common is without a doubt the most famous and visited one.

Living in Boston also comes with bad sides

Nothing in this life is perfect, and Boston is no exception. But even though there are bad sides, the pros are worth enduring the bad sides for. There are some cons that you should know about, but they likely won’t impact your decision about moving from Schertz TX to Boston.

Cold winters

As we state before, winters are not a breeze here. Freezing temperatures, ice, and snow are expected until April, but the amount and duration heavily depend on the year. But if you are someone who truly dislikes winter or moving out of state during winter this might be a deal breaker.

Picture of a woman looking throught the window of a bus
Cold winters are a big downside of Boston

Traffic and parking will cause headaches

Cities designed on a grid are easy to navigate, but Boston is not one of those cities. All the stories that you have heard about the nightmare traffic are true, and parking is no better. Streets run both ways and roundabouts are very common. Boston has been ranked one of the worst cities in the USA for traffic, where people lose 150 hours per year in traffic. Parking is as bad as it gets in big cities, where it can be difficult or even impossible to find parking in busy areas. Even if you find one, you will pay a premium price for it – for that reason locals usually buy a monthly parking ticket.

Renting can be difficult

Big cities have always been popular among renters, and Boston is no different. 65% of its population rents their homes, so it is quite obvious that Boston is a renter-friendly city. You would think that, but it is quite the opposite – renting in Boston is a nightmare. Apart from the high rent prices, at $1,800 on average, Boston is also overcrowded with students. They occupy the majority of vacant renting properties, also encouraging tenants to try to take advantage of young, unskilled people. So, if you plan on moving from Schertz TX to Boston and living in a rented apartment, make sure to start your apartment search on time. It would be a bummer to organize a move cross country in the USA only to find disappointment in the end.

What is the easiest way to settle after moving from Schertz TX to Boston?

Living in Schertz offers a suburban feeling since this is a suburb of San Antonio. It is home to only 41,000 people, way less compared to Boston. It is also more spacious, and more family oriented than Boston. You have to agree, this move will be quite the change. The moving shock will be present from day one, but you can greatly impact the amount of time that it will last for. To shorten this period, you need to:

  • Get to know the city
  • Be open to people and make new friends
Picture of a woman who is in shock
Moving between these two places will be quite the change

Get to know Boston

Boston is the entertainment hub in Massachusetts, and it is the best place to explore. The situation that you will be in after moving is a one-time opportunity – you will be in a completely new city where you don’t know anything. That excitement and uncertainty is what fascinates some, and scares others. Whatever category you fall into, take the opportunity to explore. Boston is full of entertainment options, there will be something for everyone. The Freedom Trail is a great place for any history enthusiast. This historic trail passes through 16 important locations that teach people about Boston’s early years. For those looking for more action, the Samuel Adams Brewery will be a hit. Here you can both learn about the brewing process and taste limited-release beers paired with cheese. It is a great location to visit on an afternoon when you don’t have much energy for walking.

Make new friends

When you have just finished moving, your social battery will likely be empty. Sleepless nights will take a toll on anyone, and you will just want to be left alone. But even though Boston is a big town, you will likely get neighbors visiting you and offering you a warm welcome. It will be tempting to now answer the door, but do it anyway – those packed boxes won’t go anywhere. Exchanging pleasantries and getting to know a little about each other is a great start. First impressions are important, and they lead to beautiful new friendships. Your neighborhood is a great place to start, as they will be close, and hopefully around the same age as you.

Picture of friends
When moving from Schertz TX to Boston, be open to making new friends

Final thoughts on moving from Schertz TX to Boston

Moving from Schertz TX to Boston will be full of excitement and change, but it also will be difficult. Crossing such a long distance will be no breeze, but it will be worth it. The City of Boston has all anyone could ask for, and even though it has cons, they are minor compared to the good sides that it offers. Therefore, we wish you good luck and an easy, stress-free relocation!



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