Moving out of New York City: where do people go?

If you are a resident of NYC and are looking for a great place to relocate to, you might want to know what the most popular destinations are. Moving out of New York City usually involves a place that has a warmer climate. Thus, Florida, Hawaii, and Santa Monica are the places that draw most of the NYC people away. Aside from choosing your favourite destination, you are going to need to go through a relocation process. And for that, you are going to want a partner that has ample experience in relocations that involve these places, such as State to State Move. We have performed numerous moves to all of these amazing places and know the most efficient way to handle them. But we will get to that. Let’s see what the most popular destinations are.

Where do people go when they are moving out of New York City?

Here are the top 5 places that New Yorkers choose for their new homes:

  • Florida
  • Vermont
  • Virginia
  • Hawaii
  • Santa Monica

As you can see, every single one of these spots features a warm climate. The only difference is how hot you want it to be. Santa Monica, for example, features over 300 days of sunshine during the year and boasts a coastal Mediterranean climate. On the other hand, both Virginia and Vermont provide their residents with all four seasons while still being on the warmer side. As for Hawaii and Florida, there is no need to explain that both feature a tropical climate.

If you are moving to Florida, you will want to hire specialized movers for the city you want to relocate to. For example, if you are moving to Tampa, you will want to have Tampa long distance movers by your side. You can apply this piece of advice to any of the places mentioned. It will provide you with a much smoother moving experience since the movers are familiar with the location.

New York City, at night
New York City is great, but it does become cold at times.

Virginia and Vermont offer all the seasons and much more

If a continental climate is what you are looking for, these two states are a great choice since they have similar climates. Vermont might be a little bit warmer on average, but it is not a big difference. Virginia also has a very low crime rate, friendly people, and an excellent job market. All these factors are great for anyone considering relocating out of New York City, especially the low crime rate.

Big cities tend to have more criminal activities on the streets, but Virginia is safe no matter where you look. On the other hand, Vermont is a state with a simple and traditional lifestyle and exceptional health and vitality for its residents. This is everything opposite of the NYC lifestyle, where everything is about making money and being materialistically rich. If you want to change the pace of life, moving to one of these places is a good idea.

Hawaii, Florida, and Santa Monica

The one thing that is similar to all these places is the great weather that many people long for. Living in NYC has likely gotten you used to the cold, but no more if you hire long distance movers Florida and relocate your business to one of these warmer places. Apart from the sunshine weather all year long, you can expect a more relaxed lifestyle, beaches wherever you go, and many vacant job positions in the hospitality and tourism industry. Florida, for example, has no state income tax, while Hawaii has a grated individual income tax. Santa Monica, on the other hand, as a place in California, has a state income tax that you are required to pay if you are a resident here.

When talking about the cost of living, almost every place is more affordable to live in than NYC. It is amongst one of the most expensive cities in the world, and that is why people are leaving big cities massively. And all this does a favour to the smaller cities and towns that have seen a huge increase in their population in the past few years.

a beach during a nice, sunny day
When moving out of New York City, you should look for places with beaches and warmer weather.

Moving out of New York City – prepare for the relocation!

Alright, after choosing where you want to move to, it is time to prepare for the moving process. Here is what you will want to do:

  • Hire a professional moving company
  • Acquire moving boxes and packing supplies
  • Declutter and pack seasonal items early
  • Prepare your kids for the relocation when relocating out of New York City
  • Pack an essentials box for every family member
  • Say goodbye to your friends and family

Hire a professional moving company

The first order of business is to find someone that can conduct your relocation from the beginning to the end. It is always ideal to select a moving company with experience in both places. If you are moving from Long Island, for example, your best bet is to hire long distance movers Long Island, simple as that. Start by obtaining a free moving quote, which you can do online. Feel free to contact your movers and ask them about what your move might entail, as well. The more you know, the easier it is going to be. Don’t leave the questions for later. Ask them as soon as you think about them. Otherwise, you will forget.

Acquire moving boxes and packing supplies

While you can have your movers bring in all the necessary supplies, obtaining some of them might be cheaper. You can get free moving boxes from various sources, including your household movers. But the cheapest option at your disposal is to visit your local stores and simply ask for a few boxes. Most of the time, the stores will have a couple of them to send your way, and if you visit several, you will have all the boxes you need. Of course, this is only about regular cardboard boxes. But keep in mind that boxes are sometimes damaged, and those cannot serve a purpose. Grocery stores tend to have more damaged boxes due to humidity damage, while hardware stores often have boxes that are as good as new. If you need specialized containers, you will either need to visit a specialized store or purchase them from your movers.

As for the assorted packing materials, you can try your hand at internet marketplaces. Or you can take the easy way out and go to a store that sells them. It all depends on how many of them you require. Also, keep in mind that buying packing supplies in bulk can turn out more expensive than expected.

moving boxes and packing materials
Your relocation will require plenty of moving boxes and assorted packing materials.

Declutter and pack seasonal items early

If you want to make your relocation easier, you must start packing well ahead of time. Start with items you know you will not be using anytime soon, such as seasonal items. This includes seasonal clothes, festive decorations, and other things. You also might want to go through a decluttering process, purging all the items you will not use anymore. You can sell, donate, or throw them away at your convenience. By doing so well before the moving date, you will both make your move cheaper and have fewer things to pack.

Prepare your kids for the relocation when moving out of New York City

Your kids might have some reservations about your relocation. After all, you are uprooting them and taking them to an unfamiliar place. You need to be both patient and firm when speaking to your children. Let them know that the move is happening no matter what they think about it, but at the same time, try to allay their fears and suspicions. Try to always stay calm, never lose your temper, and you will do just fine. It can be very challenging to do this, but you will succeed with patience.

Pack an essentials box for every family member

Since travelling to most of these popular destinations can be long, you will want to ensure that each family member has an “essentials box” prepared and packed. The box’s contents should allow you to comfortably live without the rest of your belongings for a few days. This means you need to pack all the things you absolutely can’t live without. However, try to limit the contents to the necessities such as toiletries, an entertainment device or two, and a change of clothes. Overpacking the essentials box for every family member will result in many unnecessary items.

woman carrying a moving box before moving out of New York City
Every family member needs to have a box that will make them smile.

Say goodbye to your friends and family

To finish things off, you will want to say goodbye to everyone who made a living in NYC more bearable. You can organize a big farewell event, or you can keep it simple and say goodbye to everyone in person. While you can use the phone for the same purpose, it is just not it. Your friends and family members deserve to see you one last time before you relocate. While moving out of New York City doesn’t have to be permanent, it might be a long time until you see your closest people again.

Have an enjoyable relocation!

When considering moving out of New York City, you will have many places to consider as your new home. Whatever place you decide on, ensure you have a smooth relocation experience, and contact us today. Your new life in the new place you pick might be the most important, but that doesn’t diminish the importance of having an enjoyable move.


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