Moving to Raleigh with a pet: what to expect

Moving with a pet requires you to make special preparations. But in order to do so, you first need to know what moving to Raleigh with a pet will entail. You are going to need as much assistance as you can get when moving from state to state so you will need to find a decent moving company for your relocation. Other than that, you will need some additional help on a moving day, as well as to set up a nice place for your pet in your new home. Then there is the trouble of maintaining a regular routine, and so on. This article is going to provide you with some guidelines for the whole process.

How to prepare when moving to Raleigh with a pet?

Here’s a list of things to do if you want your relocation with your pet to be easier:

  • Find someone to take care of your pet on moving day
  • Set up a cozy place for your pet at your new home
  • Moving to Raleigh with a pet – Keep up with the routine
  • Help your pet to adjust to the new place and environment
  • Arrange pet transportation when moving to Raleigh with a pet
  • Find a new vet well in advance
Ask some of your friends to take care of your pet on a moving day.

Find someone to take care of your pet on moving day

When the moving day comes, there will be a lot of shuffling items left and right. This may cause anxiety in your pet so it is always better to not have him in that situation in the first place. You will be needed to oversee the work in progress so having someone to take care of your pet will be needed. Try to ask someone that your pet knows and likes and have them in a safe space, away from all the fuss. It will be safer for both you and your long distance movers Raleigh NC. After everything is over, you and your pet can begin the journey to your new home. And speaking of the new home, you might want to:

Set up a cozy place for your pet at your new home

If anyhow possible, it is advisable to travel to your new home with your pet, prior to the relocation. This will allow him to at least be a bit familiar with the new surroundings. You can also create a dedicated space for your little friend at that time. This will make it a lot easier on it when you arrive for good, later on. Going through a household move can be quite stressful for people and animals alike, after all. Everything that you can do to ease that anxiety is more than welcome. Having a known spot for your pet will go a long way towards fulfilling that goal.

Moving to Raleigh with a pet – Keep up with the routine

Pets are creatures of habit. Everything that changes their routine may seem frightening to them. Therefore, it is advisable to stick to your regular routine as much as you’re able. At least try to observe the times of the day when you do specific things. For example, if you normally take your pet for walks in the afternoon, try to do so even if you are driving. Simply stop at the nearby resting area and take your pet for a short walk. This will do wonders for its mental health and stability. Try to maintain regular feeding times, as well, if you can. There will be things that are out of your control and that is fine. As long as you do everything in your power to maintain the regularity, you are doing alright with your pet.

If possible, keep up with the routine as much as you can.

Help your pet to adjust to the new place and environment

Similar to people, pets need time to adjust to new environments. To some of them, it will come as naturally as breathing. However, if your pet is even the slightest bit anxious, you will need to provide some adjusting assistance. Shower them with more attention, use calming tones, and simply behave like everything is natural. They will pick up from that and everything is going to be easier. If you want to have more time to devote to your friend, you may consider hiring full-packing services from your movers. This will allow you to spend the time you would otherwise spend on packing and unpacking with your animal companion. It will also leave you in a much more energetic state, which your pet will surely appreciate.

Arrange pet transportation when moving to Raleigh with a pet

Some pets you simply can’t take in the car with you. In those cases, you will need to arrange for suitable transportation. There are many companies that specialize in just the thing and all you need to do is find the one that will take the best care of your friend. You may need to do some research but your pet deserves that, and more. Make sure that you are going with an experienced company, and that you properly prepare your pet for travel. Furthermore, make sure that you are mentally prepared for traveling without your pet beside you. You may even want to consult your physician before you relocate, as separation anxiety might kick in. If it does, you want to be able to handle it, one way or another.

Travel with your pet! If that is not an option, find professionals to safely transport your lovely pet.

Find a new vet well in advance

And speaking of doctors, you will want to find a new one for your pet well before you arrive at your new home. You can conduct the search online and contact several veterinarians in order to find the right match. You always want to go with a vet that is specialized for your type of pets, as they will know the most about them. If you take your time to search for one before you leave your old home, you will be prepared for anything that might happen once you arrive. It is always a smart thing to cover all your bases, after all. The health of you and your pet is what matters most, after all.

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