The appeal of moving to Houston, Texas

Not only is Houston the largest city in the state of Texas, but it is also the most popular. And, on top of that, it is the largest city in the entire country. It is famous for a compact and versatile downtown area, offering many museums, restaurants, and attractions. If you’re thinking about moving to Houston, Texas, you’ll want to be informed about its appeal in advance. So, before you hire interstate movers Houston, take some time to go through this helpful guide. With it, you will learn about the best neighborhoods in the city, as well as other useful information. Houston is one of the fastest-growing cities in the entire country. Being a progressive city as well, it attracts a lot of young people. The average age of Houston residents is around 33. Despite its rapid growth, the city is still among the affordable ones.

Flags of the United States and Texas
Houston is among the largest cities in both Texas and the entire USA.

Compared to other big cities in the country, the cost of living is very reasonable. Houses in Houston are, for example, much more affordable than ones in Austin. After moving to Houston, Texas you can expect a very warm welcome, as the citizens are known to be very friendly and helpful. If you need directions or recommendations, feel free to ask anyone. Stop a stranger on the street and they’ll be more than happy to help you out. Once you become an active member of your new neighborhood, you’ll see how easy it is to make new lifelong friends in Houston.

Prepare for the Houston heat

If you’re thinking of moving to Houston, you better prepare for hot weather. The city goes through long and hot summers, often humid. On average, the temperature is around 90F from June to August. So before hiring moving companies cross country, make sure you have an air conditioner prepared for the move. Even though the summers are harsh, you are later rewarded by a very mild winter. From September to November, the temperature idles somewhere around 70F, while in December it goes down to 60. Even though the winters are mild, that isn’t always the case. Since 1881, the city has experienced snowfall for a record 94 times. On occasion, you may experience some rather extreme weather. During May and June, the city experiences ample rainfall. Because of how close it is to the Gulf of Mexico, Houston is also prone to hurricanes on occasion.

Before moving to Houston, Texas explore the neighborhoods

Regardless of your moving budget, you’ll surely find a beautiful home in Houston. Before you start searching for your dream neighborhood, it’s good to get familiar with a few of them. There are plenty of nice areas within the Inner Loop. For reference, the Inner Loop is the central part of the city encircled by the Interstate 610 highway.

a green park in houston texas
There is plenty of greenery to enjoy and relax in
  • West University Place. Also known as the “Big W” by the residents, it is one of the best neighborhoods for family life in Houston. Close to Rice University and only 15 minutes away from downtown, it is popular with middle and upper-class families. Here, you will see plenty of stately homes with well-trimmed lawns. And although the homes in this area can be fairly expensive, you can still find a good bargain on an original 20th century home that needs remodeling.
  • Garden Oaks and Oak Forest. If you want a neighborhood with a suburban feel, without having to move to the edge of the city, this is where you want to settle after the move to Houston. Garden Oaks boasts ranch-style homes and bungalows on large lots of land. Oak Forest offers a similar housing selection, albeit on smaller lots. These neighborhoods were initially suburbs of the city of Houston. Since that point, the city has expanded, and these two neighborhoods are now considered to be among the trendiest in the area.
  • The Woodlands. This is the perfect destination if you want to escape the Inner Loop and live in the actual suburbs. Built in a wooded area, as the name suggests, The Woodlands looks and acts like a city of its own. The community is well equipped and modern, while still keeping its rural charm.

The is always something to do and see in the city

There is so much more to Houston than just lavish green parks. For example, there is the Houston Zoo, which is also one of the most popular zoos in the entire country. Home to over 6000 animals stemming from 900 different species, it surely is a sight to behold for animal lovers. African Forest is surely one of the most popular exhibits. Here, you can see zebras, giraffes, rhinos, chimps, and gorillas, among other things. After this, you can go over to the McNair Asian Elephant Habitat and get a good look at the Elephants from an unobstructed boardwalk. If you like sports events and cheering, you won’t be disappointed. Houston has a team for pretty much every major sport except hockey.

aerial view of the houston toyota center
Houston is a heaven for sports lovers of all kinds

If you like baseball, head on down to the Minute Maid Park and see the Houston Astros. Basketball fans have the Toyota Center, home of the Houston Rockets, as their place of worship. If you enjoy more intense sports such as rugby, you can see The Sabercats compete in Major League Rugby at the Aviva Stadium. Regardless if you want to learn something new, or enjoy beautiful surroundings, moving to Houston, Texas is a wise choice. Not to mention that it is very easy to see the appeal of this popular and rapidly growing city. With its vibrant colors, diverse areas, and many attractions, Houston can easily make anyone fall in love with it.

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