The challenges of moving your piano cross country

There are many different kinds of relocations. One can, for example, move houses, move offices, or relocate something to storage. There are a lot of options. From comprehensive long-distance relocations to everyday local relocations. All of them, of course, different in complexity. But what are you to do when you have something that is not so easily moved? Who to turn to and what to do when you have to be moving your piano cross country? Here is how to deal with these challenges.

What are your options?

Generally, there are two options you can do. Either you can turn towards moving companies cross country that will figure out how to relocate your piano, or you can try and do it by yourself. We strongly recommend you pick the first option. Moving DIY style is one thing, but relocating a complex, heavy instrument such as a piano by yourself is a serious undertaking you should not try alone.

Why professionals should be moving your piano cross country

The reason why you should turn to intrastate and interstate moving companies NYC for the relocation of your piano is simply that they are the only ones that have the necessary knowledge and capability to see them move to its end.

moving your piano cross country - piano keys
Why should you trust professionals with your piano?

Moving such heavy and valuable items require a lot of tools and technical know-how.

What kind of piano are you moving?

Piano types are pretty important when it comes to relocating these instruments. So, be sure you identify what kind of a piano you are moving before you contact your relocator.

piano keys
What kind of piano are you moving matter!
  • Grand – If you are moving your piano cross country grand pianos are the hardest ones since they lay the soundboard horizontally.
  • Upright/studio – Most common house option is an upright piano, which takes little space.
  • Spinet – These are even smaller, being compressed, and are somewhat rarer.
  • Digital – These are often slim and are easier to move due to less moving part. However, they require a lot of maintenance.

Calculating the cost of the move

Additional services, such as piano moving for cross country movers Austin, will always cost extra. Pianos are, evidently, quite complicated to move without a scratch and you will have to spend a lot of money on a professional relocation. To get a general idea of how much, first you should know that an average cross-country move can be around $4000, mainly due to the volume of items being relocated. If you are moving only your piano, it would stand to reason that the price is lower. However, it is also the case that piano moving is a special, additional service and it will cost more due to that fact. Therefore when relocating your piano cross country you will have to call up and check with your moving company as to what kind of a price you can expect.

In summary

Hopefully, you have learned all the info you need from our brief guide on moving your piano cross country. Just remember to start planning early and read the reviews of the companies you plan on hiring!

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