Top US states for pet owners

Owning a pet comes with a lot of responsibilities. And moving with one is even harder than you think. That’s why it’s a good idea to have as much information as possible before you pick your destination. And knowing all the top US states for pet owners is a great start. With that in mind, make sure to call State to State Move, as we can offer you relocation assistance that can make the biggest of challenges look easy. Let’s take a look at some US states that stand out.

In Indiana, both your pets and you will feel great

If you think about pet-friendly states in the US, you can’t overlook Indiana. In its population, there are more than 50% of pet owners, which is a pretty high number. Overall, it has many pet-friendly apartments and places to live. There are also a lot of veterinary clinics operating in the state. So be it that you’re in a small area or a big city in the state, you have a lot of places to keep your pets friendly. On top of that, there are many laws that are all about the protection of your pets. There’s not much that you can request from a state. Overall, Indiana is a great state for your pets, and we’re sure you, too, will find your happiness here. 

A dog owner havign fun with her dog in one of the top US states for pet owners
Top US states for pet owners will include Indiana for many reasons

Tennessee is a state that will offer you and your pets a healthy environment

With a big population of pets, Tennessee is one of the top US states for pet owners. However, there are many other benefits to profit from if you live in the state. Above all, a huge percentage of places for rent will accept cats and dogs and won’t make a big problem out of it. That’s why moving from Texas to Tennessee is an excellent idea if you have a pet. You will have a more challenging job finding places that don’t allow pets than vice versa. With more than 65% of pet owners in the state, you can be sure that Tennessee will have everything necessary for both you and your pet to enjoy.

North Carolina is among the top US states for pet owners for a reason

North Carolina is one of the states with the highest pet-friendly housing options. With almost 60% of renting places being pet-friendly, it tops the list of states with great housing options for people with pets. However, one of the benefits of moving from Texas to North Carolina will be that there will be some great outdoor areas and parks that you will be able to check out with your dog. Or houses with a lot of space indoors and outdoors if you’re a cat owner. Overall, you will enjoy a lot of benefits by deciding to move to North Carolina.

Washington DC will have a lot of fellow pet owners that you can connect with

The capital is much more than a place of people. It’s also an amazing area for pets and animals overall. There you will get all that is necessary to keep your pets safe and sound. From the beautiful areas to a lot of clinics specializing in pets, you will have it all in Washington DC. That’s why more and more people are considering moving from Texas to DC, as it will be a good choice for them and their pets. With a big population of pets and pet owners, you and your pet will easily fit in.

A cat on a couch
Washington DC is better for pet owners than many imagine

Arizona stands out from other states as it is a perfect environment for both you and your pets

There’s nothing better than knowing you’re moving to a pet-friendly state. By doing so, you will avoid all the potential headaches and problems of relocating and finding a place to live with your cats, dogs, and other animals. Arizona is perfect, as almost 70% of its residents own a pet. A good portion of rental places will allow big dogs, while most will make no problems if you move with a smaller dog or a cat. There are a lot of veterinary clinics that can take care of your dog. And if you decide to get a pet after moving to Arizona, there are a lot of shelters from which you can adopt a pet.

New Jersey will be a perfect pick if you plan to move with your pets

New Jersey is a much better alternative if you plan on moving with a pet than NY, for example. That’s because it will offer you a lot of benefits even if it’s a very densely populated area. There are a lot of parks that you can enjoy with your dog, and almost all renters will allow you to have a cat inside your apartment. For that reason, you shouldn’t worry when moving from Texas to New Jersey as it’s very pet friendly. That much that we think that placing it among the top US states for pet owners is deserved.

Nevada is great for your furry friends

Even if Nevada can get pretty hot for you and your pets, it’s very pet-friendly. There are a lot of great laws that will keep your pets and animals safe. Of course, veterinary care is just some of the benefits that you will be able to experience in Nevada. A lot of rental places will make sure that you can live with your pets. Be it that you’re an owner of a large dog or have a small kitty. Of course, Nevada has a lot of places where you can go with your pets. From great parks to even bars that will allow you to take your pets with you.

A dog walking in one of the top US states for pet owners
Nevada can be the perfect place for both you and your pets

Massachusetts will quickly make you and your pet feel at home

Massachusetts is one of the states that will be very friendly when it comes to pets. Overall, there are a lot of clinics and places to keep your loved pets healthy and safe. And it will be a great place to live with your pets, as a lot of places will allow you to have your pets with you. For example, when moving from Texas to Boston, you will see that there are many open areas. But besides that, a lot of indoor spaces like bars will allow you to take your pet with you.

Vermont has a lot of parks and safe outdoor areas

As Vermont is a very beautiful state, you will have a lot of outdoor spaces to walk your dog or let your cat roam around. But what makes Vermont so special is the fact that it has a lot of benefits for pets. Among them are laws that will protect them from any kind of brutality. And the number of pet owners will make it easier to bond with your neighbors as the chances of them having pets too is pretty high. You surely won’t make a mistake by relocating to Vermont with your pets.

Besides being one of the top US states for pet owners, Florida is great for people to live in it

Florida is an amazing state for both people and animals. That’s why it needs to be among the top US states for pet owners, as it has so much to offer. The climate and the beautiful beaches are the perfect match for anyone wanting to have some fun with their dogs. And after moving from Texas to Florida, you will probably want to do that among the first things. Besides that, the housing options are very pet-friendly. And places for entertainment like bars will allow you to take your pets with you. Overall, Florida can be very welcoming for both you and your pets.

A cat hiding behind a pillow
Florida is amazing for you and your pets

Georgia will offer a plethora of benefits for you and your pets

If you want both you and your pet to feel amazing in a state, you want to put Georgia on your radar. Especially as it will have a high percentage of pet owners, around 65%, but it also has a lot of homes and apartments that will allow you to rent and live with your pets. The only con of moving from Texas to Georgia with your pets, in comparison to other states, is that its laws aren’t as strict. However, that shouldn’t be too big of a concern if you love your pets and want to take care of them. Besides that, Georgia is a top place for pets and their owners.

Oregon can be the right place for you and your pet

In Oregon, both you and your pets will be able to find a place to live in that will fit your needs. With a population of pet owners exceeding 70% of the whole state, you can be sure you will always have someone to talk with. Overall, good health and protection of animals are a guarantee in Oregon. You will have a lot of fun places you can visit and do in Oregon. However you look at it, it won’t be a waste of energy or time if you decide to relocate to Oregon with your pets.

Maryland deserves its spot among the top US states for pet owners

When you know what your and your pets’ needs are, it’s easy to pick the right place. Especially as Maryland is a state that doesn’t stand out as the best but will have everything you need for a quality lifestyle. From parks and outdoor places to many vet clinics to keep your pet happy. And with moving from Texas to Maryland, you won’t regret it. There are some great laws that protect pets and animals, so you can be sure that you’re living in a state that cares about animals.

A cat smelling a flower
Don’t forget to have fun with your pets

Pennsylvania is a state that will provide you and your pet with what is necessary

Life with pets can be so much easier if you pick the right place to live in. And Pennsylvania can be on top of that list. Especially with all the benefits that it has to offer. It has a fairly large population of pet owners, but still well below 50%. But, you can be sure that your pets will have the right healthcare as there are a lot of veterinary clinics. Overall, both you and your pet will have a fairly good lifestyle and will be able to enjoy a happy balance. Above all, in Pennsylvania, you will have a lot of space to let your pets roam around and enjoy the outdoors.

Missouri will have a lot of benefits that you and your pet can enjoy

By deciding to live in Missouri, you might not pick only a great place for yourself but also your pet. That’s because the amount of pets in the state is pretty high, so it won’t be strange to meet a neighbor by walking your dog, for example. Other benefits are the laws and pet-friendly housing. You will rarely find a place that doesn’t allow cats or dogs. You will be more than happy to know that you will have a lot of outdoor space. Having a pet that is happy and can go around is a big plus. And a state like Missouri has a lot to offer in that regard.

A dog enjoying one of the top US states for pet owners
If you want a welcoming state, you won’t make a mistake with Colorado

Colorado has a growing population of pet owners

Colorado is an overall great place to live. However, it’s also among the top US states for pet owners. Especially as the population of pet owners has been growing. On top of that, it’s a beautiful state that has a lot of outdoor places and parks. The people in the state of Colorado are very welcome and love their animals. That’s why you will absolutely love it. And on top of that, have people approach you when they see you have a cat or dog. So don’t be surprised if your number one conversation opener becomes the fact that you’re a pet owner.

Make sure that you prepare well for your move, no matter which of these top US states for pet owners you choose. That’s because every pet will take moving as a stressful event. Their whole environment changes, and with that, a lot of other important details. Make sure that wherever you move, your pet feels great. That’s the only way to ensure the relocation goes by perfectly.



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