What you need to know before moving from Texas to Florida

Florida is a popular state among tourists, people going on a vacation, and families because of Disney World. However, it has become recently quite popular among people looking to relocate. Interestingly enough, most people come from Texas. Some surveys suggest that more than 27,000 people move to Florida in only one year. Now the question is, what is so amazing about Florida that you cannot find in Texas. Before you hire state to state movers, you should learn more about Florida. For this reason, here is everything you should know before moving from Texas to Florida. You will soon realize why Florida is so popular among people in Texas.  

The cost of living in Florida 

One thing that is important to know before moving from Texas to Florida is the difference in the cost of living. When you compare living costs to the rest of the country, Florida is around 2 percent above the average. This is nothing to worry about since healthcare is slightly cheaper. However, Texas is almost 6 percent cheaper than the national average. Now, when you compare these two states, the difference is pretty noticeable. Almost everything including utilities, groceries, and transportation is more affordable in Texas. In addition to this, the difference in housing costs is also quite large. The median home price in Florida is around $240,100 while in Texas is $195,000. This is almost a $50,000 difference. If you plan to live in Florida, you should plan your budget accordingly. Moving from Texas to Florida is also not very affordable since it is a long-distance relocation. Do not be surprised at the prices in Florida once you arrive. Rather, come well prepared.  

know before moving from Texas to Florida to live in a high building
One thing you should know before moving from Texas to Florida is that the cost of living is higher in Florida.

Enjoying all the Florida’s beaches 

Texas is well-known as a dry state. Most people associate Texas with sand and desert. However, it does have around 3000 miles of beaches. Beaches in Texas are not nearly as popular as beaches in Florida. The Sunny State has around 8,000 miles of water-lined beaches. In Florida, everything is about the beach. Directly outside their doors, most people have access to some of the world’s best and most picturesque beaches. Siesta Public Beach in Sarasota, Clearwater Beach, Pensacola Beach, Delray Beach, Panama City Public Beach, and St. George Island are just a handful of Florida’s well-known and beautiful beaches. You may enjoy the beach but you can also play beach volleyball, go fishing, jogging, etc. Additionally, you can try kayaking or standup paddle boarding. This all would be possible after you move to Florida with interstate movers Dallas. It is a great way to relax after a relocation. 

Florida is one of the most diverse states in the country 

When it comes to diversity, no other state can compare to Florida. People of every age, religion, and origin live in the Sunny State. Many residents moved here because of the weather, job opportunities, and tax benefits, in addition to those who were born and raised in the state. Generally, life in Florida moves at a slower pace, particularly next to the beach. It’s also more relaxed. You will see far more people in T-shirts and flip-flops than button-up shirts and neckties. For this reason, you can hardly find a better spot to relax and live in the moment than Florida. This is why many residents of Texas want to move here with the best cross country movers Texas. Even though Texas also has beaches, this laid-back beach lifestyle is not that popular. Therefore, if you are craving a more relaxing atmosphere, then Florida is perfect for you.  

people standing in a circle
Florida is well-known for its diversity.

Benefits to know before moving from Texas to Florida 

There is a significant advantage to living where others come for vacation. Hundreds of Florida attractions and hotels offer resident-only discounts and deals throughout the year. This would include the following. 

  • Walt Disney World in Orlando – you can save 40% on a four-day ticket. 
  • The Pink Shell Beach Resort in Fort Myers – more discounts to locals. 
  • Universal Studio – it is better to visit when there are not many tourists around. 

As you can see, all the popular places have the bulk of offers during winter and fall when there are fewer tourists around. In Florida, you cannot run out of things to do. Most locals spend their time outside because of 200 days of sunlight each year. Swimming, boating, scuba diving, paddle boarding, and fishing are all popular water sports.  

Moving costs 

When you are moving to Florida, you also need to prepare your relocation budget properly. As mentioned before, moving to Florida from Texas is considered a long-distance relocation. This means that it is going to be more expensive than a local relocation. How expensive will it be? This depends on several factors. The first one would be the distance between your Texas home and your Florida home. Then, it is going to be the size of your household. Lastly, it will depend on all the services you plan to use.  The best way to prepare your budget will be to ask for a free moving quote. The average price for a studio apartment would be from $1500 to $2000. On the other hand, if you plan to move four bedrooms house, then it’s going to be from $4000 to $6000. 

people moving
You should prepare your budget well before your relocation to Florida.

Should you move to Florida? 

As you can see, this would be all the things to know before moving from Texas to Florida. It is more expensive to live in Florida. However, Florida is one of the fastest developing states in America. You can easily find a job and probably earn more money than you could in Texas. In addition to this, most people move to Florida because of the overall quality of life. Nothing can be compared to the relaxed beach lifestyle of Florida. If you want to join your fellow Texas people who moved to the sunny state, now is a perfect time. Make sure to start organizing your relocation at least two months in advance. Lastly, you should also hire a professional moving company since the distance between Texas and Florida is quite big. 



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