Where to Live in Chicago: Comparing the Best Neighborhoods

If you are thinking about where to live in Chicago, let us stop you right there. The first thing you need to think about is what are your and your family’s needs. When you have all sat down and realized what is the most important thing you are all searching for you can pick the best neighborhood for you. Doing good research about all the neighborhoods in Chicago is crucial. Once you have found the one you have been looking for, you can call and hire State to State Movers, as one of the most reliable moving companies.

Why you should live in Chicago?

Chicago has become one of the most popular places for new and young families. There are a lot of benefits when you are raising your kids here. One of them is public and private schools that can offer your kids some of the best education ever. The other great thing about Chicago is that the transportations system and public transport here are working like a swiss clock. This means that there is no being late for the meeting or being afraid that you will miss some date.

When it comes to the safety of the city, you should know that the crime rate is not at a high level and you can find it very safe to walk around in dark streets and even let your kids stay an hour longer playing outside.

With a lot of job opportunities, you might easily find a piece of heaven for yourself too. You can find a job in any field on short notice and you will be having more savings in no time. So if this has not convinced you to hire the best cross country movers Texas has, read about the neighborhoods that will leave you breathless.

group of friends smiling and thinking of where to live in Chicago
Chicago is more and more popular among younger people.

Some of the best neighborhoods if you are looking for where to live in Chicago

The big and busy city has its benefits. And those are some close-by neighborhoods. These places are close to the center of the big city but they still give you a moment of silence. Without traffic noise or crowd. So whichever neighborhood you choose to live in, hiring cross country movers Texas has is the best option.

Number one on our list is Lincoln Park

It is a perfect community for people who like to take long walks and have pets that like to walk and explore. There are some acclaimed schools such as DePaul University. You can find a lot of outdoor activities, such as visiting a zoo or spending time on some of the 5 biggest playgrounds for the kids.

However, this is the most famous and the most expensive Chicago neighborhood.

The second one is River North

It is a very urban place where you can find a lot of restaurants, bars, and some of the best nightlife located in Chicago. So if you are single and looking for new people to meet and make some new friendships with, this place is perfect for you. 

But even if you are single but do not like to spend your time in the club, you can find a lot of galleries and art museums where you can spend your evenings. That is why for people who are looking to become artists or to find job in the art section, River North is the best place for them. So if you are one of those people, do not hesitate to hire movers Houston to Chicago.

girl painting
If you are an artist and you do not know where to live in Chicago, check River North.

The next on our list of where to live in Chicago is Hyde park

Hyde Pak is located on the Southside of Chicago. This place is very rich when it comes to culture. It is best known as the home of former president Barack Obama. It is the biggest place in Chicago where you can find the most diversity. The houses are usually in Victorian style. But the other plus side about this place is that there are also many ethnic places that you can visit in your free time.

The fourth-place goes to Lakeview

This place is the most popular among young families and people who are looking to expand theirs. So if you are about to move here with your life partner or your family Lakeview might be the one for you. It is full of local boutiques, restaurants, and almost every single shop and service that you will need. You might even not go to the center of Chicago.

According to some studies, the fifth place is for Magnificent Mile and Pilsen

These two places as something in common. They are the most famous among tourists. So if you like to live in a crowded place, where you can maybe start your own business in hosting people, one of these two places can be perfect for you. Both of these two places are known as the home of the working-class. So, if you have some average earnings, you will not feel like an outsider here. The biggest difference between these two places is that the Pilsen is home to Latin people. so think twice when you choose where to live in Chicago.

girl taking a photo
In some neighborhoods in Chicago, you can find a lot of tourists.

The last one on our list of where to live in Chicago is a neighborhood called Rogers Park

Being at the end of our list does not make this place the worst. However, this neighborhood is best known for its cultural diversity. But, let us not forget to mention the beach. You can spend all of your free time on beautiful beaches and green public spaces. This is a perfect place if you have a four-legged friend who likes to be outside just like you. And if you like to try something new, there are so many various cuisines such as Mexican, Peruvian, and even Jamaican.

So, if you do not know where to live in Chicago, sit down and write your priorities and needs. You can find the perfect place if you look deep enough. We are hoping that with this list you will be closer to your decision and you will choose to start your new life in some of these beautiful Chicago neighborhoods.

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