Which qualities to look for in a storage unit in Florida

When you are preparing for the move there is a long list of things you should do, buy, rent, etc. One of the things that you might need is a storage unit. You should contact reliable Tampa long distance movers, check their offer, and choose the storage unit that suits your needs. Ok, you know where to find the storage unit but the trick is how to pick the right one. You want your items to be safe, so let’s check out which are qualities to look for in a storage unit.

Which are qualities to look for in a storage unit.

Before you start looking for a storage unit, there is one thing you should do. You should decide which items you want to store. If you are decluttering your home, it is an easy decision. Get rid of all the items you do not use anymore, that have no sentimental value, or that you just simply do not need. If they are in good condition, you can sell them, donate, give them to some friends, or just throw them away. Once you decide what to store, you can start looking for a storage facility. What is important to look at when renting a unit:

  • security – one of the most important qualities to look for in a storage unit
  • cleanliness – you don’t want to leave your items just anywhere
  • climate-controlled storage unit
  • multiple size options
  • unlimited access
  • insurance

These are the most important things when looking for a storage unit. You just need to be sure that you will leave your items at some clean, safe, and climate-controlled place.

storage units
You should choose your storage unit wisely.

Security first

This is crucial when looking for a storage unit. You don’t want to feel stressed all the time thinking that something might be stolen from your unit. So, make sure you check the security measures of the storage facility. Check the locks of your unit and the entire facility too. But, it is not only about the locks. You should also check if there is the storage facility is under 24/7 surveillance. Or if there is someone that watches over the storage units at every moment. So, it is really important to do research and choose a reliable moving company. A company that can provide you storage services you need. It means a safe and clean storage unit.

A storage unit should be clean and without pest

One of the important things, besides security, is cleanness. You don’t want the place your belongings in some dirty space, with holes in walls, etc. The last thing you want to see is a cockroach or a mouse, or to find pests in your storage unit. If the unit is not clean and well-maintained that can cause damage to your belongings. You should not absolutely rent that place. So, check everything before you make a decision. Ask your movers how often the facility is being cleaned, if they are checking regularly the units in case that something needs to be repaired, etc. If you need to come from time to time to the storage to clean it, then you should search for some other facility unit. We at State to State Movers tend to keep our units clean. We understand our customer’s needs.

Climate-controlled unit – key qualities to look for in a storage unit

Climate-controlled storage facilities have their temperature and humidity controlled to be at a consistent level. This is a must, so you can be sure that your belongings won’t get damaged. In regular storage units, your property could be subjected to constantly changing temperatures and humidity. The humidity is especially important because it determines how much moisture your things are experiencing. The temperature needs to be controlled so that there is not too much humidity and too high or too low temperature, depending on the season.

storage facility
It would be good to find a storage unit with unlimited access.

Multiple sizes

When looking for a storage unit make sure you measure your belongings so you can estimate the size of the storage unit you will be needing. Reliable long distance movers Miami residents recommend should have a wide range of storage units to offer. In that way will be a lot easier to choose a storage unit that fits your needs. By measuring your belongings you will be able to find a suitable storage unit. The unit needs to have enough space so you can store everything.

Having enough space is also important in case you need something from the storage. So you don’t need to take out everything, search through the boxes to find what you need. You should have enough place to walk in and take what you need without making a mess. Make sure you label all the boxes or plastic bins so you can find certain items quickly.

Unlimited access

It makes no sense to store your things at an object that you do not have access to. You will be needing these items at some point. So make sure you find storage facilities that allow unlimited access to storage at any time of the day or night. This can be very helpful in case you need some items urgently.

moving storage units
Measure your items so you can find the right size of the storage unit.


This is also one of the things you should think about. It is not one of the qualities of your storage unit but it is related to your movers or facility owners. If you choose a reliable moving company to provide you with the storage unit, they will also provide you with insurance. Your belongings will be insured and you will not have to worry. Do the research and find reliable movers. They will offer you a variety of services, storage units, and help you with your move.

Qualities to look for in a storage unit

These are qualities to look for in a storage unit. You should pay close attention to these things when choosing a storage unit. Think about the security of your belongings and choose wisely your movers and storage.

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