The top 10 US states for veterans

Leaving the military for the civilian world is often a challenging process. This process includes the paperwork related to checking out different departments, getting TMO situated, etc. Also, it brings a mix of emotions, and facing them requires a lot of strength and patience. However, the biggest challenge for every veteran is to decide where to live after military life. Upon retirement, this is one of the opportunities veterans get- to pick a place where they want to settle. This is a vital thing to decide since the transition to civilian life is easier in certain states than in others. As one of the finest companies that have remarkable interstate movers available for you, we will help you identify the most suitable US states for veterans. Find out where most veterans move from Texas and join one of the most ideal veteran communities. Let’s see some of your options!

Factors to consider before you start selecting US states for veterans

Getting back to the civilian world after leaving the military for many people means they will come back from where are from. Since this means they will be where their family lives, it can be a reason enough to start a new chapter in a certain place. On the other hand, many people don’t find getting back home to be appealing. Since they were absent for decades or many years, they don’t feel they have a home to go to. Nevertheless, some familiar things related to the home they left a long time ago might make veterans want to go back.

A man thinking about US states for veterans while sitting on the wooden bench.
There are many factors to consider before you choose between US states for veterans.

It doesn’t matter where are you from, before you opt for one of the best US states for veterans, you should take many factors into an account. Here are some factors you should think about when you’re about to decide where to live after military life:

  • where your family members, relatives and old friends live;
  • places with solid job markets where you can find a job quickly and start a new career;
  • costs of living including housing, food, utilities, transportation, etc;
  • opportunities for a high quality of life according to your lifestyle;
  • environment suitable for raising a family or retirement;
  • weather in the area you are about to move to;
  • education opportunities in one of the top US states for veterans;
  • opportunities to dedicate to your hobbies and things you find interesting.

The list of top US states for veterans

According to The Department of Defense reports, the country has about 2.2 million military retirees. Each one of them receives an average monthly payment of $2,361. It is crucial to know that regardless of your age military pensions begin the day you retire. Further, some of your benefits will depend on the state you live in. Well, states vary in their tax policies on military benefits. Also, states vary in access to U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs mental and physical health care facilities. To help you pick the most beneficial location for you, we will remind you of the best US states where you should move as a veteran:

  1. Florida;
  2. North Carolina;
  3. Maryland;
  4. Washington DC;
  5. Tennessee;
  6. Georgia;
  7. New Jersey;
  8. Massachusetts;
  9. Virginia;
  10. Texas.

Regardless of the state, you planning to choose for your new chapter, it is important where your home was. For instance, if you need to get back to Texas after you leave the military, you will need to decide how long will you stay in the state. Will you consider veterans’ TX employment opportunities first, or you will start considering other options? Regardles of your needs and plans, we recommend you take this life stage as a chance for a new adventure. Remember, whether you choose Texas or any other state as your future residence, you should focus on getting to know it. Veterans’ life can be very exciting and you can choose how you want to live from now on.

Reasons why you should choose Florida after military life

If sunny weather and beautiful sights are one of your top criteria, you should consider Florida as an ideal place for living. Wondering why this state is on the top of many lists of best US states for veterans? It is because Florida leads in many categories important for veterans. Since this is one of the nine states with no income taxes, you should know that military retirement income is also not subject to any taxation. For this reason, 21.3% of Florida’s population is over the age of 65. Also, Florida is among the states with the highest percentage of older adults.

Men sitting at the table playing dominoes
There are numerous veteran communities in Florida cities, so come and join one of them.

But a warm climate and no income taxes are not everything that attracts veterans to Florida. This state is home to the largest number of VA facilities per capita- even 11.2%. These facilities offer vital support services for military retirees and their families. Also, improving home values are one more reason why veterans flock to Florida. Improving home equity is what Florida is also known for. Since it is a valuable asset when planning for retirement, many will find it as one more reason to pick this state and move with our experts for moving from Texas to Florida. But what you can also expect when you decide to move to Florida as a veteran?

Florida is a paradise for veterans and their families

With beautiful beaches and walkable streets, Florida is a place to be full-time. If you are looking for new career opportunities as a veteran, there are different options for you in Florida. Further, this state is home to numerous top-rated educational institutions. In addition, you can take advantage of scholarship opportunities for dependent children and spouses of veterans who are rated at 100% P&T by the VA or died from a service-connected disability. Are you a veteran with a 100% VA rating? Then you should know that Florida honors mentioned veterans with a free driver’s license and a free set of Veteran “DV” plates.

Seniors sitting on the bench and thinking about US states for veterans
Many veteran families live in Florida. For this reason, this is one of the most popular US states for veterans.

Some of the best cities for veterans in Florida are Tampa and Orlando. For instance, the cost of living in Tampa is affordable, although it is 3.7% higher than the national average. You can expect rent for one bedroom apartment from $1,779.11 to $2,104.59 in Tampa. Tampa also has an excellent transportation system, healthcare, and an abundance of walkable streets and areas. If you opt for Orlando, you can enjoy an even slightly more affordable living cost than in Tampa. If you want to rent a one-bedroom apartment in Orlando FL, expect a cost from $1,565.33 to $1,826.63 per month. Once you pick an ideal city for you in Florida, get a free estimate and start planning your move.

North Carolina is one of the top spots for veterans in the US

When you are a veteran in North Carolina, you can expect to enjoy many benefits. From property tax exemptions and education assistance to hunting and fishing license privileges. Also, veterans in North Carolina can take an advantage of the state employment preferences. Just like in Florida, the state does not tax military retirement income. In addition, growing residential property appreciation rates in North Carolina are some of the best in the country.

A person thinking about the US states for veterans while looking at green trees beside the river in Raleigh
For all nature lovers among veterans, North Carlina is a phenomenal place to move to.

One of the best cities for veterans in this state is Raleigh. If you are thinking about hiring our experts for moving from Texas to North Carolina, you can expect to spend from $1,499.59 to $1,871.24 for monthly rent (a one-bedroom apartment in Raleigh). This state has a diverse geography, mild winters, a thriving job market, and easily accessible healthcare. According to many other criteria, NC is one of the top states in the US for veterans and their families.

Virginia is home to many veterans in the nation

This is one more state that offers an abundance of benefits to veterans and military families. From property tax exemption for disabled veterans to employment and education assistance, Virginia cares about its veteran residents. Once you decide to get help from our specialists for moving from Texas to Virginia, you can count on veterans benefits such as vehicle tags, as well as hunting and fishing license privileges.

One of the best cities for veterans in Virginia is Virginia Beach. With a population of 451,231 residents, this magnificent city is the place where you will like to live after military life. Although the cost of living in this city is about 3.3% higher than the national average, many veterans looking to settle in Virginia Beach. Currently, the median rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Virginia Beach is $1,470. In the end, Virginia offers plenty of parks and recreational benefits to its residents including veterans.

Should you opt for Washington DC or Tennessee after military retirement?

Washington DC offers special benefits for veterans and their families including property tax exemptions state employment preferences, tuition, and education assistance. Also after moving from Texas to DC with our help, as a veteran, you can count on vehicle tags and fishing and hunting privileges. Besides mentioned benefits, Washington DS is a good environment for veterans. It has a rich culture, vast greenery and nice weather, and many other things veterans appreciate.

A wooden house in Murfreesboro, TN
Murfreesboro is home to many veterans in Tennessee.

Tennessee is also veterans friendly state and offers numerous benefits. One of the best places for veterans in TN is Murfreesboro with over 6800 veterans. If you opt for moving from Texas to Tennessee, you can take an advantage of property tax relief for veterans. Also, you can use commercial driver’s license issuance, parking privileges, motor services, veteran specialty plates, etc.

Opt for Maryland or Georgia

The state of Maryland provides several veteran benefits such as military retired pay tax exemptions, employment services, etc. But when it comes to life quality, fresh air, and beautiful nature, Maryland is a highly-ranked state. It is close to the Atlantic Ocean and offers tons of outdoor activities. Maryland has a rich culture and food scene, history and museums, different housing options, and a friendly climate with all four seasons. If you decide to move to MD as a veteran, our experts for moving from Texas to Maryland will be there for you.

Concrete buildings in Savannah, Georgia
Savannah is an incredible place for veterans and retirees.

If you are thinking about Georgia as a destination after military life, you will figure out it can be the right choice. This state offers special benefits for veterans and their families including property tax exemptions. As a veteran in Georgia, you can also enjoy state employment preferences, education assistance, free driver’s licenses, and vehicle tags. In addition, Georgia has nursing home care for war veterans. When it comes to other features, Georgia offers affordable housing, great weather, an abundance of outdoor activities, booming job market. With so many reasons for moving from Texas to Georgia, you will not regret your decision to move your home to this phenomenal state.

Consider New Jersey or Massachusetts

If you are looking for special benefits for veterans, you can find them in New Jersey. This state has many cities ideal for veterans and retirees. Some of the cities you should consider before moving from Texas to New Jersey are Trenton, Camden, Atlantic City, Bridgeton, Manchester Township, etc. Most of these places have a rich history and culture to explore. Besides, New Jersey is a family-friendly state with exceptional educational institutions.

If you opt for Massachusetts, you can count on special benefits for veterans and their families. Some of these benefits include a bonus program and veteran annuities. Also, Massachusetts offers veterans employment hiring preference, property tax exemptions, education assistance, etc. Over 15000 veterans live in Boston which is one of the best places in the state for veterans. If you are about to move to Boston, rely on our experts for moving from Texas to Boston. With our help, you will become part of the Boston veteran community very soon.

Making a list of ideal US States for veterans will help you select the best place for you

The country has many places suitable for veterans, and your transition from military life could mainly depend on your state choice. So, make sure to know your needs and follow the advice this article includes to select some of the best US states for veterans. Create your customized list of benefits each state can offer to you and your family and prioritize. We believe you will make the right choice!



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