Who should you notify before moving your business?

Deciding to move your business, whether it is locally or moving from state to state, it is a really big decision. It is probably even bigger than deciding to move your home. Usually, there are at least a couple of other people that will be directly influenced by this, and that is why it is important to make sure that you have taken into consideration all the aspects, and that moving your business is the best choice. Once you do decide that, besides the usual moving tasks such as hiring a moving company, you will have to do some extra things. One of those is that you need to let certain people know you are changing the location of your company. So, who should you notify before moving your business? 

Clients and customers are the first ones to let know

Your clients and customers are the life of your business, obviously. Without them, there is no business. While you may be moving to another state or city, it is important to publicly announce that you are moving, wherever you may be moving. They need to know because they have to prepare for life after your move. Some may be depending a lot on your services, and they need to have time to adapt to a new situation. 

Customers are definitely who you should notify before moving your business?
Social networks are a great tool for sharing this news with your customers

There are several ways to do this. You should definitely have a really obvious notification system in your offices. Those could be posters, videos, flyers, etc. You should also use your mailing list if you have it. Social media is also a really impactful way to notify before moving your business by just posting and sponsoring posts on Facebook and Instagram. It should also be front and center on your website. 

Banks and insurance providers you must notify before moving your business 

Moving you are moving an office or an actual company, you must let them know. Firstly, in contracts you have signed with them, there is probably a clause stating that you must do this. Secondly, this is a logical step that anyone should take. Whether you are moving locally or you are going through a corporate move, call the banks, insurance, and similar institutions and just let them know what is happening. They will take you through the entire process and will let you know what are your obligations towards them. These things will mostly include changing the address on company checks, perhaps resigning contracts, etc. 

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You must notify governmental agencies, banks, and insurance companies

Governmental agencies are a must

This is an obvious one, but we have to mention it. You are obliged to notify the government agencies responsible for your business field. Before you even contact long distance movers Brooklyn NY and set up the moving date, you need to call them. So, wherever you had to register when you opened your business, set up meetings, or start dialing.

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