Why do people leave Houston?

There are many different reasons why some people decide to leave Houston. Some people leave Houston because they don’t like the local economy, which tends to focus on energy sectors. Others, on the other hand, don’t like the weather. Flooding due to heavy rainfalls is somewhat frequent, just like hurricanes are. And that’s not even talking about the property taxes, which are some of the highest in the entire United States. When you combine all these factors, you can get a pretty good idea of why lots of people are leaving. Even though Houston is still a great place to live, there are some drawbacks that locals are aware of and choose to live elsewhere. For example, that’s why movers Houston to Chicago are so popular. Chicago offers stuff Houston can’t match.

Houston has one of the highest property taxes in the country

Homeowners spend a higher proportion of their home’s value on property taxes than most other places in the US. That wouldn’t be much of a problem if the housing market was stable. However, with today’s prices and the housing market going crazy, lots of people decide to leave Houston and move elsewhere with the help of long distance moving companies. They think that they can find a better deal somewhere else, and still pay a lower amount of taxes. While it’s true that Texas doesn’t have a state income tax, lots of money still goes into the property tax.

Tax documents on a table
Even though it has no income tax, Houston can boast some of the highest property taxes in the country

People are simply not okay with it and are choosing moving companies to relocate to other cities because of it. And it makes sense if you think of it. There’s no point in paying some of the highest amounts in the nation when there are better options. For example, out of state movers San Antonio are getting lots of calls from Houston residents. San Antonio seems appealing to them for multiple reasons, taxes included.

Frequent flooding and hurricanes are other important reasons why people leave Houston

Other than the local economy, people also don’t enjoy the weather. In 2017, Hurricane Harvey affected an estimated 13 million people, damaged or destroyed nearly 135,000 homes, and wrecked up to a million vehicles. But hurricanes aren’t the only worry for people in Houston, TX. Frequent heavy rainfalls cause lots of flooding. Even though some people might disagree or agree on what causes such effects, it’s evident that this behavior will continue. That’s why people are moving elsewhere, especially seniors looking to retire. 

Heavy rainfall is one of the reasons why people leave Houston
Other important reasons why people leave Houston are the frequent floods and occasional hurricanes

The frequent flooding occurrences are especially noticeable in neighborhoods such as Westbury, Sunnyside, and Cottage Grove. Even though there are some precautions and measures people can take to protect themselves, it’s still a systematic problem that needs to be solved. People leave Houston because they don’t want to wait and have their property destroyed. Especially today, when you can move with interstate moving companies Houston to a place that will suit you and your needs better. Naturally, moving companies have spotted an opening in the moving market and are offering great deals to people who want to leave Houston.


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