5 facts about SC you should know before moving there

You have decided on moving from Texas to South Carolina and before you hit the road you must learn more about SC. South Carolina is an amazing state and offers so much to those who are willing to relocate and start a new life. Therefore, we will provide a few facts about SC you should know about before moving there. Let’s dive right in.

Research more about SC and prepare for the relocation

Before you start digging for facts about South Carolina you should know about, you must be ready to relocate as well. At the moment you do not know which neighborhood you’ll choose but one thing is certain; you must relocate at some point. Therefore, at least create a moving checklist and set aside a moving budget. Inspect your home, belongings, and furniture so you can know how hard it will be. Your out of state movers Houston must have this info in order to create a good relocation plan.

a woman creating a list of facts about SC you should know about
Create your moving checklist, research all the facts about SC you should know, and find movers on time.

As for a search for long distance moving companies, you will easily find them online. Just implement your search criteria and compare prices, services, and reviews. Eventually, you’ll find a match. Just make sure they have all the licenses and tools to cover your relocation safely and affordably.

The cost of living in South Carolina

In general, SC is one of the more expensive states but it is still below the national average. If you want to live in a prestigious neighborhood and own a huge family home, then you should be ready to bring you’re A-game. The median home price is around $350k but those numbers can vary significantly depending on the neighborhood. It is one of the well-known facts about SC you should know about. You can find similar homes for $200k and $400k, depending on where you want to live. As for groceries, taxes, and bills, SC is somewhere in the middle. So, if you have a steady job, you shouldn’t have any problems supporting your family and maintaining a good quality of life.

The job opportunities and other facts about SC you should know about

You will find a good job fairly easily because SC has a steady job market. The unemployment rate is only 2.5% which is well below the national average. Moreover, the top industries in South Carolina are the following:

  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Biotech
  • Aviation
  • Medicine
a woman using a laptop
You must find a decent job before moving to SC.

As you can see, there is a lot to think about. But we advise you to find a job first before you contact your out of state movers Austin and move to SC. As one of the more expensive states, it will require you to have a steady job.

One of the facts about SC you should know is that this place is diverse and rich in history

You will love the fact that SC is rich in history. You can learn a lot about colonial, Native American, and Civil War history. Not to mention all the culinary marvels you’ll find here. Just take a horse-drawn carriage ride in Charleston and visit Spoleto Festival. Or check out Greenville’s downtown as the best one in the entire US. Also, check out John’s Island, Morgan Island, Summerville, and Aiken as the places with astonishing stories and history. Start exploring as soon as you arrive.

Now you have a few facts about SC you should know about. Hopefully, we made it easier for you to make your decision and choose a place to move to. Just remember to schedule your relocation on time and have an amazing moving experience. Good luck.


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