7 reasons to move to Albany

Deciding to move is a quite hard step in a person’s life. If you are not moving for a specific purpose like a job or relationship, it can be quite hard to choose your destination. Moreover, you need to decide if you are moving locally or long-distance. However, if you want to move to a state that has everything to offer then moving to the state of Georgia can be a great option for you. In this article, you can read about seven reasons to move to Albany, Georgia. If you are still not sure where to move, maybe reading this article will help you choose your moving destination.

Albany is a wonderful city

This city with a population of around 70,000 people is a wonderful mix of city and country life. It has a rich history and so many things to offer for its new residents. Plus, it is not such a big city like the capital Atlanta. If you have kids and want a safe environment in which you will raise them, this can be the moving destination that you will call “home”. On that note, if you decide to move to Albany after reading this article, hiring a professional moving company like State to State Move will make the whole moving process much smoother.

A man standing in front of the van can tell you 7 reasons to move to Albany
Professional movers will make your move to Albany simple.

Great location is one of the reasons to move to Albany

It might be obvious but Albany has a great geographical location. You can have all the piece and quiet you need, while the capital city is just 2 hours away by car. Moreover, the cost of living is lower compared to Atlanta. Not just for housing but also everyday expenses. Plus, the cities like Atlanta Jacksonville and Savannah are less than 3 hours away. This makes these big cities a perfect getaway destination for the weekend. However, this is only a plus. You will have plenty of things to do in Albany because this city is filled with:

  • beautiful museums
  • green parks
  • shopping centers
  • recreational centers,
  • and things alike

There is something for everyone in this beautiful city. Once you have the date of your relocation all you will have to do is contact cross country movers Dallas. They will help you with the entire moving process.

Albany has a perfect environment for raising kids and great business opportunities

Raising your children in a small town has many advantages. Your kids will be much safer than they would be in a big city. Plus, the cost of living in Albany, Georgia is below average compared to other cities in this state. Moreover, if you plan on renting a house in Albany you will be surprised that it is much lower than the national average. The average of 700 dollars compared to the national 1000 dollars. 

Moreover, if you move to Albany you will surely have a wide range of options for employment. The city also has great benefits for business owners. Therefore, if you are looking to start a business and not work for someone this can be your new home. If you are planning to move here from Texas, then hiring interstate movers Cedar Park, TX to help you is a great idea.

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Our 7 reasons to move to Albany will convince you to pack your bags and start visualizing your new life there.

Another great reason to move to Albany is the perfect mix of the cityside and the countryside. Unlike Atlanta, you do not have to drive for hours just to get to a mountant or a forest. You can escape the busy city life in less than 20 minutes. The surrounding mountains and greenery will take your breath away. Moreover, you should definitely visit Chehaw Park which is located just 3.5 miles away from the city. You can escape the busy work week life and enjoy camping or a picnic with your family on the weekends. 

Weather conditions and great activities are  just some of the reasons you should move here

The city has a wonderful mix of seasons. You can never be too bored with the weather conditions in this city. Moreover, it is a perfect contrast between short and cold winters and long hot and humid summers. Enjoying your summer by the pool and getting a tan will be something you can do without the need to leave the city for a faraway tropical destination. On the other hand, winter will also bring a lot of fun activities. You can visit state parks or get out of town to go on a weekend trip. For example, you can go to a skiing resort if you find yourself missing snow. As you can see, moving from Texas to Georgia is a great idea no matter your age.

A man standing on a rock
Hiking can also be one of the activities to do in Chehaw Park.

There is always something fun to do

If you decide to move to Albany you will never get bored. A great community is also one of the reasons to move to Albany. Being a small city it still has a lot of attractions and activities for all ages. Whether you are a senior or a young adult or even a child. You will surely find something interesting to do in this beautiful city. Moreover, you can join a book club or a gym. Or anything else that might be interesting for you. You should definitely do some more research online if you are interested in the specific activities the city has to offer.


By now we have covered many reasons to move to Albany. Surely, there must be at least one, if not more, that caught your eye. After you have your mindset on the moving destination you will need a moving company to help you with the move. If you are moving from a different state it is best to hire State to State movers.  Whichever destination you choose in the end. Good luck with your move!




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