Apartment vs House – which should you choose when moving to Florida?

When it comes to the housing situation in Florida, many have dilemmas about which option to choose – apartment vs house. Depending on where you plan to move, housing can range from affordable to above average. Therefore, many factors come into play when choosing your next home. This guide is here to present you with the pros and cons of both options so you can choose what’s best for you. Also, don’t forget to contact reliable movers to transport all your belongings to your new place. At State to State Move, we take every moving project seriously and work our best to deliver the relocation you need. Feel free to contact our office to learn about our cross-country moving services and more!

What you should know about buying and renting a home in Florida

The average home value in Florida is around $406,876. What, however, dictates the actual price of your new home is the location you’re moving to. Home prices in Florida differ from city to city. Places with higher percentages of people owning their homes are likely to offer a more affordable housing solution. It also matters what kind of apartment or house you choose. Since you’ve decided to buy it, why not make sure it matches your preferences? So, don’t ignore the architecture of the city you’re moving to, and see if there’s a neighborhood where you’d see yourself living for the next period of time.

happy coupe choosing between apartment vs house
Choosing between an apartment vs house in Florida depends on many factors

If you decide to rent, opt for an apartment. It comes a lot more affordable than renting an entire house. The average rent price for a one-bedroom apartment is $835, which is acceptable for many who move to Florida cities, like Homosassa, Edgewater, and Inverness, where living is significantly more affordable compared with the rest of the country.

Consider professional real estate assistance when choosing between an apartment vs house

Whether you opt for either a house or an apartment, you’ll need a professional realtor to help you out. The housing market in Florida is easier to navigate when you have the benefits of professional guidance. Therefore, don’t hesitate to search for a competent, experienced realtor who is praised for working in the best interest of their customers. The realtor will explain to you all you need to know about the current real estate situation, how to get the best deal, and whether you should wait for a couple more months. So, before you start searching for interstate movers Texas has to offer, schedule an appointment with a real estate agent.

It takes time to either buy or rent a home in Florida

You might get lucky and find your dream home in no time. The truth is, however, that home-searching takes a lot more time than anticipated. Patience is your best asset in this case. Keep in mind that looking for a home isn’t a race. It’s better to wait until you find a convenient option for yourself than to make a hasty buying decision you might regret later. For instance, you wouldn’t be happy living in an apartment with mold and rust everywhere, with poor pipes, etc.

patient man meditating
Patience is crucial when deciding between apartment vs house

Not all rental places are pet-friendly

Moving with a pet narrows down your choice of rental places. So, when you look for a rental place, stick to pet-friendly ones. Don’t hesitate to contact the apartment owner to make sure the place is pet-friendly and equipped accordingly. On the other hand, some rental places aren’t adjusted to the needs of animal friends, which is why it comes in handy to have a list of pet-friendly apartment essentials:

  • Pet-friendly carpets
  • Chew-proof furniture
  • Indoor pet-friendly plants
  • Protective covers

Apartment vs house – how to choose the best option?

An apartment is your best choice if you decide to rent your home. However, if you plan to buy a home, then it will take you a little bit of research. The real estate market in Florida is diverse in terms of housing options. On the other hand, there are periods when finding a home is challenging due to high demands. It depends on the city you decide to move to and how long would it take for you to find the right home.

The size of a place you want to buy or rent depends on how many of you are moving from Texas to Florida. If you’re moving on your own, for instance, you won’t need more than a one-bedroom apartment. However, if you plan to have a family, then think about getting a bigger place. It also matters for how long will you stay in Florida. If you consider moving there for good and are ready to buy a house – go for it! On the other hand, if you don’t plan to stay for too long, rental places are your best choice.

Reasons to downsize to a smaller place

If you’re moving on your own or with a partner, consider downsizing to a smaller place. Moving to a multiple-room apartment, especially if you’re not planning to expand the family or build an in-home studio, will be just an extra cost each month. Also, smaller yet convenient apartments are popular among Florida residents. Furthermore, they are ideal transitional solutions if you plan to rent for some time before you buy an actual home.

bunch of cardboard boxes
Get rid of excessive items before you go shopping for moving supplies

Downsizing is also a perfect opportunity to declutter all your goods before you book a free estimate Houston out of state movers offer. That way, downsizing will go much easier as you won’t clutter the new place with extra stuff. Plus, you’ll get the chance to earn some extra income and spend less on packing supplies.

Cities in Florida with the most affordable housing

If you’re looking for something budget-friendly, the good news is that Florida has cities with affordable housing solutions. For example, the city of Jacksonville is ideal for those who wish to thrive in a business-friendly environment and enjoy a financially comfortable life. In Jacksonville, the median home price is  $230,000, which is significantly cheaper than the rest of the state. Furthermore, Jacksonville is one of the cities in the US with lower-than-average home prices. Once you move to Jacksonville, you’ll notice the high living standard and overall quality of everything. Besides affordable prices, and housing, you’ll benefit from a booming job market.

Jacksonville is an example of a city in Florida with affordable housing and all other pros. Going to the southwestern part of Florida, you’ll find Cape Coral, another affordable city that offers a lot to its residents. The average real estate price in Cape Coral is around  $290,700, which is still quite below the national average.

Gainesville and Dade City are budget-friendly places for everyone

In case you wish to live in a smaller and super affordable place where the climate is year-round pleasant, consider Gainesville or Dade City. Average house prices in these two cities go even lower ($183,000 in Gainesville; $176,800 in Dade City). Since it’s home to Santa Fe College, Gainesville has a prominent student population. Therefore, make sure to start searching for a rental place on time, preferably before the school season starts.

young woman enjoying her time at home
Rest assured you can find a home in Florida that matches your preferences

Move to Kissimmee if you wish to live near Universal Studios

The thing about smaller places in Florida is that they are truly unique and preferable for living. The same can be said about Kissimmee. It’s yet another affordable place in Florida, not so far away from famous Universal Studios. The approximate home price is around $250,000, which is quite a reasonable price considering the location. Plus, it’s easy to drive to bigger cities from there. Kissimmee is also one of the most popular places in Florida for remote workers and digital nomads. If you’re one of them, rest assured you’ll enjoy all the pros this place has to offer.

Edgewater offers the cheapest rental fees in Florida

You’ll pay around $750 monthly rent in Edgewater, which is considered one of the cheapest rental fees in the country. Plus, the real estate market in Edgewater doesn’t lack diversity when it comes to housing options. It’s possible to find a decent home for up to $280,000.

Neighborhoods in big cities have different house prices

If you wish to move to Orlando, Miami, or another big city, search for neighborhoods that offer modest house prices and are well-connected with the city center. Most of the neighborhoods, for example, in the city of Miami have a great reputation among the residents and those who have just recently moved. It might take you longer to find an adequate home, however, it’s worth the effort.

Orlando FL at night
House prices and life in Orlando are quite affordable

Make sure to solve your housing situation before hiring movers

The least favorable scenario is moving to a place that isn’t furnished, and without electricity, internet, etc. Obviously, buying a house should come first before you officially move. The same applies to apartment rentals. It can take months until you find a proper rentable place, especially in a volatile real estate market like Florida. So, take time to do research and find the place while decluttering your belongings. Also, stay flexible regarding moving dates. By doing so, you’ll have a wider choice of cross country movers Dallas locals trust the most, for example.

Don’t sign a contract before you have a home inspected

Remember to schedule a detailed home inspection before you officially buy a home. No matter how well it appears to be, it’s the electrical installation, pipes, and other important factors you don’t notice at first that determine whether you should accept the offer. Minor repairs won’t cost you a lot of time and money. However, if the list of repairs keeps getting longer, it’s a sign you should reconsider your decision. If you buy a house without inspecting it first, you might end up paying a lot more than you initially planned. This rule regardless of which one you choose – apartment vs house.

List the movers available on dates you prefer

Once you sort out your housing situation, start contacting San Antonio out of state movers and ask them about available dates. Just make sure to have all their services checked before you ask them bout availability:

  • Durable packing boxes in various sizes and other additional supplies.
  • Equipment for heavy loads.
  • Wide range of packing and moving services (white-glove moving, piano moving, and other special services).
  • Insurance coverage.
  • Temperature-controlled storage solutions.

Ask for more than two free moving quotes. That’s how you’ll find qualified Austin interstate movers with services that fall within your budget range. Know that it’s possible to find qualified movers that provide excellent services at reasonable prices.

Why hire cross-country movers?

Moving from Texas to Florida is a serious endeavor that involves plenty of tasks only capable cross-country movers are up to. Once you pick your new place of residence in Florida, wait no more, and look up cross-country movers in Texas.

a man packing cardboard box and discussing apartment vs house
Cross-country movers offer all services required for your Texas to Florida moving route

If at some point you decide to change the city within Florida, rely on cross country movers Florida locals speak highly of. All services come at a more affordable price range when offered by a single moving company. That saves you a lot of time and makes moving a lot less tiring. When you have one team to execute all important tasks, moving is less chaotic and well-organized from start to finish.

Transfer utilities at least a couple of days before you relocate

Don’t forget to schedule the transfer of your utilities, as well as installations in your new place. Do this as soon as possible so you don’t spend your first days in Florida without electricity, an internet connection, etc.

There’s no need to rush the home-buying and moving process

Deciding between an apartment vs house is the easiest. Searching for an adequate home is what will take you some time and patience. In addition, moving is another endeavor that requires thorough organization and impeccable execution. All of these can seem like a never-ending process. In that case, remember why are you moving to a new place and that your new life chapter is just around the corner.


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