Moving and Storage Services Near Me

Moving and Storage Services Near Me

It is not always possible to move your belongings in stride, reason for which you might wonder “are there Moving and Storage Services Near Me?”. Several storage solutions are possible. With State to State Move you could store your goods in the city were you are moving from or you could have your belongings picked up and delivered to be stored at another state where you are moving to.

Unless you can get organized so that the move is done in the wake, so that the destination is already empty and available to receive your furniture and boxes, usually between the move and moving in, you have to store your business for a few days, weeks or even months.

The long distance moving and storage services are the solutions that come your way.

Our fully professional storage services will suit your needs

This is most often the solution offered by professional movers such as cross country movers. It is a storage service requested/provided between the date they pick up your belongings at your place of residence and when they will bring it to your new location. It is advised when looking for a moving quote that concerns the removal and storage of items to be moved to a secure place, usually in boxes. Everything is managed and guaranteed by the moving & storage company.

It is possible to store many things in a container (also called box) of custody and for very different duration periods depending on the situation. Stored goods are most often furniture or archives and other selected items of households or companies.

As proposed by the movers, this service allows to benefit from the guarantees and advantages of a professional service:

  • The removal and placement of your goods in containers at your departure address.
  • The handling of your goods and the loading of the container made by professionals.
  • The protection and packaging of these with adequate moving supplies.
  • The storage in wooden containers whose size can vary between 8 and 12 m² for standard boxes and up to 100 m² for larger depending on the storage warehouses.
  • Containers sealed to ensure you find your belongings as left.
  • The precise identification of lots through a special tagging process.
  • Protection against climatic elements, surveillance, access control by alarms, fire-fighting equipment, fire and theft surveillance, etc … in well-maintained and conditioned warehouses.
  • The commitment made by a storage keeper is to return your property as it was, and to cover a custodian liability. This responsibility obliges us to guarantee you, either to return the goods entrusted to you in the same state, or to reimburse you for the value declared by you when they are deposited.

If you think you will need professional storage services, please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch with you shortly to explore the best options for you/your belongings.

Storage Service Quote

There are standards certifications to ensure the professionalism and reliability of our guard services, when you call the services of our professional movers.

However, there may be some constraints related to the use of a furniture repository. Opening hours for example or access to your boxes are usually restricted. Adding or removing part of your property is problematic and may not be possible with the seal affixed to the box at the time of deposit.

The furniture repository is nowadays increasingly offered by companies specializing in storage or warehousing and more by professional movers. These companies can offer interesting alternatives such as self-storage, which is more flexible but offers similar guarantees and insurances.

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