Arranging your plants after the move – a useful guide

Plants are a vital part of many homes. They bring in the nature inside, the look and feel of living things inside your home. They are a beautiful decoration and a reminder of the cycle of life. Plants really bring “life” into a home. However, each home has its own place for plants. You have arranged all of your plants perfectly but are now faced with the prospect of moving them to another home. Well, fret not! After hiring a moving company and relocating your plants to another location, you are but a moment away from arranging your plants after the move, just the way you like it!

We will provide you with numerous ideas on how to go about this process, as well as provide you with tips on how to make it easy and fun. So, without further ado, we present to you:

Arranging your plants after the move – Tips and tricks

Here is a handy list of ideas, tips, and tricks that will help you in your rearranging endeavors:

  • Multiply your favorite plants!
  • Use the wallpaper to double the impact
  • Create a terrarium
  • Arranging your plants after the move – Place them along shelves
  • Get some sleep-friendly plants
  • Arranging your plants after the move – Cultivate a jungle on the balcony!
Place small pots with plants on the kitchen counter!

Multiply your favorite plants!

Before you even hire moving services, you need to consider if you would like to multiply the plants you like the most. Let me explain. You most likely have a favorite plant that looks just right. If you have more room than you have plants, consider having multiples of the same plant and line them up. It will look beautiful and you will have more of your favorite plants, to boot!

There is a lot of beauty in symmetry and order. Multiplying your plants and lining them up in rows will achieve this. Consider doing that if you are a fan of orderly things.

Use the wallpaper to double the impact

You can add an extra “oomph” to your indoor plants by using various wallpapers. While they are not a plant, they will contribute to the whole “oasis” feel that you might want for your home. Combine them with cushions for maximal effect.

By utilizing wallpapers, you can easily double the “amount of plants” in the room. At least visually and at a glance.

Create a terrarium

Having a terrarium in your home is awesome. It can be easy to care for, if you opt for cacti, for example. Your terrarium can be a miniature world of sorts if you arrange it carefully. It goes great with some other tips for living in small spaces! And why wouldn’t you have one, it is fun to arrange it! It will really add up to your home, regardless of its location. It can be on a shelf or a table and it will draw in attention. Terrariums are cool.

Arranging your plants after the move – Place them along shelves

The easiest way to arrange your plants is to line the shelves with them. Plants and shelves are a perfect combination, in fact. By combining static and living elements, your shelves will look amazing! If you want to further enhance the look and feel consider this. For example, English Ivy is a plant that is perfect for that “library feel” if you place it in between paperback novels.

In that scenario, your plants would be high up on the shelf, tumbling gracefully down. If that is not your thing, you can utilize geranium or cyclamen plants if you want a more rigid, formal, air. The key is having the right plants for the shelves or the right items to complement the plants that you have.

But the bottom line is that plants on shelves = success.

plant pot
Put a plant on your working desk too!

Get some sleep-friendly plants

If you are filling your home with plants, you might as well want to reap some benefits while they’re there. The best thing to do is to select some of the plants that oxygenate at night. Of course, place them in your bedroom so you may enjoy the healthier air while you sleep. One of the best plants to use for this purpose is the mighty orchid. The reason behind the expensiveness of these plants is because they have a perfect combination of beauty and usefulness.

If you ever wondered why exactly orchids are so expensive, that is why. They will give extra beauty to your home and they will keep the air cleaner for you. It’s a win-win combination. If you disregard how much they cost, of course.

Arranging your plants after the move – Cultivate a jungle on the balcony!

Finally, here is a great idea for real nature lovers. If you don’t really have a place inside your home for all of your plants, consider grouping them up in one place. Like the balcony! You can mix and match plants by heights, leaf types and sizes easily, creating a “jungle” feel to the place. And when we are mentioning jungles, make sure to conserve energy while you move! It is becoming a really important thing to do. Do not be one of the people that ignore it!

Obviously, such a place is really inviting and fresh and it is perfect for some reading or drinking coffee. It can be an oasis of your own, where you come to relax and get some time for yourself.

Shower plants!

Finally, if you want a really wild idea, how about hanging some plants in your shower! It is not really feasible to have plants that require a lot of water inside a house. However, they will thrive inside the shower, due to all the extra water they will be absorbing.

Obviously, you need to figure out if the plants themselves will bother you while showering. It is not really for everyone, to be perfectly honest. But for you that do not mind, it can be a perfect complement to your bathroom.

Some plants love moisture! They are perfect for your bathroom!

There are numerous other ways to arrange plants but the most important thing to know is that there is no single perfect way. Everyone is different and everyone likes different things. The end goal needs to be something that you enjoy and that will bring you happiness.

Everything else is irrelevant.

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