Facts you should know before moving to Schulenburg

Moving to a new place can be very complicated and frustrating if you don’t plan ahead. That’s why we made this article about all the facts you should know before moving to Schulenburg. First off, you will need some help and we suggest reaching out to long distance moving companies. Just ask around and see what services you would need in the future. Moving interstate or long distance can be extremely difficult to pull off if you don’t have adequate help in any segment of the move. Moreover, moving to a small town from a big city can be a huge lifestyle change so we make sure you get informed of all the pros and cons of moving to a small town.

Some basic facts about Schulenburg

Schulenburg is a city in Fayette County, Texas. It is an extremely small city with a diverse culture which we find very refreshing. If you want a small and tight community, this is a place for you. Furthermore, it is around 95 miles west of Huston, so you have a relatively close drive if you want to visit a huge city from time to time. It consisted of 55% whites, 15% African Americans, 30% Latinos or Hispanic, and 3% others. Given these facts, we would consider this little town pretty diverse and welcoming. It has around 1000 households and about 600 families reside in the city. The average income for a family was around 36,000$. The median age is 44. Climate can range from 110 °F down to 3 °F. Generally, it is considered pretty warm and sunny since.

We don’t underestimate peace, especially if you’re moving long-distance to this small town. If you decide on this small town, be sure to contact long distance movers Texas to accommodate your needs. The best thing about living in a small town is the strong community you get and the quiet peace of mind you have in your day-to-day life. Furthermore, we will explore some things you need to know about Schulenburg so you can have a feel of what to expect from your community, your educational opportunities, and your wallet. There are a lot of things you can do and research before you actually make the crucial step of moving there. We suggest you do the research thoroughly and make no room for error.

multiracial sport team hand stacking
One of the best facts you should know before moving to Schulenburg is that this small town has a diverse culture

Schulenburg history

Schulenburg is founded in 1873. This small town is named after Louis Schulenburg. He donated land for the railroad that was built by this small town. It is worth mentioning that another donor was John Cristian. In 1884, the community had around 1,000 people with a bank, two churches, a school, and around 10 general stores. By the year of 1945, it had over 100 businesses. The population continued to grow slowly and reaching around 2000 people in 1950, and 3000 people in 2015. Once household movers TX move you to your new home, be sure to visit the town’s painted churches that are sightseeing on their own.

Grab a bite in one of the best places for foodies

Although it is a small place, Schulenburg definitely doesn’t feel like a village, but more of a small concise town that can give you a lot of things to do. Let’s start with the basics, food. Once long distance movers Schulenburg TX relocate you here, make sure to visit some of these top restaurants. Schulenburg has a lot of amazing places cause it’s an important destination for travelers. It resides beside a highway so naturally, there are a lot of places there.

If you want to try a burger in Schulenburg, Whataburger is the place for you. Furthermore, if you are for something fancier, Oakridge Smokehouse Restaurant is somewhat on the fancy side but nothing too expensive, yet you still get an amazing restaurant-quality meal. If you fancy a more traditional country food, Momma’s at Sangelmann Hall is the place to visit. You will droll over their country classics while enjoying a very family-friendly atmosphere. Some others worth mentioning are Mi Casita Restaurant, Tillie’s Cafe, and Original Kountry Bakery. Schulenburg truly thrives on its food choices and local cuisine.

fried chicken wings
This small town is booming with excellent food choices

Churches and museums

Surprisingly, there are a lot of places to visit in this small town. The rich history and traditional values are more than apparent with a place of 3,000 people holding 4 churches and 2 museums. Since this small town has a such rich history, it is only natural for it to have the Schulenburg Historical Museum. This museum has a very rich display of artifacts and stories that really deepen your understanding of this small town. The museum is free of charge so be sure to check it out once you get there.

Stanzel Model Aircraft Museum is another museum that will give you a great time and some valuable knowledge about the history of airplanes. The museum features information on how planes were designed, created, and deployed. It is an inexpensive and quick tour that you will surely enjoy.

St. Mary’s Church High Hill is a church of a small community near Schulenburg and is one of the most well-preserved churches in Texas. It is built with stained glass windows and it’s really beautiful on the inside. Furthermore, locals volunteer and always improve the program of the church. In this church, everybody is welcome to join the gatherings and be part of the community.

the holy bible
This small town has its core values rooted in tradition and religion

Cost of living facts you should know before moving to Schulenburg

The average cost of a home or rent is pretty high by Texas standards, but remember that Texas is more of a countryside state so the prices are naturally pretty low. Let’s get down to some hard facts. Around 70% of the population in Schulenburg owns their homes while about 30% pay rent. If you find a home and are preparing to move, we suggest using storage services TX in order to avoid cluttering up your new space. It’s important to note that the average cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment is around 1100$, which is high for Texas. Every next bedroom costs about 200-300 dollars more. So that makes two-bedrooms about 1300$ and three-bedrooms about 1700$ and so on.

A very important fact is that Texas is one of the states with no state income taxes. A few more important things you need to consider are that the average home costs about 300,000$ which is considered pretty high for Texas. The sales tax rate in Schulenburg is about 8% and property taxes are around 1%. Generally, the prices are pretty average and you won’t find any prices that are over the top in this small town. Since it is a small town and people rely on each other’s services, there is a strong sense of moral obligation and community.

Educational opportunities in Schulenburg

Given the fact that Schulenburg is a very small place, there isn’t a lot to say about educational opportunities in Schulenburg. There is one public elementary school that is rated 4 out of 10 in the US based on a lot of research. There is a Blinn College campus which is pretty amazing considering it has a population of around 2500 people. Schulenburg means “school town” in German, so education is considered very important in this small town. Note: The average salary of a teacher in Schulenburg is around 33,000$ per year. So all in all, there isn’t much opportunity as far as education goes. This is normal given that it’s an extremely small place.

Job Opportunities

Since it’s a small town, it doesn’t have any fancy tech companies or anything similar. In the contrast, this town is built on manufacturing and local businesses. If you’re thinking of starting a local business here and need to move your office, hire corporate movers TX to do the job for you. If you’re thinking of starting a new business, this town is an interstate of 3 very important highways so maybe consider that taking to your advantage.

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Education is very important in this small town

Some of the key facts you should know before moving to Schulenburg

We developed a list of some things you need to know before moving to Schulenburg:

  • The nearest hospitals are Weimar, La Grange, and Hallettsville which are about 20 miles drive
  • The nearest big store is Walmart which is in another nearby town
  • The population is relatively old, with only less than 5% being young adults
  • There is little entertainment or economic opportunities since it’s a very secluded small town
  • Crime is low since it’s a very small place
  • It’s a nice part of the state with a lot of greens and hills
  • It has a surprisingly huge amount of food selection, from fine dining to fast food, it also has very good Kolaches, says one of our sources

One more important thing to note is that Schulenburg is located at the general convergence of three highways, Interstate 10, Route 77, and Route 90. This all makes Schulenburg a perfect stopping place for travelers. It also makes it easier for professionals providing you with moving services TX to help you move there. Furthermore, it should be noted that the closest major commercial airports are Austin International and San Antonio International.

person using a computer to search for facts you should know before moving to Schulenburg
Even though Schulengboug is a small place it has everything you need

Small town facts you should know before moving to Schulenburg

If you’re working remotely and want a nice, green, traditional, and quiet little town, Schulenburg is a good place for that. Just be sure to research if there are any good internet providers there and see where the nearest Walmart or similar big store is. There are a lot of things to consider before moving to this small town, especially if it’s your first time being in a relatively secluded small place. Medical services are difficult to access, so that’s an inconvenience. Consider this if you have any special therapies or regular hospital visits to attend to for any reason because the nearest hospital is about 20 miles away. It’s not very far, but it’s not nearby either. Education is lacking too since it can’t compete with big “college cities” that have incomparable education, but considering its size, it has good opportunities and the education values are preserved here.

The community

The city of Schulenburg has a very friendly, vibrant community.  This is a small community so everything is mixed and matched. This goes for business too. If you go to your barber, there is a chance that he is your neighbor and possibly a friend of a friend. This is a place where everyone knows everyone. Parking is a problem of the past since there are no newcomers. The population is much less dense than in a big city. The mayor of Schulenburg, TX Elaine Kocian says that this little town is a quiet and friendly place where everybody knows everybody. She adds that the people that call Schulenburg home are here because they prefer small-town living and the values that go with it.

three women talking about the facts you should know before moving to Schulenburg
Don’t underestimate the power of a small community

Last thoughts on facts you should know before moving to Schulenburg

Now that you have learned the most important and interesting facts you should know before moving to Schulenburg you can start packing. To make your packing process faster we suggest you get a packing service TX. While movers are packing you can start planning your post-moving activities! We are sure that you will love Shulenbourg! There is a strong sense of community and that is the whole point of living in a small town. People underestimate or even don’t experience what’s it like to have a good strong local community. There are extremely strong social ties between all people and that’s what makes it beautiful. Moving to Schulenburg can be a great move if you want to live a peaceful and relaxed life.


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