Guide to moving antique furniture

Is your move getting sooner so you’re looking for the ways to move the antique furniture? Many long distance moving companies are battling with ways to preserve the antique furniture, but also deliver it in good condition to the new location. State to State Move will help you find the best way to relocate your precious antique furniture without compromising your safety and spending excessive energy. Another fact that contributes to packing and moving antique furniture is that there’s no replacement for it. That being said, you have to be very careful when you’re handling it and do all the right things. That way, you’re minimizing the risk of damage during the transport, and we all know how much the damage to the antique furniture piece can cost. To find out how to approach moving antique furniture the right way, keep on reading!

moving antique furniture
Packing your antique furniture properly ensures that it stays in the perfect condition during the move. To do this well, you need to devote yourself fully to the process.

The first step to moving antique furniture is making an inventory

When you start figuring out the logistics of your move, you’ll need to make a list of all the antique furniture that you own and want to move. Orlando long distance movers will do their best to move your antique furniture and deliver it in the perfect condition, but will every moving company be able to do that? Make sure you take quality photos of those pieces from every side. Note the damage, if any exists, be it a small scratch or a missing, chipped wood piece. When you take the photographs, make sure you do it with a quality camera. Make the photos of the damaged parts of the antiques. But why do you need to do this? It’s proof of the state of your antique furniture. After the move, you will want to assess its state. The best way to do it is to have a picture and a detailed description of its condition. If you notice any damage that wasn’t pre-existing, you should talk to your insurance company. That way, you have the proof of the damage, and you’re sure that you’re not making it up. It is old furniture after all, and keeping tracks of all the dents is hard. 

The next step of moving antique furniture is preparing it for the move

This is the list of the materials that you will need when moving antique furniture:

  • Packing paper
  • Packing tape
  • Bubble wrap 
  • Glassine – it’s similar to plastic wrap, but it has features that are highly needed for antique furniture moving. 
  • Blankets
  • Pads for moving the furniture
  • Corner protection
  • Cardboard pieces
  • Specialty boxes 
  • Packing peanuts or similar material
man and the sofa
To start preparing for the packing process, first, get out and buy all the necessary packing materials. You can also order them online.

Things to do before moving antique furniture

What to do before you move the antiques: 

  • Get an appraisal. That way, you’ll be sure of the worth of your items and you can also communicate it to the moving company. This will help you in the long run if you’re working with any moving company. 
  • Get insurance. Antiques cost a lot, and you don’t want to risk moving them without getting the insurance first. 
  • Cleaning your antiques is a good choice. Maybe they’ll have to stay wrapped and packed for a certain amount of time. This is only one more reason why you should clean them before packing them. You can go over them with the quality cloth to remove the dust. Microfiber cloths are popular because they are soft and don’t leave any scratches on the surface, but collect the dust effectively. It’s not smart to use any kind of chemicals on antique furniture, and if you think that your furniture needs deeper cleaning than you can provide it, it’s best to involve professionals. Small damage can cause the value of your antique item to plummet, so choose wisely. 

Guide for packing antique furniture

Packing your antique furniture and items usually isn’t a very complicated process, but it has to be done right.

  • How to pack paintings

Paintings need specialty boxes that are just a little bit bigger in size. Place the cardboard piece between the painting and the glass. Make an X with the tape, going over the diagonals of the glass piece. That way, if the glass breaks, it won’t move in the box and damage the canvas. Additional cardboard piece that goes over it should protect the painting well enough. Secure the cardboard pieces with tape. Don’t forget to wrap all of the glass pieces in the glassine to preserve it well. Place the corner protection on each corner. Some of them are made from cardboard, some out of styrofoam. After you’ve put the corner protection, take the string and tighten the corners by placing the string in the dent of protection, and around the painting. All of that should be able to get into the specialty box, and if there’s space left to fill, place the packing peanuts or some similar material.

antique paintings
Packing antique paintings isn’t hard per se, but it needs to be done right in order to ensure success.
  • How to pack bulky furniture pieces 

If you’re sure that you can do it yourself, then the first step to packing furniture is disassembling it. Be extremely careful when you’re doing that. When you’ve separated the parts, pack each part separately by wrapping it in a blanket, then securing it with the tape. The next step is placing a layer of bubble wrap around it and placing what you can in the box. Fill the empty space with the packing peanuts. 

The last step: Moving antique furniture

When you’ve packed them and prepared for moving, all you have to do is carry it to the truck and drive it away. It’s not as simple as it sounds – you’ll need professional help for that. Driving antiques is a delicate process, and you don’t want to make the wrong move. That’s partly the reason why professionals should get involved in the process at this point. They will secure your belongings in the best possible way and prepare them for the trip. There are not many companies that will do such a quality job at moving antique furniture as State To State Move. If you’re looking for someone trustworthy to help you with moving antique furniture – call us and see why we’re the best company for the job!      

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