How to dog proof your new Florida home

Moving is supposed to be fun and exciting. Especially if you are moving with your dog. Everybody knows that dog is a human’s best friend without a doubt. They make your life happier and more interesting! Well, most of the time, to be exact. Sometimes they can make a mess and its owner might get angry, but it’s nothing compared to the love a god can give. When wanting to dog proof your new Florida home, you might do it on your own or hire professionals to do it for you. There are a few ways you can do it. Try doing every room systematically, looking it through your dog’s eyes.

a dog in the living room
Make sure to dog proof your new home in order to keep them safe as well!

Make the kitchen dog-proof

The first room on your list has to be the kitchen. Many good smells come from there and your dog will be intrigued by them. You have to make the trash inaccessible. To your pet, it’s a chance to get a free treat without you even noticing it. On the other side, along with delicious food, trash could contain something toxic or sharp. Furthermore, don’t ever leave anything on the counter. You might trust your partner or kids not to try it, but the dog is another story. That being said, keep the food away from them at all times. Additionally, you could ask state to state movers Florida to install barriers for the pets. It’s one of many services they offer!

The bathroom or laundry room is next on the list

If you are coming to Flora all the way from Miami, think of hiring reputable long distance movers in Miami. Not only that they’re going to move you effortlessly, but they are going to take care of your loved pet as well! When you get to your new home, don’t let your dogs near your bathroom or laundry room. There could be medicine or other chemicals in there. Keep them out of their reach. Also, don’t forget to keep the dryer close at all times.

Dog proofing the living room

After Orlando long distance movers move your pet to the new house, your pet might be very excited. Make sure to protect your living room before the dog arrives! Keep in mind that some plants could be toxic for pets. Keep them out of the reach. Also, remove anything that’s breakable or valuable to you, because your dog won’t mind playing with it. Watch out or protect your electric cords and a fireplace if you have one.

a dog
When making your new home dog proof, make sure you go systematically room by room!

 Don’t forget the garage!

When talking about how to dog proof your new Florida home, we have to mention the garage. From paints to other harmful chemicals like pesticides or antifreeze, you should keep them all on shelves. Antifreeze looks nice to animals and they have a sweet taste, so keep an eye on it! Store your tools safely, because your pet doesn’t know what can be harmful to them.

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