Illinois vs Massachusetts: where should you move with teenagers

Plan to relocate soon but can’t decide on the destination? Have teenagers at home that want to go to a good school and thrive in a new environment? Making the right choice can be hard, especially if you can’t decide between two good places, like Illinois and Massachusetts. That’s why state to state movers made a detailed comparison and answered a difficult question: Illinois vs Massachusetts, which one is better for your family?

Illinois vs Massachusetts – the ultimate comparison

When choosing a location for your next move, there’s a lot on the line. Long-distance moves often cost thousands of dollars, for example moving from Houston to Boston. Further, you and your family all have several schedules to take into account. There’s simply no room for error. Luckily, we did the research for you, and chose these 8 criteria when comparing Illinois and Massachusetts:

  • Schools
  • Crime rate
  • Location
  • Nature
  • Diversity
  • Fun
  • Transportation
  • Illinois vs Massachusetts economies
Boston skyline at night, a breathtaking view.
Boston, Massachusetts, is a beautiful city with an amazing skyline.

1. Schools

Having a lot of quality schools near you is very important, especially if you move with teenagers. Soon, they’ll finish high school and start thinking about pursuing a college degree. Illinois and Massachusetts have 184 and 114 colleges and universities, respectively. This means that there’s more than enough choice in both states. However, one of the most famous universities in the US and the world is located in Massachusetts. MIT, short for Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is among the highest-ranked universities in the World.

2. Crime Rate

Naturally, crime rates vary greatly from town to town, even from neighborhood to neighborhood. But, knowing the overall crime rate of each state can be a good indicator of the overall safety and security when walking around town, going out to party, etc. Massachusetts is the 26th on the list of most dangerous US states. It has a violent crime rate of 338.1 per 100,000 people. Its most dangerous city is Fall River. Illinois is a bit more dangerous in general and is located in the 19th place. Its violent crime rate is 404.1 per 100,000 people. The most dangerous city is Denville.

3. Location

Location-wise, both Massachusetts and Illinois are located in the northeast part of the US. Massachusetts has access to the Atlantic Ocean and is a very picturesque place overall. Illinois lies on the shores of the Great Lakes, in a region popularly referred to as the Rust Belt. Major cities in Illinois like Chicago were industrial powerhouses in the second half of the 20th century. As movers Houston to Chicago, like to point out, Chicago and Illinois, in general, have started to become alive again, as many young people relocated there in recent years.

4. Nature

When it comes to nature, both the Great Lakes region and the state of Massachusetts have beautiful sights, forests, hills, and even beaches. As is the case for most of the US, hiking enthusiasts have plenty of options when it comes to spending time in nature. While Massachusetts has plenty of natural wonders to offer, like Chesterfield Gorge and Monument Mountain, Illinois has some things to offer too. It’s home to some spectacular wetlands, teeming with life, and harboring rare species of flora and fauna. If you find yourself in Illinois, visit Cache River State Natural Area’s 60,000 acres of forests and wetlands.

Man standing on a cliff, enjoying the beautiful nature, a major difference when comparing Illinois vs Massachusetts
When comparing Illinois vs Massachusetts, it’s important to take nature into account. Few states have prettier nature than Massachusetts.

5. Diversity

If you’re a part of a minority group, you will probably feel more at home in Illinois. According to official data, 58% of the population in Illinois is white, 18.2% Hispanic, 13.9% Black, and the rest are other groups. In Massachusetts, the percentage of the white population is a bit higher at 67.6%. 12.6% of the state’s population is Hispanic. Asians account for 7.2% of the total population, and the rest are other groups combined. Both states have some diversity, but Illinois does take the lead here.

6. Fun

When it comes to spending your free time, Illinois has a lot to offer. Whether you’re a fan of classic, favorite American sports like bowling and hunting, or prefer quiet and peaceful activities like fishing, hiking, and cycling, you’ll feel right at home. The possibilities for fun are endless, even if you’re into culture, art, architecture… Massachusetts also has plenty of amenities, especially if you’re into nature, culture, art, etc. There are plenty of interesting local foods in both places, as well as great restaurants and cafes, so it’s all down to your personal preference.

7. Transportation

Most places in America, including Illinois, and Massachusetts, are built around the passenger car. Webs of highways exist everywhere, but there are also other options. Cycling, walking, and subway systems are all at your disposal, especially in the major cities. However, in most comparisons, Illinois has somewhat poorer road conditions. In most bigger cities in Massachusetts, it’s also possible to take the subway. In Boston, for example, the efficient “T” metro system, which combines subways, trains, and trolleys along five distinct lines, is the second-best method when your schedule takes you outside of the city center, after walking.

8. Illinois and Massachusetts’ economies

When moving to another state, it’s very important to consider the local economy. Illinois’ economy is the fifth-largest in the United States by GDP and one of the most diversified. The Chicago metropolitan region is a worldwide financial hub and home to many of the country’s major corporations. However, its economy is growing at a slower rate than most other economies. Illinois has the fifth-largest median household income in the US. While Massachusetts’ economy is smaller than that of Illinois, it’s generally considered to be a richer state. Massachusetts state’s per capita personal income is the third-highest in the country.

Chicago skyline, a beautiful sight.
Chicago, a major city in Illinois, has a beautiful skyline.


Hopefully, you’ll now have a much easier time making your choice between Illinois vs Massachusetts. If you have any questions, contact long distance movers Texas has to offer, and let their team of moving experts answer all your questions. If you plan to move soon, get a free quote and start your preparations.





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