Moving to Baltimore – important facts about this city you should know

If it happens that you are thinking about moving to Baltimore, you should first learn more about it. The more you know about the city, the simpler it will be for you to adjust to a new way of life. As a matter of fact, we are going to help you and let you know all of the important facts. This is going to be quite helpful and you will know what to expect. So, take some time to think about all of the aspects and you will not have a hard time adjusting to your new community.

Think about whether you will buy or rent a home

This is probably the very first thing you should take into consideration. It should be the case because the housing costs in Baltimore are quite high. The city is politically independent, which means that it has significantly different taxes. Basically, if you want to buy a home in Baltimore, you are going to need almost twice the national average. On the other hand, the city is in the planning to reduce the property tax rate by 20 percent.

Couple holding their house key after moving to Baltimore
The first thing you need to decide is whether you are going to buy or rent a home.

Since things could change, feel free to consider renting a home first. You will get to save some money and get to know the city before you make a decision about where you are going to stay permanently. So, find a new home before moving to Baltimore and let Austin interstate movers help you relocate.

The job market in Baltimore is thriving

Another very important aspect of living in Baltimore is having a good job. This is going to be possible because Forbes magazine claimed that this is one of the top cities for tech start-ups in the nation. It means that Baltimore is well-known for shipping, transportation, auto manufacturing, and steel processing. Of course, there are other industries that are available to you. For example, there is health care, biosciences, higher education, government, financial security, and sports. As you can see, moving from Texas to Maryland can be a great decision. Check your options in advance and you will get there fully prepared.

There are many neighborhoods you should consider

What is great about Baltimore is that it has many neighborhoods to offer. Of course, each of them is different and you will surely find at least one that is going to suit your needs. For example, you can consider moving to Mount Washington. There are many large and open spaces where you can ride a bike, play sports, or simply walk. Also, there is Charles Village. It is known as one of Baltimore’s finest row-house neighborhoods. If this is something you like, make sure you pay it a visit.

the aerial view of a suburb
You are going to have a wide variety of options to consider when it comes to your new neighborhood.

Washington Village is a family-friendly and affordable neighborhood. In addition to this, it is also culturally and economically diverse. So, before you contact some of the finest cross country movers Dallas offers, make sure you decide where you are going to relocate. One thing is certain – with their help, your relocation will run smoothly.

Getting around the city is fairly easy

Something you are going to love about Baltimore is the city’s transportation. Whether you want to travel by land, air, or water, you will have nothing to worry about. When it comes to Maryland Transit Administration, at your disposal are bus, subway, light rail, and train services. In addition to this, if you decide to live in Downtown Baltimore, you can count on Charm City Circulator. You will easily get connected to other MTA transits. Also, if you want to enjoy the ride, you can hop on the Baltimore Water Taxi. This is quite an enjoyable experience and it may become your favorite way of transportation. However, if you need transportation to commute to work, remember that there is Penn Station. As you can see, you are going to have a great number of options once you relocate here.

After moving to Baltimore, make sure you check out their local arts and culture scene

If it happens that you like visiting galleries, museums, and theaters, you are going to be quite busy once you come to Baltimore. The first place you should visit is definitely the Baltimore Museum of Art. This is a place where you will have a chance to see over 90,000 works of Native American, Contemporary, and African works. Also, there is the largest Henry Matisse collection in the world.

paintings in the museum
Museums are some of the first places you should visit after moving to Baltimore – you are going to see and learn more about different kinds of art.

If you prefer modern art, your next stop should be the American Visionary Art Museum. You will get to see unique and original art from everyday people who love to create. In case you like history, you should definitely go to the Baltimore Museum of Industry. You are going to travel back in time and learn more about the people and businesses that transformed the city from a trading post to a research hub.

One thing is certain – you are not going to regret it if you relocate to Baltimore. This is a great place and you are going to have numerous opportunities in many fields. Since this is a large city, you are going to need quite some time to get to know it completely. Baltimore has a lot to offer and this is something you are going to realize fully once you come here. So, start preparing for your upcoming relocation and let State to State Move help you. They are going to be by your side every step of the way and they are going to make moving to Baltimore much simpler. Now what you should do is find a new home and the rest is going to be taken care of.


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