Items you shouldn’t store away

If you own a large amount of furniture, wardrobe, or if you move much more than what you are able to carry in the current situation, we guess storage is your best friend. Or if you have a deadline to evict your belongings, and you have nowhere to go with them – you need storage services again. And it doesn’t really matter where you live, storage services are available in all parts of the USA – usually working 24/7. Still, you need to be careful, there are some items you shouldn’t store away. So no matter if you rent storage from the professional storage providers or any other companies in NY state, you just cannot store some items. Let’s see what they are!

Things you should know about items you shouldn’t store away

If you’re not really sure what you can and cannot store, do not get nervous and panic. You can easily contact our household movers, and they can tell you all about storing items. And before we begin talking about items you shouldn’t store away, let’s see what are storage services anyway! Well, storage offer usually includes storing things for a day, a month – or even if you need it, for an hour! Storage warehouses are specially equipped with sections for different things and furniture since you do not put every part of your things in the same place. Other than that, storage usually offers you as a form of warranty, like 24-hour video surveillance.

there are some items you shouldn't store away
Storage services are available in all parts of the USA. Still, you need to be careful – there are some items you shouldn’t store away.

Things you should know before the move itself

The time limit for moving to a new location may vary. That’s why you need to learn how to pack for storage in the first place. Also, you should see all the options for storage. This means to keep your eye especially on ones that will allow you to concentrate effortlessly on finding a new housing facility or space for your company, depending on what you are looking for.

You will also need to find warehouses that are large enough for all your needs. That may include video surveillance in warehouses, as well as the air conditioning or climate control in your warehouses. Therefore, during hot summer days, you do not have to worry about what will happen to your expensive furniture or things that should not be kept in high temperatures. In this way, you can always rely on State To State Move to help you out.

Pro tip

We also have a tip for you: plan your every step ahead. That’s what will help you with your move the most! So before relocation, rent one storage space, and moving it will be much easier. When you know you don’t have to rush to move things and when you know you have somewhere to store things, you will not stress as much.

You should see all the options for storage.

List of items you shouldn’t store away

Before you start packing for storage, keep in mind you shouldn’t store any of these items:

  • Food. Storing food may seem like a reasonable idea, but keep in mind that storage is not the cleanest place in the world. Also, storing food may lead to inviting unwanted guests, like rats and mice, but also bugs and other insects. And not only that, your food will most probably rotten really fast and you will just cause problems for yourself and the moving company that rents it.
  • Live creatures. It may seem obvious, but you never know. Maybe you think your fish tank will be safe in storage for a couple of days – but stop it. This is highly forbidden and you shouldn’t consider storing any type of animal in the storage.
  • Plants. You may think that it’s only forbidden to put living creatures in the storage, but the same goes for any type of living being. Plants shouldn’t be placed in storage for the same reasons you don’t put anything else breathing and living in a closed space. Again, this may invite mice and rats to the party, and you’ll just end up putting yourself into trouble.
  • Stolen items. This may seem obvious as well, but hey, we’re here just to say what’s forbidden and what’s not. If you suspect you may have any stolen items among your belongings, it’s better to contact the officials than to put it in storage. Besides being against the law, you can get sued for hiding or possessing stolen items.
  • Hazardous items. Any items that have a skull on their package might not be suitable for storage. That is why if you have any doubts about any perishables in your home, you should contact the storage and ask.
  • Firearms. It’s not illegal to possess firearms, but it is illegal to put it in storage. The same goes for all types of radioactive substances.


Other things that items you shouldn’t store away

Besides some obvious items put in storage, here is a list of things you didn’t even consider are a bad choice when it comes to storage:

  • Valuables. Any type of valuable items shouldn’t be placed in storage. You may have insurance, but one can never be too careful when it comes to your precious items.
  • Cash. The same goes for money. Storage does have 24/7 surveillance in most cases, but this may not save your money. If you’re not sure what to do with cash, it’s better to go to a bank than placing it in storage.
  • Vehicles. Cars and vans may seem like a type of item you can put in storage, but that’s not the case. Again, placing your vehicles in a garage is a better idea.
  • Electronic devices. It’s not forbidden to place them in storage, but they can easily be damaged. The same goes for valuable antiques and paintings due to moist conditions in storage.

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