Moving from Bernardo to the east coast – lifestyle changes you can expect

The Lone Star is a beautiful and diverse state. You might actually enjoy it a lot. But for various reasons, you may need to move away. Whatever the reason, you will have to face many changes. Moving from Bernardo to the East Coast will change your lifestyle inevitably. Interstate movers will help you move to any state you want to. But it will be up to you to adapt to the changes that such a move brings. Since you will be moving from the settlement to the city, it would be good to learn something about your new place in advance. That way, you will know what to expect.

Basic facts about Bernardo, Texas

Bernardo is a small, unincorporated community located in northeast Colorado County, TX. You will find it on the main highway connecting Houston to the interior of Texas. During the Civil War, it was important as a station for cotton being transported to Mexico by wagons. So, as a growing settlement, it got a school in 1872 and a post office in 1898. However, it remained a thinly populated community of farmers and ranchers. And it never developed into a village or a town.

In 1911 the Bernardo School was merged with Columbus Independent School District. And the post office closed its doors in 1917. So, what you will find nowadays in Bernardo’s center are:

  • general store
  • volunteers’ fire brigade building (recently renovated)
Woman signing box near large window in sunlight at home, getting ready for moving from Bernardo to the East Coast.
People are moving from Bernardo to the East Coast for various reasons.

Bernardo remains attractive to many newcomers

Well, the situation is not as bleak as it may seem at first glance. Lately, rural areas have been attracting a large number of people. Especially those who want to live far from city noise and those who want to be in touch with nature. And Bernardo is no exception. Spacious farmlands surround this nice settlement. Plus, in Bernardo, real estate is not expensive, which is why many people decide to move here with the help of the interstate movers Bernardo TX has to offer.

Why do people move from Bernard to the East Coast?

Reasons to move from Bernardo to the East Coast differ from person to person. However, here are some of the most common ones:

  • Ample job opportunities
  • Joining family
  • Easy access to various services
  • Variety of educational opportunities
  • Better health care
  • Easier access to social services
  • Opportunities for cultural activities and entertainment
  • Possibility to socialize
  • International travel is easier from the East Coast

Living on the East Coast, you will find out that you can easily reach most of the big cities. This can be very important if you are in the wholesale business. Or if you are engaged in overseas transportation of goods. It is up to you to choose the place that best suits your needs. Once you do, just contact cross country movers Texas offers and let them plan your move to the East Coast.

Arial picture of a rural area
Life in Bernardo is not for everyone.

Reasons to leave the rural areas

You have probably heard of people moving to rural areas in order to be in a peaceful place. But there are many people to decide to leave. And why is that? Many of them are just looking for a change, especially if they were born and raised in a small place. They want to experience life in a bigger city. Moreover, in a small place like Bernardo, there are not as many job opportunities as in a bigger city on the East Cost. Plus, there are more educational options for kids of all ages.

Where are people from Bernardo usually moving to?

Some of Bernardo’s residents will simply move to the Texas coastal area. Since Houston is the closest place, they may decide to move there. The young professional will find many job offers in such a big city. For older people, Houston will mean easier moving around the city. Although it can be confusing at first, they will soon learn how to get around.

However, most of the people will move to some of the East Coast states. Here are some of the most popular places where residents of Bernardo move:

  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Virginia
  • Georgia
  • Florida

Some of them may also choose Maryland, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, or Delaware.

Woman standing on top of the building after moving from Bernardo to the East Coast
There are many great places on the east coast where people from Bernardo move.

Moving to New York

If you want a complete change of scenery, moving from Texas to New York is right for you. If so, you must be ready for a great change in lifestyle. Namely, from a small place where you know everyone, you will find yourself surrounded by strangers. Also, in Bernardo, you could meet a neighbor and have an hour’s chat. Even if you get to know some people in New York, they won’t have time. They will constantly be rushing somewhere. So, you will be surrounded by thousands of people, but you might feel more lonely than you ever felt in Bernardo.

If you are a younger person, you will probably move to NYC or one of its suburbs. No matter how much research you do before moving to New York, you will need some time to adapt. Moreover, you will have to get used to the constant noise and rather poor air quality. Also, due to the high rent prices, you will probably have to live in a very small apartment that you will have to share with roommates.

Advantages of living in New York City after moving from Bernardo

Although you will have to adjust to many changes, living in NYC has its benefits too. So, they can be your starting point in adjusting to living in a big city. You will for sure enjoy the beautiful scenery and iconic locations. Going to restaurants and night bars will be easy. After moving to NYC, you won’t need a car. You will soon get used to its excellent public transportation. And you will be able to reach many places on foot. So, concentrating on those good points will help you to overcome the difficulties of living in the City.

Moving to one of the smaller cities in New York state

It could be that you are moving to another city within the state of New York. If so, you will still have to adjust to new customs and new surroundings. But, living in a smaller city, adjusting will be faster. The best way will be to get involved in local community activities. That way, you will get to know people and make friends. That will help you a lot to adjust to your new place.

North Carolina is a great place on the east coast

You might decide that moving from Texas to North Carolina is right for you and your family. Many consider North Carolina an excellent place to live. It is good for raising a family. And it is also popular among retirees and young professionals. One of the advantages you will notice is the temperature. Summers in Texas are very hot. So, you will enjoy the moderate summer temperatures in North Carolina. Besides, by moving to North Carolina, you will be able to choose between a coastal lifestyle and living closer to the mountains. Although living in North Carolina will be different, you will probably adjust to changes quickly.

An Aerial Shot of a City Releigh, NC.
Many consider North Carolina an excellent place to live.

Advantages of living in North Carolina

Living in Bernardo, you had to travel to Columbus to see a general practice doctor. In case of serious problems, they would send you all the way to Houston. So, living in North Carolina, you won’t have such problems. This state has excellent hospitals. Also, it is known for its competitive cost of living. Also, securing a decent job won’t be a problem, as this state has a good job market. Moreover, your kids will have the possibility to choose among many schools. And most of them are top-rated. Also, you won’t need to drive them every day to attend school in Columbus.

Living in South Carolina

If you decide that moving from Texas to South Carolina is right for you, there will be many nice cities where you will be able to start a new chapter of your life. In general, living costs in Texas and South Carolina are similar. Coming from the Bernardo farmlands, you might find South Carolina beaches and diverse landscapes refreshing. Besides, the economy of South Carolina is rising, and it can offer newcomers many job opportunities. All this is good news, as you will easily secure a good job and stable income. Also, South Carolina has excellent healthcare and many job openings in that industry too.

If you are moving with kids, they will enjoy the new environment and good schools. However, you might still have some nostalgia regardless of good living conditions. And this means that you will need time to adjust to your new environment and to a different lifestyle from the one you are used to. Luckily, living in a nice state like South Carolina won’t take too long to adjust.

Living in Virginia could be the right choice when moving from Bernardo to the East Coast

For various reasons, moving from Texas to Virginia could be the right thing for you. First, you will be able to move to some of the smaller places close to Washington, D.C. This means that you will still enjoy the relaxed lifestyle you are used to. And you will be able to get an excellent job and have numerous possibilities to advance in your career. So, living in Virginia will come with a lot of perks. You will be able to visit galleries, theaters, and nice restaurants serving all kinds of dishes. Also, with your income in Virginia, you will have a comfortable lifestyle.

Well, all this sounds nice and encouraging, but you must be ready to fight the nostalgia off and on.  You will need time to accept all the changes that come with moving to another state. You will have to get used to a different way of thinking and to different ways of speaking, driving, etc.

Terrace of the villa with swimming pool
In Virginia, you will enjoy a relaxed lifestyle.

Moving from Bernardo to Georgia

If you are of the opinion that moving from Texas to Georgia will bring better living to you and your family, the chances are that it will. The possibilities of ensuring a nice lifestyle after moving to Georgia are high. Besides, Georgia has highly-rated schools and excellent health care. So, moving to this attractive country will not only solve your employment problem. It will also be good for the youngest and oldest family members. You will find southern comfort food, great cuisine, and a diverse job market in Georgia.

Regardless of the numerous amenities, you will need time to get used to your new surroundings. There will be times, especially in the beginning, when you will miss Bernardo a lot. However, with time, the memories will fade. And you will start to enjoy life in the new place.

Moving from Bernardo to Florida

When you are deciding about moving from Bernardo to East Coast, Florida could be a nice destination. Both you and your family might enjoy it a lot. Florida is known for its relaxed lifestyle, which might remind you of home. However, the scenery will be completely different. You will find yourself surrounded by beautiful beaches that your kids will love. Besides that, Florida has an excellent schooling system and high educational institutions. So, your kids will receive an excellent education. Moreover, after moving from Texas to Florida, you will realize that this state has excellent job opportunities. So, finding a well-paid job won’t be a problem. Getting used to living in such a nice place won’t be hard. However, you will have to get used to wild animals and too many tourists, which will not leave you much privacy, even in your own yard.

Aerial View of Daytona Beach
Florida could be a great choice if you decide to leave Texas.

Moving from Bernardo to the East Coast can be simple

As you can see, moving from Bernardo to the east coast could be a good idea. In general, you will need some time to get used to your new home. But not long after, you will start to feel at home. Your kids will receive a good education. You will be able to secure good jobs and advance in your career. All east coast states also offer excellent health care. This is especially important to your older family members. We could also see that the east coast is diverse, so you will have plenty of choices when choosing the right place to move to.


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