Moving from California to Texas: a brief guide

Relocation is a complicated process. Most people go through a couple in their lives so it kind of pays off to learn how to go about it in advance. If you are moving from California to Texas, you will need to do quite a bit before everything is through and through. The first thing that you might want to do if you want to lessen the burden, is to consider hiring state to state movers to help you with your relocation. However, even with their help, there will be things that you need to do on your own. This article will serve as a brief guide for moving to your new home. You will find all the important information about moving preparations, below.

The Lone Star State has the best location!

Texas, with a total of 28.7 million people. Texas has the second-largest total area in the country. It is also the country’s second most populous state, with only California being more populous.

Based on where you reside, the price of living in TX might be inexpensive. The average household earnings vary by location, but across Texas, it is $60,629 per year. Texas is one of only a few states that does not have a personal or government income tax. Property taxes are among the most expensive in the country, yet lower spending power translates to nicer properties and apartments. Because of the mild winters, you will pay less for power than you may imagine. Texas is home to the country’s largest public colleges.

If you are planning to move to Texas but don`t know which city, maybe the best place for you is Houston, if that´s the case Houston out of state movers can help you with everything you need for relocation. Texas is a contemporary state with many trees and flora, as well as high-rise skyscrapers, rushing along vehicle routes.

Black and white sign of Texas
Texas has something for everyone, including low-cost housing and great educational options

Why are Californians moving to Texas?

There are various causes for this, including:

  • The state income tax in California is the most expensive in the country.
  • Housing and rent rates are extraordinarily expensive, and one-third of California renters cannot afford them.
  • Endless traffic rule infractions and aggressive driving on the road.
  • The inability to conduct business within the state.
  • The uncertain political situation with a leftward shift.
  • The wage-to-cost-of-living ratio is unreasonable.

How to prepare for moving from California to Texas?

Here is a nifty list of things to do before you commit to the move itself:

  • Organize and create a checklist
  • Do some research on the new place of living
  • Find a job and a good school for your children well in advance
  • Gather moving boxes and packing supplies
  • Prepare ahead of time
  • Gather advice for moving
  • Ask your friends and family for help
  • Hire a professional moving company

Organize and create a checklist

The organization is key in this endeavor. As soon as you know about your relocation you need to start making plans. You don’t need to make actual plans right that moment but you need to have your relocation in mind, always. Everything that you do from the moment you realize that you will be moving needs to consider your move. The best thing that you can do for yourself is to create a moving checklist. Do take some time to research and figure out what exactly needs to be on the checklist, though. Usually, all the really important bits you can find online as guidelines. However, every situation is special, and you will have many tasks that you need to accomplish before the move that is unique to your situation.

As soon as you remember that something needs to be done, write it down on the checklist. The best place to keep the checklist is on your phone, as that ensures that you can easily jot down any addition on the spot. Make sure to create a backup of the checklist, as well, you can never be too safe!

a person writing
Create a moving checklist as soon as you find out about the move

Do some research on the new place of living

Before you move, fire up that internet browser yet again and see what you can find about your new place of residence. This can change some of your plans in some cases. If you are 100% committed to the move and have already hired long distance movers Dallas, don’t fret over the bad stuff. It is easy to get into a downward spiral over the internet. Most of the time you can find exactly what you are looking for. If you are looking for bad things, you will find them. The same goes for good things so you better search for those.

If you are not committed, however, make sure to research the place thoroughly to make sure that it is where you want to live for the foreseeable future.

Find a job and a good school for your children well in advance

Another thing, you want to have some things sorted out way before you relocate. Small things such as a job and a good school for your kids, for example. This is something that can change lives if it is done with less care than it deserves. Make sure that you have a proper job waiting for you and that you know which school your kid is going to go to when moving from California to Texas. Don’t leave this for later, once you relocate. Job safety and a proper school is paramount for healthy family life. This can be very stressful, but Austin interstate movers can assist you in dealing with the stress of relocating. Don’t take any chances with this, make sure that everything is well taken care of long before the moving truck leaves your old home.

A man and a woman assisting a girl while jumping after moving from California to Texas
Try to find a job before you move to your new place

Gather moving boxes and packing supplies

And speaking of the moving truck, you will need quite a bit of moving supplies for the road ahead. Items such as moving boxes and assorted materials such as packing tape, packing peanuts, and so on, will be required. The cheapest way to acquire these is to search online for good deals. There are places online, such as Craigslist, that will provide you with these items at a lower price than retail stores. As for the moving boxes, these you can usually get really cheap or even free from your local stores. Simply walk around and ask in a few stores about the boxes, you are sure to have a supply of them in a short time.

If you have no time to gather moving supplies and pack everything on your own, you can hire a professional mover and get their full packing services. You can also ask your friends and family members if they have, or know someone that does, moving supplies that they do not need anymore. Word of mouth is very powerful and if you give it a bit of time, you may be surprised by the results!

Prepare ahead of time

Get an early start on your preparation to avoid having to finish everything at the very last minute. You don’t have to finish every room in a single weekend. Once you’ve determined your relocation date, you may plan your packing. Packaging your belongings is one of the best specialties that, out of state movers San Antonio can offer. Perhaps it means wrapping up your guest room in the week, your children’s bedroom the following week, and the family room shortly before the big day. You’ll be OK as long as you’re packed and ready to leave when the movers come.

Here are a few packing suggestions:

  1. Wrap your furnishings with heavy blankets and bubble wrap twice.
  2. Mark glassware and other fragile objects as “fragile” so you know to take extra care with them during shipping.
  3. To safeguard your office gear, electronics, and kitchen equipment from becoming scratched or destroyed during the transfer, use specific boxes.
  4. Color-code your packages by region to make it easier to find things.

Advice for a person relocating to Texas

Every person relocating to Texas from California should not only weigh all of the advantages and drawbacks of the move but also plan for the relocation process, you should know that planning a move is a stressful experience but with cross country movers Dallas that experience can go smoothly. It is normal to have a completely new experience if you are relocating with children or thinking about transferring canines from California to TX. When you begin preparing your move, the first step you need to do is understand how and where you will obtain all of the essential documentation to remain lawfully in Texas. You may also need to alter your driver’s license and do additional activities with your car to drive properly in the state, in which case DMV.ORG might be of assistance.

Ask your friends and family for help when moving from California to Texas

Speaking of friends and family, you can also ask them to help you prepare for your relocation to Lone Star State. The fact of the matter is that you are not inviting them to use them as free labor. You are inviting them to spend time with you in your old home. That is bound to evoke some great memories and a few laughs. Having your friends over, and helping with the relocation, is a great bonding experience that cannot be underestimated. Think about that if you are one of those people that are shy to ask for help.

couple unpacking after moving from California to Texas
Ask friends or family to help you prepare for moving from California to Texas

Hire a professional moving company

Finally, you may want to spare yourself from additional stress and work by hiring professional movers. The fact of the matter is that relocations are usually quite hard without their help. You can hire as many or as few services as you need, they are highly adaptable. Simply let them know that you are moving from California to Texas and ask them about a free estimate to start things off. That is always a good start.

Texas is waiting for you!

Texas has had rapid job development, varied cities, and oil boomtowns. With a rich culture and relatively reasonable housing, it’s no surprise that individuals are moving from California to Texas. The broad regions of Texas provide prospective inhabitants a high opportunity of selecting a spot that best meets their needs, from huge urban centers to countless miles of fully open landscapes. You will definitely not regret moving here. Texas is a great place to start a new chapter in your life!




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