Moving out of Texas – what is there to know?

Relocating to another place is always an exciting time in our lives. It doesn’t matter why are you moving out of Texas, you are regardless en route to start a new chapter in your life. That can be exciting just as much as it can be stressful. In order to minimize stress, we want to help you by sharing our knowledge and experience. In this article, we’ll go through the main reasons people decide to leave Texas, and also what you should pay attention to while organizing your relocation.

Why do people leave Lone Star State?

Let’s start first with what are the main reasons that drive people to relocate. It’s important to note that Texas is the 2nd most moved-to state, as well as the 2nd most moved away from. Many things make Texas great, but for some people, it’s simply not enough as they have other wishes.

Dallas buildings at night
Many people are moving out of Texas but at the same time many are moving in

New business opportunities

It’s not that Texas doesn’t have enough jobs, but some states and cities simply have better opportunities. For instance, Chicago has had the most stable job market in the past 25 years. Both big and small businesses understand the value of being flexible toward employees who are willing to learn new skills. The unemployment rate is steadily going down, and it attracts many people from all over the US, including Texas. If a better job is what you are after, Chicago might be the right place for you. Find the right movers Houston to Chicago but only after you’ve secured a new job there!

People are relocating out of Texas in search of a better education

While Texas has plenty of great schools and colleges, it’s a fact that some states and cities have it better in terms of education. Not one city in Texas can come close to the likes of Boston, for instance. Nicknamed the Athens of America, it’s the home of over 50 colleges and universities in its metropolitan area. It’s not just the quantity but also the quality of those universities that sets it apart. It’s truly the global center of higher education. If you plan on moving from Texas to Boston, you should also know that, unlike in Texas, you won’t really need a car. The public transportation system is one of the best in the US, so you can reduce the cost of living by ditching your car.

Many relocate in order to live a more active and vibrant lifestyle

Even though many cities in Texas are big, exciting, and vibrant, some other cities in the US are even more so. The appeal of not knowing what could happen in your life in those big places like New York or New Jersey is what makes many people decide to relocate. Some people simply want their day-to-day lives to be thrilling as they thrive in a fast-paced environment. This is one of the reasons a lot of people are moving from Texas to New Jersey, New York, and similar towns, as they seek new adventures.

Infrastructure is one of the reasons people are moving out

Texas ranks in the 25th spot out of all states in the US when it comes to infrastructure, transportation, and energy. It’s not uncommon for the Texas power grid to fail in harsh weather conditions, which we’ve seen happen in the recent past. That’s why many people are moving from Texas to DC or some other similar district in the US that has much better infrastructure. It’s perfectly understandable, as people are moving out of Texas to ensure their lives and the lives of their kids are as comfortable as possible, so they can focus on education, work, and other important things in life.

How to prepare for moving out of Texas?

Before you move out you need to understand that there are some things that you need to do. The better you organize the better moving experience you will have. Moreover, your new life will start on a good note if you have a successful relocation. Therefore, here are the things that you might want to do before you move out of Texas:

  • Find a new home, job, and school for your kids in advance
  • Organize and create a moving checklist
  • Set a date for decluttering before you leave Texas
  • Search for a reliable and professional mover
  • Prepare your kids for the relocation if you are relocating out of Texas 
  • Transfer utilities

Find a new home, job, and school for your kids before moving out of Texas

This might sound redundant, but it is well worth mentioning. You never want to deal with uncertainties. Before you hire state to state movers, you need to know where they will be moving your stuff to. Aside from that, you will also need to figure out which school you want to send your kids to. This is really important, and you should never leave that decision for later. The best thing you can do is to find a school and a job before you move anywhere. While you can try and manage everything on the spot, it will be quite difficult. You will have a lot of things on your mind after the relocation.

a blue house
Find a new home for you and your family

Make sure that you have a job lined up before moving. You want to have something solid for the start, not something which you can lose in a month or two. The fact of the matter is that your mental health is really dependent on you having a job before you move. After the move, searching for a job becomes much more stressful.

Create a moving checklist

After you have all of the major things sorted out, it is time to work on the moving process itself. The first (and the best) thing that you may want to do is to create a checklist for moving out of state. This will be of immense help when organizing your relocation. It is really simple, too. All you need to do is write down every single task that you need to accomplish before the move. Don’t be afraid to add things to the list as you remember more of them. You also need to constantly update the list as you finish chores and tasks. This will serve as an excellent organizational tool, and you can even add timelines to the checklist. All in all, having a moving checklist will help you stay ahead of the curve and make your relocation much more organized.

a person making a checklist for moving out of Texas
Create a moving checklist before you relocate

Search for a reliable and professional mover

Finding a good and reliable moving company can take some time. You need to figure out which movers are the best for you. Every moving company has its pros and cons, and it is up to you to decide which one suits your needs the most. This process may take you a while, so it is best if you start early. One tip, though, is to not only look at the low-cost companies. Some companies can offer you “lowballed” estimates and charge you a lot more down the line. Make sure you don’t fall prey to those.

Prepare your kids for the relocation

Moving out from your old home into a new one can get your kids stressed out. You will need to minimize the negative effect that moving might have on them. The best way is to properly prepare them for relocation. You can do so by always being positive about the move, pointing out all the fun things that you can do at your new home, and being firm, but fair, about the move itself. The most important is that you talk with your kids and not lose your temper, no matter what. You are the adult, and you need to stay in control. Losing your temper always makes matters worse.

Set a date for decluttering before you move out of Texas

Another crucial process that you need to undergo is decluttering. You most likely have things that will not be making the trip to your new home with you. Depending on your hoarding abilities, this may range from just a few things to a veritable mountain of them. You will need to figure out which ones will be making the cut. Your moving costs will greatly depend on the total weight of your items. Less weight = fewer costs. Simple as that.

You can also earn some money if you choose to sell your belongings in a garage sale, for example. However, do note that organizing a successful garage sale can get quite work-intensive. You can also simply donate most of your unwanted stuff to charity.

mover holding a box before moving out of Texas
Hire professionals to assist you with your upcoming relocation

Transfer utilities

Finally, you will need to schedule the transfer of your utilities to the new address before you leave Texas. This is not really complicated but a lot of people tend to forget this simple fact. Most of us take electricity, water, and similar utilities for granted, not even wanting to know how they get to us. Well, if you want to have all of your utilities at your new location, you will need to transfer them from your old home. This is a process that takes a couple of days to a couple of weeks, depending on the provider. What you want to do is to call your provider and see how much time and advance notice they require. You don’t want to be out of electricity before you move, and you want to have it once you move with long distance movers Austin to your new house.

Good luck with your move!

Now that you know everything about moving out of Texas you are ready to start preparing for your relocation. Going to a new place is going to be both stressful and exciting, but we are sure that once everything is done you will be able to enjoy your life. Texas is great but there are many other places that are worth exploring. Just make sure you pick a place that suits your needs and your lifestyle, in order to have a happy life!

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