NJ or VA – where should you move with a newborn?

When you have a baby, you would do anything to make them safe and happy. One of the decisions you have to make is where will you raise your kid. It is crucial to determine what kind of childhood you want for your kid. Once you can answer that question, you can start choosing the best place for your kid. It is not just how big the house is. You need to think of the neighborhood and the environment. That is why it will be a struggle to choose NJ or VA. But whichever you choose, hiring the best moving company State to State Move will be the best choice.

Pros and cons of NJ

Since you will be interested in the environment best for your newborn, there are a few facts you need to know about NJ. And although it is maybe too early to pick a school for a kid, once you determine that NJ is the right place for you, you should know next. There are some of the best public schools for your kid. Not to mention the private ones. So if you are thinking a little more far into the future, the best education is right here.

When we think about walking around and spending time outside with newborns, it is important that the place is safe. NJ has an average rate when it comes to crime. So it might not be too safe to walk around during the night all alone, but during the day, taking your id for fresh air is completely safe.

Once we have mentioned the fresh air, Nj is something you might want to avoid. According to some studies from 2018, the air is very polluted in this part of the state. So based on this fact, you might want to do some research and explore the recent studies about air pollution here. However, if you are moving from Texas to New Jersey, these are the fact that need to be checked and researched.

mother holding a child and thinking which place to pick NJ or VA
Think about your kid’s future when you pick the place for the relocation


Virginia is something you should consider when you want to move with your newborn. Not just that this is a very friendly environment. It is because of the fact that people with families or the ones who are starting it are choosing this place for living. And day by day, Virginia is becoming the place where you can meet people with similar interests.

There are many job opportunities so if you are moving from Texas to Virginia, you will find it easy to find a new job. This is not directly related to the newborns, but it will give you security when it comes to earnings. And once you have more money to spend on your kid, you are giving him a chance to explore everything he can think of.

When we think about the environment, VA is a place where it is not that polluted. But the schools are not above average. So when you have to choose NJ or VA, you need to sit down and write your priorities. The baby comes first. So if you want your newborn to have fresh air but average education, VA is the choice for you.

parents holding baby
If you pick NJ or VA, make sure you think about your newborn needs and future.

How to pack for a move with a newborn whether you are moving to NJ or VA?

There is too much to be done once you are relocating with a baby. But there are a few important rules to follow to make your relocation go smoothly.

Do not change the baby’s routine

Newborns can feel. Even though they cannot tell you that they can feel all the stress and anxiety, they feel it like we do. Do try not to change their routine. Make sure you follow their needs through the packing process.

Packing boxes

It is very simple. You do not pack the baby stuff at first. You leave them for the last day. Make sure that all the boxes are labeled. And once you hire the best cross country movers Texas has you make it clear to them in which boxes are these items. Make sure they are last loaded in the truck. And after the relocation, once you’re in your new home, unpacking the baby stuff is the number one thing to do. So make sure you have all prepared for this process to go without disruptions.

Things to have always by your side

When you are relating with your newborn, you must have a baby bag always by your side. In this bag must be diapers, bottles, two or three pants, and t-shirts and bottles. You never know when the baby will be hungry. This is also to be secure that if something happens during the relocation, you can change the diaper or feed your newborn. So make sure you have packed a baby bag before the move.

One last tip for the end is to always have someone around when you are packing and preparing for a move. That can be your mother or some relative. Someone that will look after the baby until you are done with all the tasks and things that need to be prepared for the moving day.

woman packing baby bag for moving to NJ or VA
Make sure that you always have bottle and diapers by your side during the relocation

When you want to relocate with your newborn and you think of NJ or VA, make sure you explore everything about these two places. You can talk to people who had similar experiences. See if you can relate to them and maybe use some advice. But the most important thing is to look for the baby’s needs. This means that you might not like someplace because it does not have good restaurants that are close. The newborn does not care about those things. But we all know that when the parents are happy, the baby is happy too. So make sure you bring your decision as a family.

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