Shipping your car across the US – why should you do it?

Packing and moving from state to state is a long and tiresome project. It requires time and dedication. At one point we will catch ourselves thinking if it’s even worth it. Furniture, clothes, appliances, and many more items, are waiting to be packed. But what many forget is what’s outside of the house! Shipping your car across the US doesn’t seem like a problem until it’s time to do it. But don’t worry here are some reasons why you should do it, and how to.

How to start?

When shipping your car across the US, we need to start by writing down a plan. A plan goes a long way and helps us decide what step to take during the whole process. Maby it doesn’t seem that important but being organized makes it easier if you are moving from Texas to Florida, and have many other things to worry about. Here are some tips we prepared for you.

  • Reserve a shipping Quote
  • Shipping your car across the US preparations
  • Car pick up
  • Receive your car
  • Why you should do it?


Two cars in the parking lot
Shipping your car across the state is easier than you think!

Reserve a shipping Quote

We recommend looking through many different vehicle shipping services until you find the best cross country movers Texas. Maybe to you, every provider is the same but we assure you there are differences. Some will pay more attention to your car and minimize the damages that can happen. And some may not provide the same attention. In order to reserve a slot for your car, you need to fill out a form. The form depends on the provider. Some will be in form of a phone call. In which you will be talking directly to a company employee. There they will ask for you to give them your own and other important moving information required for the reservation. There is also a form of online booking. Here you will yourself fill out all the necessary details.

Shipping your car across the US -preparations

In order to ship your car across the US, you will first need to give some car details. Based on auto transportation guidelines you will need to disclose the condition of your car. Is your car working properly? If your car can’t start it will have to be loaded with a winch. Also, that includes cars that cant roll or brake or steer. Some other important information would be if your car is modified. Modified cars can pack more weight or be lower or wider than normal cars of the same type. That requires special attention. And that will cost you more.

car engine
Check the engine before shipping your car across the US.

Car pick up

When you are moving your car across the US, the essential thing is that the company you hired will come and pick up your car. Let’s start with what happens after you find your shipping company. After placing the shipping order and getting confirmation, your company will take the information. After the date of the move is confirmed interstate movers Dallas will look for appropriate transportation for you. Be it a moving truck or a carrier will depend on what’s closest to you and is the best fit for your car.

When the transportation method is set, you will get a pickup window. At that time you are required to give a detailed explanation of the pickup and delivery address. At that time you won’t be shipping your car across the US blind. You will get the driver’s information, number, and all the other necessary things to keep up with your shipping.

Receive your car

The key part of shipping your car across the US is delivery. Sometimes the transportation used for shipping is too big and ships other vehicles next to yours. So many delivering it to your doorstep is not an option. In that case, you need to discuss the delivery locations with your driver. Then you can meet at a pre-approved location and receive your vehicle. Usually, if this happens the locations warry from large open spaces to many parking lots of malls or big stores. If you can’t do it yourself you can have your relatives or friends pick it up for you.

Make sure you inspect your car and take note of any new damages that may have occurred during the shipping of your car across the US. There may not be any. But checking will not do any harm. This is also the part where you pay for your shipment. Usually, it’s done by cash but if you discuss it pre-shipping many other methods are acceptable.

Car carrier shipping your car across the US
Car carriers can ship multiple cars across the US.

Why you should do it?

Why should you ship your car? Shipping your car across the country may sound expensive or time-consuming, and why should you do it when you can just drive it? Well for starters it’s not as expensive as one would think. Usually what defines the price is the shipping distance, model of car and its conditions, also the time of the shipping(time of year), and the type of transportation and delivery you pick. For example, open carriers can ship 10 cars at the same time. That will save you lots of money especially if you are shipping more than one car across the US. Also, a lot of time will be wasted. You need at least 4 days of driving to get your car across the US. This takes up a lot of time you could have spent on unpacking or many hours of work you could have put in.

All in all, shipping your car across the US or driving it yourself all depends on you. We believe that shipping is one of the safest and time-saving methods. As you can directly fly to your desired location and finish all of the preparations for work or home before your car arrives. It’s a time you can better spend with family or friends before you resume work. Whatever you do in the end, we hope we helped you decide if you should ship your car across the US.


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