Tips for Adjusting to Rural Life in Bernardo When You Move

The pandemic that we went through a few years ago left a big impact on our lives. Everything we knew drastically shifted overnight, leaving us with a feeling of uncertainty. Various restrictions were on force, making everyday life difficult. Many things changed, immigration patterns being one of them. Until recently, people were flocking to big cities and urban areas, only to see a drastic change nowadays. People started massively moving to city suburbs and rural areas, in search of a more peaceful life. This moving pattern emerged in the whole world, and Texas is no exception. People started leaving cities like Houston and Austin, in favor of smaller, rural places. Reputable long distance moving companies can help you join this trend, but today we will focus on giving you tips for adjusting to rural life in Bernardo when you move.

General information about Bernardo

Bernardo is a small unincorporated community in Texas. More precisely, it is part of the northeast portion of Colorado County, in the southeast part of the state. You can find it between the popular Interstate 10 and Cat Spring. In 2000, the population in this town was 155, and it hasn’t changed much since then. It has always been home to direct descendants of the original German settlers, who came here in the 1840s. In that time, it has been an important hub in this part of the state, but now, it is a forgotten little place – or so we thought. We the recent trend change, more and more people are hiring long distance movers Bernardo TX to make places like this their new home. Rural places like this are normally home to an older population, but the arrival of many young families is string up the traditional demographics.

Picture of a woman adjusting to rural life in Bernardo when you move
Bernardo is a very small place in Texas

Why is Bernardo an ideal place for rural living?

As we stated, Bernardo is a small, rural community in one of the least commonly known parts of Texas. This area features plains of shrubs and trees with scattered patches of subtropical woodlands. This town is located in an open area, with the closest bigger inhabited place at 11 miles away. This seems like a small distance, but remember that those 11 miles between them are not inhabited – but an open area. This makes Bernardo a perfect place for rural living since it is far from crowded cities, surrounded by nothing but nature. Our long distance movers Texas might be used to working mostly in bigger cities, but their expertise reaches the smallest places, like Bernardo. The majority of housing options here are single and multi-family homes, with yards of different sizes. This makes the enjoyment of rural life possible – to its full extent.

How can you start adjusting to rural life in Bernardo when you move?

In case you moved to Bernardo from neighboring places like Mentz and Cat Springs, the differences will be minor. These are other small unincorporated communities, where life is very similar to life in Bernardo. But the majority of newcomers move with the help of long distance moving companies San Antonio, and other bigger cities. In a situation like this, the lifestyle change will be more drastic – and you might need help adjusting to rural life in Bernardo when you move.

a boy walking a dog thinking about adjusting to rural life in Bernardo
There are several ways you can make adjusting to rural life in Bernardo easier and faster.

Some effective adjusting methods are:

  • Getting to know your neighbors and participating in community events
  • Staying in touch with friends and family back home
  • Exploring the beauties in Bernardo
  • Learning basic rural skills
  • Discovering new hobbies
  • Finding work and supporting local businesses

Get to know your neighbors

Since Bernardo is a small place that is home to a very small population, you will have neighbors. They might not be next-door neighbors like you are used to, but they will like relatively close. Even though there are only a few hundred people here, your neighbors should be the first that you meet. Texans are famous for their hospitality, and it shines in places like these. Bernardinians are also not used to seeing new faces, so they will be happy to see a new neighbor moving in. The place is so small, that someone moving into a neighborhood will not go unnoticed. Expect your future neighborhoods to welcome you to the community, and sometimes even offer you moving help. This will be a great first opportunity to feel out the community, which you will see is warm.

Picture of people shaking hands
Your neighbors will be the first people you meet, and they will make adjusting to rural life in Bernardo when you move easier.

Participate in community events

In a place this small, events and entertainment options are scarce, so the only events are the ones that the small community organizes. The closest ones are in Columbus, a 14 minutes drive away. But even though a bigger place, the community events are very limited and repetitive. Apart from fundraisers and some art exhibits, other events are very limited to national holidays. But even with this number of events, you will get to see local people, that you will inevitably get to know at some point. This way you can only connect due to mutual interests and get to know each other faster.

Staying in touch with people back home is just as important when adjusting to rural life in Bernardo when you move

Moving to a new place doesn’t mean leaving everything from your old life behind. You will have family and friends in the place where you previously lived, and they can help you adjust to rural life in Berando to some extent. A new home will make you feel disconnected, for at least a few weeks. People who are already in your life can help you deal with moving anxiety – as it can get worse if you keep it to yourself. Check on each other as often as possible, and tell them about the new things that you get to experience in your new, rural home!

Exploring Bernardo and the surrounding area

Bernardo as a place doesn’t have any official outdoor recreational opportunities, but it is surrounded by nature, so the outdoors is all around you! Since the place is very sparsely populated, traffic is also close to nonexistent. This makes being outside very enjoyable, as you can wander around the town with very few disruptions. Lake Conroe is 83 miles away from Bernardo, located north of Houston – which is also full of entertainment. This lake features numerous trails and beautiful views, but it is also the place where many events are hosted. The Conroe Cajun Catfish Festival is one of the events with the longest tradition, that features a favorite activity in the area – fishing!

Picture of a person walking on a narrow surface
Nature is all around Bernardo

Learn new skills

Since its beginning, Bernardo has been home to an agricultural community. Today, nothing much has changed, as the majority of households here still dedicate to small-scale agriculture. Some of them sell their produce at the local farmers’ market, while the majority grow food for their own families. This is a skill that not many young people know, but many are starting to appreciate its value. It gives self-sustainability like nothing else, so if you want to learn and implement gardening into your everyday life, Bernardo is the place to be. Many locals will be more than happy to teach you the basics, but until you make friends with them, organizations like Texas Garden Clubs can help. The biggest tip we can give you regarding this is that gardening is a skill that everyone can learn if you want to put in the effort and take a few defeats. A green thumb doesn’t grow overnight!

Discovering new hobbies

Continuing to the topic of new skills – new hobbies are also a good thing to pick up. They can help you de-stress after a move and help you meet new people. Living in a big city might not have given you time for hobbies, but Bernardo’s good work-life balance will give you plenty of time to enjoy life. You will be surrounded by nature, which will give you the opportunity for plenty of new hobbies. Running, hiking, birdwatching and painting are just a few of the many things you could do in a place like this.

Finding work and supporting local businesses

To be honest, if you are someone who is looking for a high-end job that is well-paid, Bernardo likely isn’t the place for you. Apart from the very few local businesses, employment opportunities are nonexistent here. Most of the family-owned businesses are agriculture-oriented or retail shops that rarely employ newcomers. You might not be able to work in them, but you can support them by favoring their produce over that from the supermarket. As far as jobs are concerned, you will have to commute to bigger nearby places like Columbus if you want to have a standard job. Digital nomads and remote workers, for example, can work from anywhere and they would probably enjoy life in Bernardo, aside from a few minor inconveniences.

a farmers market trip is a great way of adjusting to rural life in Bernardo when you move
Local businesses depend on people like you, so show them your support by buying their products

Rural life also brings certain inconveniences

According to many, rural life is the way that humans are supposed to live. But for someone who might have lived in the city, it will be full of inconveniences. In the beginning, it might be difficult to get used to this. But as time passes, you will see that the bad sides are evened out by the good ones. Some of the inconveniences that you will notice when adjusting to rural life in Bernardo when you move are:

  • Limited dining and shopping options
  • Power outages and limited internet access

Limited entertainment is a normal occurrence when adjusting to rural life in Bernardo when you move

Rural areas are great for being outdoors and connecting to nature and the community. But city life entertainment will be mostly unavailable. In places like Bernard, big shopping malls don’t exist, only small shops that offer the necessities. Dining options are also not available within the limits of the places – only in the surrounding bigger cities. The best restaurant in the area is Texas Star Cafe in New Ulm. It is 19 miles away – relatively close when you crave some comfort food.

Power outages and limited internet access

Texas is the most tornado-prone state in the USA. Over 100 tornadoes hit Texas each year, and the majority of them affect the eastern part of the state. Bernardo is located in southeast Texas, but you can still expect tornadoes and severe storms to happen. This is one of the parts of moving to Texas. There isn’t much to do about it. These make power outages a normal occurrence, especially from April to June. The Public Utility Commission of Texas usually takes care of this in the shortest time frame, but it can sometimes take up to a few days, depending on the damage done. Limited internet access is also a cause of concern for people nowadays, as rural areas often don’t have good internet access. The advice we would give you is to investigate with the locals, which internet connection they have. If all else fails, you can easily find portable Wi-Fi devices, that usually don’t cost more than $1,000.

Picture of a lit candle
Adjusting to rural life in Bernardo when you move will require getting used to a few inconveniences

Final thoughts on adjusting to rural life in Bernardo when you move

No matter how hard you try, adjusting to rural life in Bernardo when you move will take some time. Moving is always a big change and shock, and you will feel out of place for a while. Even your new home won’t feel like home yet, so get to arranging your plants if you moved some with you. And don’t rush yourself to do anything – it will only add on more pressure. Try to get rest and establish a routine, and from there on it will be easier. Unpacking shouldn’t be the first thing to worry about, but you shouldn’t procrastinate in either. Finding a good balance is always important. We wish you good luck and plenty of enjoyment from your new rural surroundings!

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