Worst moving conditions you should avoid

There are simply times when you should not relocate. There are many sub-optimal conditions for your relocation which you can endure through but there are some that you absolutely should postpone your move in. Especially if you are hiring moving companies state to state relocation. The risk associated with these moving conditions you should avoid is one that you really don’t want to take. This article is going to go into details of these conditions and explain why you should not move when they are present.

What are the moving conditions you should avoid?

Here are the three worst conditions where you may want to postpone the move:

  • Extremely bad weather
  • Riots
  • Pandemic
One of the moving conditions you should avoid – Bad weather.

Extremely bad weather

Weather conditions influence everything, from relocations to a simple trip to the store. In fact, many interstate movers Texas will advise against relocating in really bad weather, opting to delay the relocation until the weather clears. Here is what you need to avoid:

  • One of the moving conditions you should avoid – Extremely hot weather
  • A lot of rain
  • Snowy and icy days

One of the moving conditions you should avoid – Extremely hot weather

When the temperature is overly hot, the risk increases exponentially. Not only humans are affected by the weather, but the moving equipment will also take a hit. In these conditions, it is always better to simply wait out the worst of it and to relocate when the temperature cools down. In order to avoid this, you can plan the move as early in the morning as possible or even in the evening hours. Talk it through with your moving company and figure out the best way to proceed. And don’t forget to create a moving checklist to help you with your moving process.

A lot of rain

Rain makes for unfavorable moving conditions as it is. The roads will be slick and the danger to your belongings is greater. If there is a lot of rain pouring down, relocation might as well be impossible. Just to be clear, we are talking about near-flood conditions. Some rain is alright but a lot of it is not. It will be difficult to manage the transport of your items to and from the moving truck in these conditions. There is nothing you can do about it except waiting for the rain to go through its course. Most of the time, these harsh conditions do not last long but they will severely hamper your moving efforts, should you choose to proceed regardless.

It’s difficult to relocate during the heavy rain.

Snowy and icy days

Also, in the cases of extreme snow and ice, it is best to postpone the move. Snow and ice are even worse than rain, increasing the risk factor dramatically. Not only will the moving truck need to navigate through icy streets, but the transport of your items will also be severely endangered as well. You never want to proceed with your relocation in these conditions, regardless of the insurance that you have. Your best bet is to carefully monitor the weather forecasts and to work with your moving company on the best day to relocate. It is not worth trying to push through these harsh conditions, most of the time. However, if you can’t cancel your relocation, you should know about these two powerful tips to move out of state during winter and prepare properly!


During the recent events, riots have unfortunately become a reality. Needless to say, if there are riots in your area, you need to postpone the move. The riots themselves are extremely volatile and unpredictable, no one knows what can happen. That is why you need to take note of that and simply delay the move as much as you can. They do not go forever and will quiet down after some time but their effects can be quite significant. The only good thing about them is that, for the most part, you can predict them and stay at home. Keep an eye out for local happenings and try to listen to the “word of the street”. You can’t do anything about them once they happen but you can try and not be in a bad position to start with.

The most important thing is to be safe. Keep an eye on your neighborhood and try to avoid any conflict with any rioters. Do not ever try to argue with the mob, as that is impossible.


Most of the time this will not be an issue but the unfortunate reality is that it currently is. Moving in the state of a pandemic is never a good idea if you can avoid it. Especially in this one, as people can be infected and contagious even without them knowing it. The tests for the virus are getting scarce and it is always better to stay at home during a pandemic. You don’t really want to risk either your or other people’s health by moving into another area in the time of the virus.

Therefore, the simple solution is not to move at this time. But if you really need to, you will want to take every single precaution that you can. If you really need to be moving during a pandemic, you need to prepare accordingly. This condition, by itself, is not stopping your relocation but it does put you and others at some risk. Try to stay as safe as possible but the fact of the matter is that you need to avoid moving at this time if you can.

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Cancel or postpone the move during the pandemic.

Other moving conditions you should avoid?

There are plenty of conditions that can severely hamper your move, apart from the ones listed above. However, they are quite rare and you will know not to move if they occur. You also might want to avoid the peak moving season if you can manage it. There are good reasons why most of the people move within this timeframe but if you can sort out your relocation in some other time, you will reap many benefits.

The main benefit of moving out of season is that it will simply cost you less. You will also be able to get better overall deals on moving as the companies will be more inclined to offer them when they are not overworked. While not exactly one of the moving conditions you should avoid, not moving in the peak time is a great way to save some money.

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