5 traits of Texas lifestyle everyone should get used to

Are you planning to move to Texas this year? You are going to love it. But, you will have to get used to it first. The whole idea of moving to a new place and starting over can be frightening, especially if you don’t know what to expect and what is waiting for you there. That is why it is useful to review some traits of Texas lifestyle, to get to know the people, the economy, and the culture. It will better prepare you for your upcoming life-changing experience. Getting organized is the most efficient way to embrace the change that comes with relocation. When you have more information, you can rely on your judgment and make the right calls. That will make the process less stressful, and you will be able to enjoy the Texas lifestyle sooner.

What are these traits of Texas lifestyle we are talking about?

If you talk to a Texan, you very soon realize that they perceive their state to be bigger and better. That is especially true when talking about certain things like hospitality, generosity, food, music, and even politics. It is hard to list all the characteristics of Texas lifestyle, but we can look at at least five which stand out the most:

  • Rural Texas is shrinking, and urban Texas is growing
  • Texan people are generous, and their hospitality is famous worldwide
  • The food scene in Texas is diverse and unique
  • Traffic in Texas is a messy
  • Texans are tough and proud people

The list goes on, but you can get the feel of what to expect after you set your relocation in motion. Getting to know the Lone Star State is the first step to accepting it and ultimately loving it.

The population in rural Texas is declining, and the large cities are getting larger

When you think of Texas, you probably imagine the vast ranches, cowboys, and livestock. But the fact is, people are moving to large cities. The economy dictates the pace of life and Texas economy depends on large corporations in large cities. They say everything is bigger in Texas, and that is true. Cities like Houston, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio are welcoming immigrants faster than in the previous decades. Moving to a large, diverse city may be scary at first but look at the bright side. It offers countless opportunities and makes it easy to relocate. Suppose you are moving to Austin – you will be able to choose among many long distance moving companies Austin TX has to offer. Relocating to a rural area would mean fewer options and some more planning. Not to mention the other benefits city life offers, such as employment opportunities and access to great public schools.

Dallas in Texas
Everything is bigger in Texas, and Texas large cities are getting even larger

You probably hear a lot about Texas hospitality

Texas residents are friendly and generous people. They don’t hesitate to help. Remember Hurricane Katrina when Texas helped its neighboring city of New Orleans by offering refugee to its citizens. Texans are neighborly people who like to say hello in the grocery store and start a chat in line with the movie theater. They take pride in their southern hospitality, making it one of the most famous traits of Texas lifestyle. If you happen to be invited to your neighbor’s house just a few days after you move in, don’t think it is strange. It is Texas normal. They will probably prepare dinner and make you feel like a part of the family. Don’t resist it, as this is how Texans are. You will start having random chats in the doctor’s office waiting room without even noticing before you know it.

Texas food is iconic, no doubt about it

Texas is a melting pot of cultures. Consider San Antonio, for example. If you are currently browsing through long distance moving companies San Antonio based, it means your upcoming move is taking you to the Alamo city. Think about Alamo and its heritage. No wonder the culture and the cuisine are so diverse and unique. Some of the most famous dishes you will find in this area are tacos, sweet potato fries, chicken fried steak, and Texas quail. If you have never tasted these, you are in for a treat. Alamo tacos are a signature dish, its origins being in Tex Mex cuisine. Texas quail is often marinated in olive oil and garlic and grilled to perfection. Let us not forget the famous Texas barbecue and the unique smoky flavor. Wherever your plans take you, you will undoubtedly enjoy some authentic and tasty food.

Tex Mex is a blend of American and Mexican cuisine, tacos being one of the most famous dishes in Texas

Traffic is messy and Texas streets are bustling

One of the downsides of living in a large Texas city is the traffic. It is congested, the streets filled with cars, and public transportation is slow. If you are moving to the town, make sure you consider moving delays due to heavy traffic. Prepare for this and opt for a professional moving service that will minimize the chances of having a stressful moving day. When you finally get there, if you are lucky enough, find a job near your place of residence as the commute may take it longer than you imagine. Owning a car is a must-have in Texas, and if you don’t drive, think about learning.

Old car parked in the streets of Jefferson
Texans are extremely proud of their heritage and rich history

Texans are so proud of Texas

The Texas pride is being passed on from generation to generation. For hundreds of years, families living in Texas have inherited this sense of pride from their ancestors. Texas culture is unique and has deep roots in very colorful history. From becoming a Republic to having the First Railroad and the Space Center Houston opening, Texans have many reasons to be proud. Texan pride is undoubtedly of the traits of Texas lifestyle you will notice immediately. You may understand it or not, but soon you will accept it.

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