8 Reasons Why Should Move to Plano, TX

Are you considering moving to Plano, TX? If you are tentatively seeking to do so, here you’ll find 8 reasons to move to Plano, TX.

Gastronomical Variety

Due to the cultural exposure and diversity in terms of ethnicity, you will have a really hard time when choosing where to eat. Reason being is that you will have to choose from over 700 restaurants in Plano alone. From Sushy, Barbecues, Bakeries, and much more.

Job Opportunities

Plano, Texas is a success story befitting the great state in which it resides. Over ten thousand companies and dozen of fortune 500 corporations can be found in this prosperous community.

It is considered by many to be the hub of north Texas new economy corridor, with the Collin County zip code places it in the top 1% of Texas for median income, largely because it’s become a magnet for Telecom, IT, semiconductor, Software, Digital Media, Financial and Professional services industries.

Plano is home to numerous global giants such as EDS, Raytheon, etc. it has prompted the Wallstreet journal to proclaim Plano as top inventive town, landing it ahead of Menlo Park, California and New York City.

The viability of this community is based on economic development. Not only Plano is an attractive place for people to live but a hub for corporate development and investment.

With over 40% of household earning in excess of 100 thousand dollars annually, making of it a very affluent city to the point that has been ranked as the 3rd best place to live in the United States, according to Money Magazine.

Convenient Location

Plano provides great accessibility to its people and workers who need to transport internally. With over a hundred and thirty thousand workers flowing daily in the city of Plano, you need a responsible road and transportation system. Plano does provide that.

Peaceful and Prosperous Community

Plano, Texas is one the safest city of the USA and voted many times is the past as the richest city of the USA.  Plano is a very prosperous city. Lots of companies are doing business in Plano, Texas.

The real “differentiator” in Plano is the people that live there. Despite being a city with a population of 270 thousand people, Plano is truly a supportive community. Plano is a great place to raise your children and family. You won’t be disappointed with the education system that Plano is endowed with.

Abundant Recreation

You will also find a lot of opportunities for recreation and many things to do in Plano. Starting with parks, libraries, nature preserves, Heritage Farmstead, museums, and creek lots! Who could imagine you could move to find Plano’s, parks (including aquatic and recreation centers , great schools) and involved police to provide recommendations for new families and baby boomers to move! It’s easy to walk, bike, drive, and find where you want to go.

Neighbors get together very often, and there is the Plano Newcomers Club that any resident can join. It is a City of Excellence!

Low Housing Costs

Competitive home prices and low property taxes, plus its low cost of living make Plano an ideal place to live in. Thinking about retiring? Well, Plano has also been ranked as one the best places to retire.

Comparing New York with a median house price exceeding half a million dollars and San Francisco over 750 thousand, many transplants are discovering that they can buy much more home for their money, giving dual income family more flexibility in the workplace.

Quality Education

No Evaluation of a city is complete without examining its schools. Plano’s school system has been acclaimed by the national leadership in learning award. Twenty two of its schools have been designated with the national Blue Ribbon school of excellence.

In 2007, the Plano independent school district produced a record of 115 national merit scholars.

As for the people who work and play here, they’re young successful and boast a college degree rate that’s twice as good compared to the national average.

Area colleges include the university of Texas, Dallas; which offers a national acclaimed engineering program and annually confers more computer science graduates than any institution in the United States.

Because Plano population is younger and highly educated, with plenty of disposable income; you’ll find no shortage of things to do here. Plano offers something for every taste. From bistros and casual eateries to wine bars and fine dining.


Plano is close enough to put you at the heart of Dallas thriving sports scene, which boasts the five-time super bowl champion Dallas Cowboys, as well as the Dallas Mavericks, Stars and Texas Rangers.


Complementing Plano’s progressive growth and its historic downtown Plano since the cities inception in 1900, it has boasted some of the areas finest boutiques, restaurants and city offices. All within easy walking distances. It stands as testament as Plano’s rich heritage but with a definite new urbanism look and feel.

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    All things considered, Plano offers a number of formidable advantages to ensure a successful relocation. Its unparalleled combination of location, highly educated talent pool, inexpensive cost of living, schools, amenities, and transportation system is why more and more companies have chosen to make Plano the backdrop for their own success stories.

    In a nutshell, Plano is fantastic! A great place for family, work, shopping and schools. You can’t go wrong living in Plano. It is convenient since the economy and jobs are booming there. It’s close to Frisco, which is another booming area. As a side note; Since there’s been exponential growth over in the area the past few years, so there’s a ton of construction going on right now, which tends to cause a lot of traffic. If you can get past that and the hot Texas summer, then you’ll enjoy Plano.

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